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Chevrolet Optra—Spelling luxury and comfort

GM’s latest plunge in the automobile sector, Chevrolet Optra encompasses in it all the features that have made it an instant hit amongst the car connoisseurs. It also brings with it the panache and luxurious appeal that GM has always been known for. Strengthening Chevrolet’s market in Indian Automobile sector, Chevy Optra has vividly captured the hearts and pockets of a number of buyers across India. With an assortment of uniquely designed features, Chevrolet Optra scores high with a satisfactory fuel economy of 15 km/l on city roads and 20 km/l on the highway. Highly tech-rich, Chevrolet Optra is fitted with the technology of five speed manual transmission which boosts the fuel economy of the car even more. The soft clutch and a notch gearbox further add to the superb performance of the Sedan. Spelling magnificence on the Indian roads, Chevy Optra is adorned with great exterior looks and comfortable interiors. Extremely streamlined styling features fetches it a perfect thumbs-up as the sporty looks and aerodynamic profile are uniquely featured in it. A roomy cabin offers comfortable seating for passengers and also accommodates luggage with panache. To adjust more luggages, rear seats can be adjusted with split-folding.

When it comes to safety, one always desires to possess the best safety features in one’s vehicle; and Chevy Optra is equipped with most sophisticated safety devices which include side airbags, seat-belt for driver with a load limiter capacity. The leather strapped steering wheel, cassette MP3 player of Alpine 2 DIN type with remote, electrically operated outside rear window mirrors (ORVMs) describe the luxury of Chevy Optra. Chevrolet Optra Magnum is available in two petrol versions, i.e. the petrol 1600 cc model - Chevrolet Optra 1.6 LS petrol and the petrol 1600 cc top end model - Chevrolet Optra 1.6 LT petrol. In diesel too, Chevrolet Optra offers variety in the form of the diesel base model - Chevrolet Optra 2.0 LS, the diesel mid model - Chevrolet Optra 2.0 LT.And the diesel top end model - Chevrolet Optra 2.0 MAX. Buyers are eventually enthralled to see the options available for them. Now, the clincher is that buyers are also enthused with the lucky opportunity to also pocket a three year/100,000 km warranty with every special edition of Optra Platinum. Chevy Optra comes glistened in bright shades and colors like Icy Blue, Shimmering Black, Sparkling Diamond, and Platinum Metallic. So the buyers are left with plenty of options to choose from.

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