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Top 5 Fastest Motorcycles Legally Ride on the Street

Auto Trend - Here’s the list of fastest motorcycle legally ride in the street. As we know that not all motorcycle can legally ride on the street. Due to that fact, we have to see if it’s a legal or not legal motorcycle when buying a super bike. Dodge Tomahawk is the fastest motorcycle, but

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Auto Trend - car Genesis Coupe

Auto Trend - From 2010 model year car Genesis Coupe, this is based on a short platform sedan. All engines team with a sedan 6-speed automatic transmission that is manual shift gate. Available safety features include ABS, traction control, ABS systems, airbags; side airbags used cars, side-curtain airbags front and rear. Among the available options, heated and cooled driver seat limos, cell phone link with the navigation system with hard drive for storing digital music files, rearview camera and front and rear obstacle detection.

The rental car keys in the center of the sound console which controls the navigation and other functions. Adaptive cruise controls are available. This report car rental company based on an assessment in 2009 Hyundai Genesis Car rental is based.

Of 2011 Hyundai Genesis is offered in two trim levels. 3.8 engine V6, leather seats, heated front seats and start button. Expanded 4, 6 V8 engine with leather seats, ventilation system of 17 speakers and a power rear sunshade, a few names. 4.6 comes fully loaded - no need to worry about losing any features on the Genesis.

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Ducati Desmosedici RR

Auto Trend - Ducati RR is a replica of the Ducati Desmosedici 2006, so the technology, design and aerodynamic have total adopting from Ducati in MotoGP championship series, even the material for the body using the same material. So that really will provide great sensation for the rider with 4-stroke engine technology advancement Ducati.

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One of my favorite bikes is Kawasaki ZRX series

Auto Trend - One of my favorite bikes that has been through the SR shop was the 124-horsepower Project Z-ReX (October '99), built from a Kawasaki ZRX1100. Needless to say, I was looking forward to the ZRX1200 and expected it to be everything our project bike was.
KAWASAKI ZRX1100-1200: Motorcycle Fenda Extenda Imagine my dismay, however, to find that the ZRX has lost its appeal to me. It could be that the swingarm pivot was loose and I was still wary after tightening it. Or maybe it's that the engine overpowers the stock chassis a bit too easily now.Another one of my favorite bikes was Motorcyclist's Bandit 1200, a test bike I hogged a lot last summer. But our bike just doesn't seem the same for some reason. It feels slower than I remember, and the suspension doesn't work as nicely. Maybe it's because we just finished testing 600s and open-class bikes, and these bikes simply don't do it for me anymore.But I think the real reason that the ZRX and Bandit have lost some of their shine is sitting down in the shop right now, and the key is in my pocket--the FZ1. You just can't argue with the R1-based engine and how light the Yamaha is--although the Kawasaki and Suzuki do an admirable job trying. Now that Yamaha has upped the ante with a recent-generation motor though, I can't stop thinking that someone has to step in with a stiff chassis and inverted fork soon. Hmm, project FZR1, maybe?

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