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Drag Toyota BMW as Most Popular Brands

Toyota experienced a spell that not only have an impact on sales. It also lowered fallen as the most popular brand, this time the throne was taken by BMW. Thus results of research on the world research company, Millward Brown, based at New York, United States.

Peter Walshe, Global Brand Director Millward Brown, said that Toyota is continuing misadventures recent months. "But Toyota is a strong brand and is struggling back up the state with a communications campaign. From our experience, almost all strong brands will get through the crisis well," Walshe said as quoted by Autoevolution, Wednesday (04/28/2010).
followed by the Porsche fell 31 percent to 12 billion U.S. dollars.

From the result, the value of the BMW brand was down 9 percent compared to the year 2009 amounted to 21.8 billion U.S. dollars. However, Toyota's more severe, a significant drop reached 27 percent below the 21.8 billion U.S. dollars.

There are two brands that were able to increase brand value, ie, Ford and Volkswagen (VW). Ford managed to boost brand value of various investments and technological innovation, such as Sync, emissions control, and media use of social networking on the Internet for the media campaign. The value of the original brand of the United States increased 19 percent to 7 billion U.S. dollars. But the number was still less than BMW.

Meanwhile, the VW brand with the biggest jump, 20 percent, or to just under seven billion dollars, while Audi's rose to 3.6 billion U.S. dollars.

"Both brands above spelled out as a trusted brand in terms of luxury, global distribution, engineering from Germany, and more affordable than the BMW or Mercedes-Benz," continued the Millward Brown.

Mercedes-Benz brand value has decreased 11 percent to 13.7 billion U.S. dollars,

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After the Lexus GX 460, Toyota "Recall" Other SUVs

Toyota really apes. We again struggled to restore confidence to consumers about the safety and quality control, the world's largest car manufacturer, it tripped again. Not long ago the world's largest car manufacturer is doing the recall Lexus GX 460, now they also recall Sequoia sport utility vehicle production in 2003 which amounted to 50,000 units.

Same problem, namely the stability control system does not work perfectly, just a different device. So, when the Lexus GX 460 is sentenced to "easily overturned" by the magazine Consumer Reports drove around the corner quickly, liveliness of its stability control system is very slow.

Meanwhile, the Sequoia, electronic stability control system governed by a computer through the two sections, between brake and gas pedal, depending on needs. However, one goal: to maintain tire traction in the corners.

Toyota and the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHSTA) said if they had received 163 reports from owners of Sequoia. However, no serious accidents.

"Toyota's promise to conduct investigations of consumer complaints more aggressively and respond quickly," said Steve St. Angelo, Head of Quality Toyota of North America, as quoted by AP, Thursday

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2013 F1 Engine: 4 Cylinder, 1.5 Liter "Twin Turbo"

Trends in the small-capacity engine turbocharger plus an application not only hit the mass-produced vehicle, but was touched to a sports arena in the world's most prestigious automotive, Formula-1.

According to Spanish newspaper origin Barcelona, Deportivo El Mudo, the teams in F1 almost reached an agreement to approve a new machine which came into force in early 2013. The four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and equipped with twin-turbo and petrol direct injection system plus KERS.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ferrari Amedo Felisa when interviewed by Autocar, the UK, at the opening of the Beijing Motor Show last week saying, "If F1 must be developed again, then the best solution is to use the engine with turbocharger and GDI (gasoline direct injection)." Currently, F1 engines are used on the V8, 2.4 liter non-turbo.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz team boss, Norbert Haug, simply said, "We will support!" He said the smaller-capacity engine will save fuel consumption and lower emissions.

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