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Peugeot-Citroen Use Ultracapacitor for Stop-Start

Stop-start system is more widely used by car manufacturers on their latest products lately. In fact, two-wheeled vehicles also began to follow-up. For example, Honda PCX. But, using different designations (idling stop).

Nevertheless, the diesel engine, the system is not very much utilized. Parties, to restart (turn back) machine, it takes more power than gasoline. This could cause the battery is overdrawn. Or, if you want to use large-capacity battery, will add weight.

Car manufacturers, which states have succeeded in using the stop-start on diesel engines is the PSA Peugeot Citroën of France. They use ultracapacitor to store electrical energy, which helps the battery start the engine while shorthanded. Therefore, by the PSA system called e-booster.

In addition to its main task as a stop-start system is activated, when a car slid on a jammed city streets or a lot of red lights, e-booster can also help turn on the engine when cold (early morning).

In stop-start system-PSA diesel engine called the e-HDi-motor is used which also functions as a starter alternator (integrated starter and alternator). Valeo starter-alternator that generates artificial 2.2 kW. Equipped with electronic power system (inverter).

Explained, the PSA will use the i-phase feature in the first-in 1.4-liter diesel engine and 1.6 liters. Machines are also improved, among other turbocharger lubrication system, increasing the pressure injection pump, crankshaft bearings, flywheel and strengthened with two weights.

There's also the alternator voltage control that produces regenerative charging to the battery when the driver lifted his foot from the accelerator pedal (deceleration). PSA ultracapacitor used this capability Farad/5V 600 works, which derive energy from the car electrical system.

Actually, the e-booster also functions as a support of the electrical system. By using this system, for the 2.0-liter diesel engine, no need to use a 100 Ah battery and of course will reduce the weight of the vehicle. In fact, can also be used to drive the power steering when the engine died.

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Fuel Pump Damage, 5000 Units Jaguar XK and XF Withdrawn

Automotive product recalls now as has become fashionable in North America. Once in the week are listed BMW 5 Series 5 and Series Grand Turismo, Nissan Cube and interesting crossover Subaru Outback and Legacy sedans, Jaguar is now interesting news came Jaguar XK and 5000 units of XF.

The reason for both types of withdrawal was problematic on rotaks or gas station that works electrically. As a result, the engine died when the car suddenly drive, thus potentially causing an accident.

As reported by, Tuesday (27/7), the National Institute of Highway Safety United States (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA) calls the two products was drawn in 2010 and 2011 models.

"The system input on electric fuel pump was installed with is not perfect. So that the supply of fuel to the engine does not happen, the supply of gasoline engines followed choked to death. This problem could potentially cause an accident, "said NHTSA.

British manufacturers were rumored to have announced that the withdrawal plans. This luxury car maker also said starting on August 30 fix.

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Porsche 911 with Flywheel Generator

Porsche, SupersPort luxury car specialist, is currently aggressively developing hybrid cars. At the Geneva Motor Show early last month, Porsche introduced a three-car hybrids directly, i.e. 911 GT3 R (dragster), Spyder 918 concept car and SUV Cayenne S. Great, all three apply different concepts.

Two Motor
From these models, the most interesting is the 911 GT3 R. Configuration and components used, the difference compared to conventional hybrids. In this case, to store energy recovered from braking, do not use batteries, but the generator flywheel, which is placed, in the cockpit, next to the driver.

The greatness of this generator, capable of storing energy in the high density and can also remove it quickly. The ability to store energy generators, 120 kW (160 PS). Remarkably again, the charging energy of it only lasts 6-8 seconds.

Flywheel generators of electrical energy, when used, were sent to two electric motors mounted on the front wheels. Setup motor is also capable of generating power 60 kW (80PS). Power electric motor is used only in addition, to help work the main drivers, namely 6-cylinder gasoline engine, boxer, 4.0-liter, 480 PS mounted on the rear.

Flywheel generator technology is actually similar to the Kinetic Energy Recover Systems (KERS), which used F1 cars (this year may not be used). Porsche get this technology from Williams Hybrid Power.

40 000 rpm
Flywheel generator is an electric motor with a rotor that can spin to 40,000 rpm, the mechanical energy as an energy saving cycle. When the car braked, kinetic energy is converted electric motor on the front axle into electric energy. It can happen, because the motor to change tasks, from the electric motor becomes a generator. Furthermore, electrical energy is transmitted and stored in the flywheel generator.

The energy stored in the flywheel generator can be used anytime. But most often is when accelerated after cornering or precedes another car. Motorists can also do overrider manually, control the flywheel generators work by pressing the boost button on the steering wheel. Electrical energy from the flywheel generator directly sent to the electric motor on the front axle. When energy is taken, the generator slows down the electromagnetic flywheel.

Because energy is obtained without increasing engine speed, fuel consumption so thrifty. The amount of fuel carried may be reduced. Pitstop is much less frequency. Proof of this new technology gains made Porsche at 24-hour endurance race, in Nüburgring on 15 and May 16 next to the driver, Nico Hülkenberg, F1 driver from AT & T Williams team.

Apparently, racing cars can also be economical and environmentally friendly!

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This is the 10 World's Most Expensive Cars

Just curious what kind of car that entered the top 10 most expensive cars in the world. Under this order the most expensive car in the world:

1. Koenigsegg Trevita - $ 2.21 million

Full Carbon type Trevita CCR, hydrolic lifter system, and custom ceramic disc breake navigation system

2. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport $ 2 million / $ 1.67 million coupe version
Key features 2.7-inch LCD with a mirror, the fastest car in the world roasters class

3. Cinque Pagani Zonda Roadster - $ 1.8 million
There are only 5 units available, and go on sale. From carbon titanium chassis, engine power 678 HP Mercedes AMG V12, only 3.4 seconds to reach 100km/jam, top speed of 217 mph, body carbon and suspensions using titanium and magnesium.

4th. Lamborghini Reventon Roadster - $ 1.56 million
Stealth aircraft are designed with a view, V12 650HP, top speed 340km/jam. It uses lightweight carbon fiber material.

5. Lamborghini Reventon - $ 1.42 million
Unclear whether the old version is still available Reventon. Only made 20 pieces only, using reams Black Alumunium, such as the type Roadster was inspired by a fighter plane.

6th. Maybach Landaulet $ 1.4 million
Made in Germany, the most expensive saloon car, 604 HP, top speed of 155 miles / h, 12 twin turbo

7. Koenigsegg CCXR - 1.3 million $
Sign in environmentally friendly cars, using biofuels, 3.1detik to 100km/jam, top speed of 250mph.

8. Koenigsegg CCX - $ 1.1 million
V8 engines have only 806 units, it takes 3.2 seconds to reach 100km/jam, top speed of 245 mph, tire carbon rims, 6 speed, and ceramic brakes

9. Leblanc Mirabeau - $ 765,000 million
Designed for endurance test car for 24 hours at Le Mans. But the road can be ridden legally highway. Engine 4.7-liter V8, 700 hp, 230 mi / h. Specially made pursuant to order buyers, including semi-automatic transmission system

10. SSC Ultimate Aero - $ 740.000 million
The latest model with a top speed of 270 mph, made from carbon spiler, has a temperature sensor and tire pressure remedy optimize driving conditions.

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Want to See The Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz in the World?

Japan was again experiencing a severe crisis, Global, but the name of innovation must go on. Well this time the Japanese exhibit which claimed Mercedes Benz most expensive in the world.

A car show in Japan showing the most luxurious Mercedes cars, 2 Mercedes-Benz SL600 coated with 300.000 Swarovski crystal stones, want to know the price?

Latest Auto Trend Below:

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BMW S1000RR, Ready Blocking Japanese Motor Sport

European motorcycle manufacturer, BMW, has just released the latest motor sport S1000RR. This motor is claimed to be kick off the world market for Japanese manufacturers dominate motor sport.

The competitor from Japan not only a matter of technology and capabilities, but also its price.

"BMW S1000RR not only compete with Japanese companies in terms of technology, also from the price side," said General Director of BMW Motorrad Hendrik von Kuenheim as quoted from Motorcyclenews.

In terms of appearance, the figure does look very convincing sporty. Full body fairing weighing 183 kg with a frame of aluminum, it feels solid when asked to maneuver well in the track circuit and highway.

Part of face, seemed to appear asymmetrical headlamp S1000RR typical European motors. Interestingly, no lights Sein was directly beside the main lights, but instead placed at the bottom, near the front tire. While at the stern, a row of LED lights is used as stoplamp. Overview indeed closer to the Japanese motorcycles production. But talking about performance, the BMW did not want to lose to Japan.

S1000RR DOHC engine equipped with a set of 1000 cc injection. With this pacemaker kitchen, motor capable of up to 193 drive hp (142 kW) at 13 000 rpm. While capable of penetrating on maximum torque 82.5 lb-ft (112 Nm) at 9750 rpm.

Any motor driven take it easy up to 200 km / hr. And more enjoy, on the control wheel, there are options that type of driving Rain, Sport, Race, and Slick. Everything is activated via a button, and motorcycle will maneuver according to the selected mode.

In addition, BMW also did not merely think of speed alone. S1000RR proven security devices have also been using Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Even S1000RR claimed as SupersPort lightest motor that has been using ABS. In addition to BMW, the Japanese manufacturers who use this braking system are Honda.

Active safety systems are proven capable of halting the tire size and 180/55-ZR17 120/70-ZR17 S1000RR BMW. Driving became more secure.

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BMW Turn Back iSetta Three Wheels

Rumor iSetta BMW will be turned on again by approaching reality. Instead, contrived Ralph Panhuyzen proposes an efficient vehicle (Space Efficient Vehicle = SEV). Indeed, what is iSetta ?

iSetta is a small three-wheeled vehicle that reaps success in World War II era. BMW had produced it in 1957 combined between cars and motorcycles.

For this new, still embraces three wheels (two in front and one in back) with the crossover concept. Although small, capable of racing at speeds of between 125 to 155 km / hr. Regarding the engine, yet to be decided, could be conventional or electric power.

"If people are interested in crossover 125-155 km / hour, it is not possible to create thousands of new workers," said Panhuyzen.

SEV drawn by the designer as the best combination between the car (front) and motorcycle (rear). The concept, the semi-use of his tricycle or three-wheeled vehicles.

Interestingly, the composition of the seat. The driver remains positioned as a leader. While the front passenger was slightly behind the driver that the passengers could look in the rearview mirror. Then, there is Lane Assist lane keeping system of the car on the road.

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Toyota iQ Scion, Tiny Cars with Advanced Features

After a long awaited finally Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota to launch small cars in the Scion iQ carpet New York Auto Show 2010. Cars that can accommodate three adult passengers and one child were equipped with several advanced features.

Besides Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and anti-lock brake system (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), the tiny hatchback also features Brake Assist (BA) and Traction Control (TRAC). "In fact, 10 pieces of airbag-one at the back door-curtains became standard equipment on this car," said Toyota's press release as quoted

Apart from that device; Toyota is also adding entertainment devices such as two-din audio system with six speakers. MP3 and USB connection is also available.

Although engine capacity of 1300 cc iQ only four cylinders, but the strength reaches 90 horsepower. While technology Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVTi), which bears make fuel-efficient iQ Scion, which is only 4.3 liters for 100 kilometers of distance covered.

Three-door hatchback is also claimed to be very suitable for transportation in the city. Because, thanks to the axle, which is, only 2 meters supported by suspension of MacPherson struts up (in front side) and torsion beam, this car is very agile invited to maneuver.

In fact, a car with a length 2.98 meters (m), width of no more than 1.6 m, 1.5 m high and it also features steering-wheel-mounted controls. As a result, not only lively but also safe. Happenings speed, Toyota calls this car could drive up to 170 kilometers per hour.

In addition to variants offered in 1300 cc engine, this car was also offered variants of 1000 cc engine. But there were no accompanying feature differences. Only in the kitchen sector runway just what distinguishes these two variants.

Power second variant it reaches 70 horsepower. Consumption of fuel just closed to within less than 1300 cc variant is 4.3 to 100 km. Only, Toyota did not mention the price tag of that new model.

Manufacturers are only mentioned, in addition marketed in the United States,iQ Scion is also marketed in Europe and Japan from late 2010 this.

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Here, Offal Honda Revo Techno AT

What reason was making matic Honda Revo Techno AT has a good capability. The main weapon was found on motorcycle engine innards. What are its advantages?

Inside the engine room, flapping wing manufacturer brand logo is applying efficient technology and low-friction technology called EFT. Function, minimizing friction between components machine. The result, the machine working more optimal, efficient, and most importantly fuel-efficient.

There is a key point in the use of piston-textured (rough surface of piston) which is made of lightweight materials. This will alleviate the performance of the engine revolution. Rough surfaces can reduce friction between the piston and the cylinder chamber. Ends, more efficient fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the distance axis of the cylinder or cylinder off set against the axis of the crankshaft offset too close together. This condition also reduces friction on the piston. Technology or the trigger valve rocker arm is equipped with a roller also reduce friction with the shaft ridge or better known as the camshaft is in the process of ejection of fuel into the combustion chamber. Create minimal friction increasing efficiency in energy.

For the stability of engine performance, Honda has also implemented a double cooling system. First, the cooling air to the CVT is obtained from the air funnel. Second, cooling the engine room, which was performed with oil. Reduction of heat in the engine much more effectively maintain the temperature remains stable, particularly on road traffic jams and long trips so it is more durable and long lasting.

The position of the air funnel located above the surface of the engine-out work set the incoming air in the engine. In addition to cooling the engine, a position it also reduces the risk of entry of water into the engine. This is to maintain maximum engine performance.

"All the technology supplied by Honda in Revo Techno AT strongly supports the creation of a strong performance, but still economical. That's strengths," said Oni Setiawan Technical Service PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), who is also Chief Technician Journey Smart Revolution.

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Porsche Develop Boxster as Sport Electric Cars

After successfully developing a hybrid system on the 911 GT3 R, supersportcar German manufacturer, Porsche, stepped into the driving power. More precisely, Porsche tried to develop electric sports car.

"Acceleration of electricity will be increasingly important in Intelligent Performance Porsche," the company wrote in a statement released this afternoon. Added, the development of electrical drives aimed at increasing efficiency, save fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Added, the development of research of these electric cars as they do in hybrids, which is directly on the car that was produced. Further practical tests as part of a development step for the Stuttgart Region Electromobility model. In this research, they use three Porsche Boxster.

Third electric Boxster will undergo its first test which is very important, namely to know the electric drive components and systems needed new batteries for electric cars. Another target, identify and ensure the infrastructure for elektromobility, including car users habits and needs of product development at the future. The project will begin running early next year.

Michael Macht, the President and Deputy CEO Porsche AG, said the project is a contribution from Porsche in the development of electric cars. "Definitive, we will produce electric sports car in the future. The concept we developed is acceptable if the quality of the product being offered is a typical Porsche, "he said.

Electric flywheel
Previously, Porsche has developed plug-in hybrid cars on the 918 Spyder sports. As planned, these plug-in hybrids will be mated with high technological breakthroughs, namely motor fuels and electromobility. Reportedly also, the plug-in hybrid car Porsche produced a very low CO2, 70 g / km, and three liters of gasoline consumption for 100 kilometers. Sports car is capable of producing a total power 660PS.

No less interesting, Porsche has been using a hybrid system on the 911 GT3 R to racing, with the use of two electric motors 82 are mounted on the PS front axle. This is done by simply adding power eight-cylinder engine produced 480 PS mounted on the rear wheels.

Porsche 911 GT3 R of this hybrid does not use conventional batteries to store electricity and forwarded to the electric motor. Porsche flywheel system using rechargeable electric when the driver braked and then transfer it to the electric motor. This car has proved its performance on 24-hour endurance race at the Nürburgring.

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CR-Z and U3-X, Honda's Commitment to Environmental Evidence

If last year's Honda displays a cute robot, Asimo, so in this they show the IIMS 2010 U3-X. He represents the future of personal transportation that is practical and to move in any direction simply by moving the weight of the vehicle. The exhibition done directly by the President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor Yukihiro Aoshima before giving his speech.

The presence of U3-X at IIMS 2010 event is the realization of Honda's commitment to consistently support the environmentally friendly programs. Hence, in this exhibition, HPM theme is "Honda Eco-City" which of them offers a solution to the conservation of modern society, which is summarized in the Eco-Solution for Advanced Modernization.

"Honda is always an early step in realizing the ideas that provide solutions for environmental conservation in accordance with the progress of the age," said Aoshima. Honda innovation, he added, never stopped bringing environmentally friendly solutions.

Hence, to prove its commitment, in addition to displaying the U3-X, HPM also displaying CR-Z, the first car that combines sports and hybrid concept and became a bestseller world.

Outside the allegations again, Honda's New Small Concept Car shows a compact size and environmentally friendly performance.

On a land area of 1644 square meters, Honda also posted 20 fleet. There is the newly launched New Freed, and a modified version of the three units. There is also Jazz and some product line-ups, such as Accord, Civic, City, CR-V, and Odyssey.

All Honda vehicles shown with stylish design urban landscapes that care about the efficiency and effectiveness in using resources in the surrounding environment. In addition, there are some areas that show the application of alternative energy utilization.

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Nissan "Recall" Compact Cube

Seem to recall virus more malignant. After yesterday's Subaru and BMW, is now followed by Nissan Motor Co. (NMC). One Japanese manufacturer pulled the Cube compact car sold in America, that number reached 46 000 units, such as the Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday (7/27/2010), received from the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHTSA).

Nissan tried to examine the parties in connection with the leak in the fuel channels.

Vehicles affected by the call for review Cube are produced by January 30, 2009 until July 30, 2010. From the results of crash tests on the top of a leak in excess of the provisions of the NHTSA.

Nissan dealers are required to provide special protection around parts of the leaked gas channel with a neck connection, at no charge.

Did not say when the battery starts the campaign and the car owner can get his car.

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Danger Air Bubbles in the Car Radiator

Almost all modern car engines use a water cooling system to maintain warmer temperatures. So, the water become "blood" which channels the heat from generating sources to the final disposal.

The problem, no air bubbles appear in the path of cooling water. Can disrupt the air entering the pressure in the system and ultimately disrupt the engine cooling water task. Greater risk because of overheated engines among component position in the cars is now more tightly.

Air can enter the radiator cap when opened and closed. That air exists between surface water and radiator cap. In addition, air may also exist because the radiator cap condition was not good.

At the radiator cap there is a functioning valve airflow from the reservoir tank when the heat and sucking water from the reservoir to the radiator (when cold).

How to expel the trapped air? Follow the steps below

1. Make sure the temperature of the engine in cold conditions.
2. Open the radiator cap. Turn on the machine (so the water circulates). After that, enter the water to the mouth of the radiator, and stop if it is full.
3. Cover again with a perfect radiator.
4. After that, unscrew the air dump. Waster closed position every different car brands. The location can be seen in the vehicle owner manuals.
5. Notice the water coming out of the valve. If there is scum, then it indicates there is still air in the cooling channels. That means you have to keep doing this process until that comes out is water without foam.
6. Check the amount of water in the tube reservoir reserves. If not, add up to the limit.

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Toyota Hilux Double Cab Relies on Big Labor

Toyota Hilux Double Cabin eventually marketed (DC) in Indonesia. Of the several variants that are made in Thailand, for consumers in Indonesia, Toyota Hilux DC chose intercooler turbo diesel engine (TDI), common rail technology with a power handling: part-time 4x4.

These options make the Hilux DC superior in some respects compared to competitors who first entered Indonesia. Main effort.
Appearances. Compared with single cabin version (SC), the latest appearance of the Toyota pickup, this looks more handsome and muscular. The causes, dimensions of this vehicle as a whole is greater than the SC 460 mm, except in the tub. Especially for the tub, DC, about 460 mm shorter.

Design grille and headlamps together Hilux DC and SC. Differences exist in the front, namely the hood. For DC, equipped with a hood scoop or a funnel of water and make it looks more macho.

Another difference is the tire size, type and model of wheel. Although both use the tire 15, the palm of DC more broadly, namely 255, while the SC 205. For wheels, SC using the plates, while the DC of the alloy. Another additional Footstep aluminum mounted on the right side and left side.
Interior. DC is more luxurious interior, although the design of the dashboard and steering wheel are the same. Special to the dashboard, DC using two colors (two tone): black and ivory, while the SC monotone, black.

Equipment that is included in the Hilux interior is air conditioning, CD player with audio 2DIN four speakers, while the instruments using analog models within the three circles.
Power Source. Because Hilux DC engineered as a vehicle for a variety of field or a hard worker, chose the Toyota 3.0-liter diesel engine. In their home country, Hilux DC had two diesel engine choices that are 2.5 liters and 3.0 liters.

Technology is the mainstay of common rail engines and turbo intercooler and named D4D (Direct 4-stroke Common Rail Diesel Turbo) by Toyota.

Compared with competitors who already marketed in Indonesia, the power output is greatest Hilux, which is 163 PS, while torque of 35 kgm. Amazingly, the torque is obtained at relatively low speed and the 'flat' (flat), that is 1400-3400 rpm. With these characteristics, the machine is suitable for off-road and a lot climb field. Machines also tend to be thrifty because, to gain traction, not to step on the pedal a deep (high speed).

Other features of Toyota’s proud of this machine are the intercooler. This tool is used to cool air sucked by the turbine before supplied to the engine. In this way, the machine works more efficiently because the temperature can be kept relatively low.

For the turbo, use variable nozzle technology. With this, the ability of the turbo, ranging from low and high speed just as effective. The phenomenon of turbo lag at low rpm can be prevented. Conversely, when the machine is working at a higher speed, excessive turbo spin could also be prevented. In this way, endurance turbo be better.
4x4 Part Time. To distribute power from the engine to the wheels, Toyota uses five-speed manual transmission. From the transmission of engine power transmitted to the transfer of the case that part-time work with the system. In this way, vehicles can work from a 4x4 system (off-road) to a 4x2 (on-road) or vice versa. To operate the transfer case must be done manually with the position of H2, H4, N, and L4.

The shift from 4x2 to 4x4 can be done while the road, but it must be under the speed of 80 km / hr. Conversely, transfer of H4 to H2 can be done at each speed. The transfer of H4 to L4, the vehicle must be blocked before or below the speed of 8 km / hr.
Suspension. In front, Toyota is using a double wishbone with coil plus a stabilizer, while the rear wheels, used per leaf. Another additional steering with hydraulic power assistance or power steering, while the front brake discs and rear drum.

Under these conditions it was natural that Toyota could offer double-cab vehicle with a competitive price.

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BMW Recall Series 5 and Series 5 Gran Turismo

German premium carmaker BMW withdrawal action for improvement (recall) of the Series 5 and Series 5 GT year 2011 production in the United States as reported by Carscoop received from the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHTSA).

Withdrawal made because there is a problem with fuel sensors. Especially liked the indicator screw. Thus, the amount shown does not match that in the tank. This is very dangerous, not only stalled, but could be at risk of accidents.

The number who campaigned to reach is 6000 units. "BMW recall production in 2010 and 2011 Series 5 and Series 5 Gran Turismo made from January 12 until July 1, 2010. Pinched the fuel level sensor. This is why, when the indicator shows the amount of gasoline that much, but the tank just does not," said statement from the NHTSA.

BMW had not told the NHTSA about the planned repairs notice and at the same time.

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Honda Tests Future Vehicles Concept

Honda, number two car manufacturers in Japan's and number one motorcycle in the world, plans to launch a demo and test electric vehicles future generations of small or personal mobility (the experimental vehicle). Type of vehicle used was electric cars and plug-in hybrids, electric scooters newest (EV-neo scooter) and other electric vehicles.

The test is done in two areas, namely, Kumamoto and Saitama prefectures in Japan. The aim, to determine the efficiency of automotive technology, motorcycles and cars as well as ancillary devices, for example, communication technology. In this trial, also used solar energy station using a very thin solar cells made by Honda Soltec.

The real target of this program is the realization of low-carbon environment to improve the quality of life and public health in urban areas.

At the end of this year, Honda plans to continue this program in the United States, with the main target areas with high concentrations of traffic. In that country, Honda will demonstrate electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles with Stanford University, Google Inc., and the city of Torrence, California, under the Advanced Technology Demonstration Program.

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Joint venture of General Motors and SAIC Launches New Brand in China

American car manufacturer, General Motors (GM), and its local partner in China, SAIC Wuling, last weekend launched a new brand in the country that the Bamboo Curtain, Baojun. Brands that have a meaning that valuable horses will concentrate to produce passenger cars.

"The launch of this Baojun is part of the strategy (produce) a multi brand from General Motors in China," said Kevin Wale, GM's Group Managing Director in China, as reported by, Monday (19 / 7).

But until now there is no detailed information on particulars of the passenger car to be produced at an early stage. To be sure, the car will be produced and help the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, R & D and SAIC GM Wuling in Shanghai.

"Baojun positioned as a reliable partner with high image confident, smart, and strong," said Shen Yang, General Manager of SAIC-GM Wuling.

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New BMW X3

More powerful, more efficient and more practical mid-sized soft-roader unveiled. BMW has released the first official pictures and details for its second-generation X3 that is set to become the fuel efficiency benchmark for the luxury mid-size SUV segment when it goes on sale locally in March 2011.

The all-new X3, which grows in dimensions to further distance itself from the smaller X1, adopts an eight-speed automatic, engine stop-start function and two new engines for launch to improve its green credentials.

The base model xDrive20d is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel that gains 5kW (to 135kW) but improves fuel economy by 14 per cent to 5.6 litres per 100km compared with its direct predecessor.

A range-topping model for now is the xDrive35i, which gains the 225kW/400Nm turbocharged six-cylinder that was first introduced on the company’s 5-Series range. Consumption of 8.8L/100km is superior to the 9.7L/100km of the 30i model it replaces.

A six-speed manual is standard on the 20d and the eight-speed auto standard on the 35i. Most car makers are offering stop-start technology with manual gearboxes, but on the X3 it’s also included on auto models.

Both X3 models are four-wheel drive, and BMW’s medium soft-roader isn’t expected to follow the X1 by offering a rear-drive variant.

The new model is 79mm longer (to 4648mm) than the outgoing X3 that was roundly criticised since its 2004 launch for both its sharp ride and austere interior. A wheelbase increase of 15mm contributes to BMW’s claims that X3 mark II offers increased rear-seat legroom.

Boot space also increases, by 70 litres to 550L. This expands to 1600L when the rear seats – which have switched from a 60/40 split to a 40-20-40 arrangement – are folded down. BMW claims the luggage capacity is best in class.

A multitude of options will include variable dampers, reverse-view camera, xenon headlights, iDrive menu operating system and a handling aid called Performance Control that can brake an inside rear wheel and shuffle more power to the outer wheel to help ‘push’ the vehicle around corners.

BMW also claims the X3’s optional 8.8-inch satellite navigation screen is the segment’s largest on-board monitor.

The screen is now incorporated into the dash rather than popping out of the top of the dash as part of a major overhaul for the X3's cabin. Key controls are more driver-oriented than before while BMW is promising higher-grade materials to lift interior quality above that of the original.

The X3’s new body shape doesn’t look vastly different to its predecessor that has always had slightly awkward-looking proportions because of the mix of long, thin bonnet and chunky passenger section. The new model seems to share more in common with the design of the baby X1 rather than large X5.

The side glass is more pronounced after the introduction of a chrome surround, however, and the flanks gain more dramatic-looking rising crease lines.

Production of the X3 also shifts from Austrian company Magna to join the X5 and X6 assembly line in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in the US. BMW will showcase the new X3 publicly at September’s Paris motor show.

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Curve Control System from Ford

Ford created a technology Curve Control System (CCS) for the car driver. This tool could prevent an accident due to carelessness of drivers to maneuver around the corner quickly, so that the car loses stability.

In America, 50 000 accidents recorded each year because of mistakes that turned very fast (high speed). Now, with this feature, Ford hopes to be useful, particularly for the highway.

The advantages of this branch controller technology, the four wheels can be braked with the smooth. Then, when a car drove by outside speed limit, engine torque can be reduced to lower the speed to 15 km / h per second. That way, cars could go back on track.

Ford explained that CCS works on rough surfaces, when wet or dry conditions. So, if the car does not veer as desired driver, the technology can restore the driveway into a safe position.

These technologies open up a breakthrough. Because of the stability control system on the car was introduced in 1987 under the name of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Only, the function to detect and minimize wheel skid occurs. So, when ESC successfully detect the occurrence of loss of control, ESC automatically help put the brakes to help the driver's steering wheel can be controlled.

In 1990, Mitsubishi introduced a similar technology is called Diamante (Sigma), in which the electronically controlled traction. And for the newest cars, Mitsubishi Active Skid and now uses Traction Control (ASTC).

Then two German automobile manufacturers are also introducing the technology. Like BMW began production on the model 1992 is equipped with the title of Continental Automotive Systems (CAS), which can reduce engine torque.

Mercedes also did not want to miss. In 1992, in cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH (as does the BMW too) call it Electronic Stability Programmed (ESP).

American car manufacturers are planning to put on the kind of crossover, SUV, pickup and van in 2015.

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Renault DeZir Future Vision Renault

Renault DeZir Concept accidentally leaked via the official website today. Renault DeZir will actually on debut world at the Paris Motor Show 2010 (October 2 to 17).

Renault DeZir illustrates Renault's commitment to designing cars more emotional. We can see from the lines and color that express exterior DeZir tempestuous passion.

DeZir two-seater coupe is derived from a single motion of the electric motor is placed in the center-rear weight distribution to optimize. Torque and power DeZir 150 hp and 226 Nm. Cars with rear-wheel system-drive is able to accelerate from 0-100 kpj in 5 seconds. While lithium-ion battery 24 kW / h which is behind the seat ensures you can walk up to 160 km.

DeZir agility gained from the body is made of Kevlar and steel tube chassis. Did not reach the 850 kg weigh just 830 kg alias. Tubular shells are similar to those used Renault Megane Trophy race car. Suspension also share a platform, uses double wishbones settings.

DeZir also adopt KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), used in the world of F1. When the car berdeselerasi, the kinetic energy collected and stored in the battery. In certain conditions, the driver DeZir stay pressing a button on the steering wheel to get an extra boost while (temporary power boost) which utilize that energy.

Items are handled directly Renault design boss, Laurens van den Acker, this took a number of reputable companies. For tires, Renault took Michelin. Dipasrahkan audio system to IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique, was founded by Pierre Boulez in 1969). And workmanship body ditukangi G Studio.

DeZir absolutely not equipped internal combustion engine, and just hang to the battery. DeZir owners will get three options for charging method. First, they can charge batteries at home - takes about eight hours. Second, using the method of Filling fast (fast charging) 400V 3-phase (only takes 20 minutes to fill 80% of battery capacity). Finally, replace it.

Oiya, a second door opened similar DeZir Gullwing Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS.

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BMW ConnectedDrive, Read Email on Car Dashboard

Later owners of BMW cars no longer bother to read short messages and emails while driving a car. The reason, BMW has recently launched BMW ConnectDrive.

ConnectDrive is a system that allows a person receiving an SMS or email on the Blackberry mobile phones to LCD screen mounted on the dashboard of a car.

Tools that make the BMW claims can reduce the risk when driving. To connect the device, it only takes a Bluetooth connection from your mobile phone into ConnectDrive system.

Then ConnectDrive program that will automatically connect to the city of messages, both of SMS or email.

But unfortunately, means that only helps to read short messages and electronic mail, to send is not allowed because the driver is considered to endanger life.
In addition, existing systems can also perform on ConnectDrive Text to Speech, which means that incoming email message can be directly read out so that further reduce the risk of accidents.

Confidentiality in an SMS or email that there is less reliable. Text to Speech good use if only you were in a car or an incoming message is not confidential. In addition to SMS, BMW ConnectDrive system can also be used to make phone calls. The plan ConnectDrive BMW cars will be installed in output next year

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The Cause of the Irregularities Toyota Cars are Still in Debate

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), says the results of investigations into the events of Toyota and Lexus car accident allegedly due to the gas pedal with problems showed the opposite. According to Japanese manufacturers, almost all of it happened because of driver error.

"Almost all of the driver stepped on the gas pedal not brake," said Mike Michels, spokesman for Toyota in Torrance, California, as reported by, Wednesday (14 / 7).

Toyota is currently looking for the cause of the uncontrollable speed on the car or truck. The reason is due to alleged beresnya accelerator and braking system that, eight million units of Toyota products in various parts of the world drawn.

Michels said, the institute has examined the 2000 report related to the gas pedal. Not with the exception of data recorded during the accident.

"There are various causes, the trapped pedal, pedal interested or (carpet dragged the car deck), foreign bodies in the vehicle until one of use of the pedal," he explained.

A spokesman confirmed, almost all wrong driver stepped on the gas pedal when the brake pedal should be. Michels asserted that when asked how many people are making mistakes when using the gas pedal of an accident.

"Companies have not found an error in the function of electronic systems (at Toyota)," he stated.

The answer was reaping strong reaction. Joan Claybrook, a former official of the National Institute of Highway Safety United States (NHTSA) is one of them.

Advocacy group Public Citizen President of the United States it is precisely to question the findings of Toyota's call, the accident because the driver's fault.

In fact, the group had asked for the Toyota and regulators in the State Abang Sam's to more seriously investigate the possibility of failure of electronic control functions. "That's really ridiculous," said Claybrook comment on Toyota's findings.

"He (Toyota) must see (the system) electronics in the car (Toyota) and everyone knows it," said Claybrook.

Meanwhile, reports the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, Wednesday (14 / 7) call NHTSA analysis of data recording when the accident happened when the incident proved that open throttle and brakes are not working. However, NHTSA spokesman refused to comment on the report.

NHTSA calls, due to uncontrolled speed problems on the car since 2000 and there have been 71 accidents resulting in 89 people flying.

Persitiwa a tragic one is, that feeling in a family of four lives in the United States in 2009. At that time, in August 2009, Mark Syalor along with three members of the family Lexus ES350 menumpangi crossing State Route 125, Santee, California.

At speed the car reaches 120 miles per hour, the gas pedal suddenly interested and cars can not be controlled. Finally, the accident occurred and four naywa one family that was floated.

Now, NHTSA in cooperation with the panel of the National Academy of Sciences and the United States space agency, NASA is conducting an investigation of the gas pedal. The investigation process would take place within a few months.

While Toyota is currently facing over 325 lawsuits in state and federal courts related to the unwanted acceleration. This problem has also been examined by MPs of the United States.

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Indicator On Dashboard

Yup this article will discuss about car dashboard. From year to year, the car dashboard filled with a variety of indicators. Well not so little confused following article provides an illustration of the intent of these indikator2. See picture. We start from left to right....

* Air Bag
In general, these safety devices found on the steering wheel in order to protect the driver. Along with the development of water bags are also available for front passenger & rear passengers. How air bag works? Balloon will inflate when there is conflict / collisions. Sensor2 contained on the bumper will send a signal to the ECU to blow the air bag when the collision occurred. Usually collision at a speed of 40 km / h the air bag will inflate in less than half a second! When the air bag is required to develop a driver / passenger in a state of using seat belts. If not, can backfire! Well if this air bag indicator light continues to be ascertained there was trouble in the air bag system sensor2nya or. Bring to the workshop as soon as possible.
* ABS = Antilock Brake System, is one useful safety feature to prevent the brake is locked when done in a sudden braking. How do you get to know the ABS brakes do not work? when the car brakes suddenly run later in the brake pedal will vibrate. Why is vibrating? Defective brakes? Wrong bro, the symptoms of ABS brake pedal vibrate it working again. Here ECU works by reducing the oil pressure on the brakes so the wheels are not locked and the car can be driven safely. Apparently this is still a lot of the wrong tablets, many drivers who buru2 lift the brake pedal when the pedal vibrates. If the ABS indicator light continues to mean that there is a problem in the braking system. Immediately brought to the workshop.
* OD off or overdrive off. This feature is only found on cars transmit matic. Overdrive is located on the lever matic, there is usually a button / knob beside. This button is useful when they wanted to overtake the vehicle in front of it for example on the highway. When this push button marked with OD off indicator lights up the RPM needle will move up the instructions so that cars can pass easily.
* High beam lights or far.
* The car door, when this indicator light means there is less or open door shut tight.
* Brakes. If this indicator means that there is two purposes flame that is the parking brakes still works or brake fluid in the tube is less. Now the latter is kudu so attentive, immediately fill brake fluid if it is less. Fill with DOT as recommended by manufacturer.
* Aki. If the indicator is still burning though the car was starter means there is a problem in battery or charging system. Bring the car to the garage.
* Oil. Same with a battery indicator. If the flame continues even though the car was his road means less oil. Immediately fill engine oil according to factory standards.
* Fuel Dispenser. In general if staying 5-liters petrol tank, these indicators of a flame. For that immediately fill petrol. Get rid of this indicator lights up the habit every new fill gasoline. Believed to be sewage sludge on the tank so the fuel will be sucked in the long run the fuel pump / gas station will be quickly soiled and broken.

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Triggers Vibrate on Car Engine

Signs of fever in humans, the body feels chills (shivering). If the car vibrating machine components means there is something wrong. Disturbance was very frustrating, especially when waiting for beacon lights (traffic light), audible engine sounds lame.

They vibrate their machines could cause a lot of money when it was brought to the workshop. Another case if you already know the cause, you're not going to be fooled mechanics. Some of the instructions below may help you.

1. Sparkplug dead
Machine limp, not just when stationary conditions, but also when the road. Usually, there is one of the four spark plugs spark plugs are dead. The solution, it is advisable to replace all the spark plugs to the same conditions.

2. Distributor damaged
Ignition system is not perfect due to the distributor is damaged, making the engine revolution uneven.

3. Damaged coil
The machine vibrates, the direct die and can not turned on. When the coil has been severe damage, the engine is turned difficult. Replace these power plant components.

4. Injection system disrupted
for cars that already use the fuel injection supply system. Symptoms, the engine vibrates with a frequency somewhat rare and appears at high rpm. If the damage is not severe or just happened heaping dirt, recalibrating the injector nozzle can do cleaning.

5. Carburetor dirty or problematic
Machine will not work correctly and vibration arising. This component has the task of supplying petrol to the cylinders.

6. After the carburetor idle and valve
this is specifically for cars that still use carburetors. When setting the idle too high and not completely closed the valve carburetor, the engine vibrates when turned off. Because, when the ignition is on off, the engine still gets the supply of gasoline. So, need to reset the carburetor.

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Clutches and How It Works ...

Clutch transmission equipment that connects the crankshaft gear transmission shaft with. Coupling function is to transfer engine power to the transmission, then change the transmission rate in accordance with the desired speed.

Under normal circumstances, where the coupling function works well, so the driver pressing the clutch pedal, engine power will be decided, because when the pedal is pressed then it will encourage the style press release fork and release would encourage the release bearing fork. So the release bearing will lift and push the spring diaphragm pressure plate, clutch disc will be released with the flywheel.

Simultaneously gears going regardless of the effect of engine speed. These conditions allow the transfer gears in the transmission. Nowadays there are many different types of couplings including friction clutch, clutch fluid, coping centrifugal, and magnetic coupling. But the most widely used by vehicle type is the type of coping friction plates and clutch friction cone type, which for the clutch plate type clutch plate can be wet and dry plate clutch. Clutch plate is wet-plate clutch which plate soaked with lubricating oil. Most of the clutch of this type used by motorcycle. While this type of plate dry clutch is a plate-type clutch plate not soaked by the lubricating oil. Generally used in older cars and motorcycles made in Europe. Excess of the wet clutch plates are not quickly wear out, because it is lubricated by oil. Disadvantages, obstacles friction less power so it cannot move as effectively as dry clutch. Moreover, if the adding lubricant additives, the clutch could slip. Dry clutch wear faster because they do not hit oil but energy transfer from the engine into gear better.

In general, the main part of clutch consists of three kinds, i.e. coupling unit, close coupling, and the unit liberators. The unit consists of clutch plate clutch, plate press, and the spring clutch. Close coupling bound by the flywheel, while the inside wheel shaft attached to gears and placed between the flywheel and plate press. Plate press will push the clutch plate against with the pressure of the spring-spring coping. These devices are made from cast iron materials, where the surface was made smooth and flat. While the clutch plate is made to provide greater friction on the flywheel and plate press and placed between the two. On the second clutch plate surface is paired with lining and riveted rivets, and usually on the surface of the metal pieces plate given. Its function is to strengthen and also to distribute the heat. In addition, in the middle of the plate clutch torsion spring there. Torsion spring serves to reduce the surprises that happened at the time of clutch work and to prevent the possible outbreak of clutch plates or other damage, such as crooked plate clutch.

The unit consists of fork liberator liberators, bearing, and press a lever to pull, thus freeing the clutch plate.

How it works is if the engine rotating clutch, flywheel itself come round, while at the wheel of this style is paired coupling cap which must also rotate. In this case the gear shaft or main shaft gears can not rotate, so too with plate clutch mounted by means of a groove on the axle that enables it to move along the shaft gear. Furthermore, if we want to move the wheel, this can be done with operate the pedals, which at the time of the pedal in the lift springs clutch spring plate will hit the press on the flywheel. This causes the clutch plate is sandwiched between the flywheels with plate press. This plate was originally going to slip, and rubbing against the flywheel and plate press but then will gradually carried on spinning and then will rotate the main shaft gear

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Small Plate in a key?

When you buy a new car, Usually, dealers will submit three pieces of keys in a circle-shaped hooks. It also depends on the hook of a "plate" or a thin metal plate. Be careful to keep it, because the number on a small plate is important.

Which key must be taken and which ones should be saved?. To operationalize the everyday car, take one key and one more key to anticipating the car if you experience any locksmith (the door was accidentally locked with the keys in the car).

A small mistake which we mean is: when choosing one of the key earlier, the driver took a thin plate and its key subsidiaries. Supposedly, the plate was kept at home, and only used if the rider to lose other key children. Because, at the plate there was a serial number that allows car owners to get a replacement key when the primary key is lost.

That the instructions given with the owner guide book. The goal, "If you lose your keys or if you need additional keys, dealers can make a new copy with the serial number on the plate to see it." Hence, motorists are advised also to write it down and store it. Indeed, it seems very simple. Although the look is not too important, but quite cumbersome if one day the key really missing. Now, in order not to experience it, check back your car keys. Hopefully your car keys really does not have a small plate that should indeed stored neatly in the house.

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Flying Cars Still Saving Problem

Flying car is the first breakthrough in the world and probably will change the future of transportation. However, experts indicate that there are some problems in this flying car that still needs to be overcome before the car can actually operate.

The official name is the plane flying car Transition Roadable. It is classified as a Light Sport Aircraft. therefore, first of all this car-shaped into an airplane than a car so that motorists who want to run a car fly Sport Pilot certificate is needed to fly and SIM for driving on the road. However, ownership certificates of pilots flying sport is quite difficult because they are not all straight people can get it.

Richard Gersh, Vice President of Business Development in Transition Terrafugia, said she was proud that its product is the first flying car manufactured by the company. "Gersh said there are about 5,000 small airports in the United States, so that cars can fly easily find the nearest airport for takeoff and landing.

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Brammo Empulse, Electric Motorcycles Can Speeding Up to 160 Km / Hour

Progressive development of increasingly rapid electric motorcycles only. If we know the car manufacturer Tesla cars are diligent sell new electric cars, on motorcycles there Brammo. This electric motorcycle manufacturer has previously released the electric motorcycle, Enertia, and now Brammo introduce new variants, Empulse.

Empulse is a sportbike-style design with street fighter who claimed to be capable of speeding up to 100 mph invited or 160 km / h! Remarkable speed to the size of electric motorcycles. Not surprisingly sturdy legs with a suspension upside down in front of the device by default.

Even the origin of these United States Brammo also been doing testing at Laguna Seca circuit to prove that this new product is not only fast but easy to drive. 40 dk Power generated by the fast-moving electric motors AC, water cooled wearing.

Uniquely, Brammo Empulse is marketed in three different variants. Empluse 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0. Differences in all three is on the battery used. Version 6.0 only have traveled 60 miles or 96.6 kilometers, version 80 have traveled 129 km and 100 have traveled 161 km. Far right!

Empulse 9995 sold to U.S. Dollars 6.0, 8.0 Empulse sold U.S. Dollars and Empluse 11 995 10.0 13 995 U.S. Dollars for sale.
This new electric motor that can be invited to speeding!

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Porsche 918 Spyder, 200mph Hybrid Cars

Porsche plans to make hybrid cars speed 200mph and 700-horsepower, 918 Spyder. And estimates of funds required to produce this car for $ 630,000, while making the Porsche 918 Spyder became the most expensive in history.

918 supercar was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009 and there is no official information is scheduled for production. But in April, Wolfgang Duerheimer, head of production at Porsche, said if there are 1000 customers expressed interest in buying this car, they will consider producing it.

According to Porsche, the car 918 Spyder 500-horsepower V8 is equipped with two electric motors and extra 218-horsepower, which can run up to 100kmh (62mph) in just 3.2 seconds, with top speed of 198mph. In terms of eknomisnya, Porsche was able to consume three liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, or about 79 miles per gallon, and only 70 g of carbon dioxide released per mile. As a match, the Toyota Prius T3 Hybrid took out 89g/km, and 4.6l/100km. Porsche Pricing has not been independently verified, at least they should make their best sampled previously.

Frank Biller, an analyst at Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg, told Automotive News Europe that 918 Spyder Porsche could improve environmental reputation. Porsche is owned by Volkswagen, which also makes the Lamborghini and Bentley vehicles, some of the "Europe's worst gas guzzlers."

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ITS Winner of Asia Shell Eco-Marathon Competition

Indonesian student achievement on the international stage. By students of Mechanical Engineering Institute of Technology Sepuluh
november(ITS) Surabaya became the first champion of competition cars Shell Eco-Marathon frugal (SEM) Asia 2010. In a race that was held at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, 8-10 July 2010, the ITS Team 2 with car Sapu Angin
(wind swept)2 record save car with mileage of 236.6 kilometers per liter of gasoline.

In a press release sent to several media mentioned the ITS team won the Grand Prize and Combution Gasoline Fuel Award. Both awards are covered under the Urban Concept category. "The victory is a lot of excess car sustained Sapu Angin the lighter weight, ie, 93 pounds," said Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering who accompanied Tim Triyogi ITS ITS.

Triyogi added, increasing the performance of several components coupled with the efficiency of the engine makes the car Sapu Angin 2 excels in the Urban Concept class of 15 cars a top university in Asia. "Another key to victory is a team effort ITS perform inspections and tests circuit early," added Triyogi.

According Triyogi, victory Sapu Angin Team is a wonderful gift for the ITS to be aged 50 years on 10 November. Sapu Angin victory, completing victory ITS Robotics Team which will represent Indonesia in an international robot competition.

ITS has two cars that are named Sapu Angin 1 and 2. Sapu Angin 1 was the prototype of a futuristic car like karting with a target of one liter of gasoline for the distance traveled 1000 kilometers. While Sapu Angin 2 the car is similar to a conventional four-wheeled car, but only contains one to two passengers with a target of one liter of gasoline for the distance traveled 300 kilometers.

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Obama Taste Chevrolet Volt

U.S. President, Barack Obama, have a chance to taste the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle. The first exposure was done when the president made a visit to the Compact Power plant battery in the Netherlands (16 / 7), Mich. LG Chem, the holding of Compact Power, which makes the battery cells of the Chevrolet Volt.

In photographs released by GM, Barack Obama looks into the cabin, Chevrolet Volt and sit in it. And came out with an expression of joy. Until now, Obama is known strongly support the car industry - environmentally friendly cars.

Obama even wanted in 2015, hybrid car in America topped 1 million units. Government under Obama, Americans spend up to 2.4 billion U.S. dollars to develop electric vehicles and next-generation batteries like those used on the Chevrolet Volt.

As an electric car, the Chevrolet Volt itself capable of running with low emissions without any emissions at all even as far as 340 miles or about 574 km. And more fun again, no need to do when the battery starts charging overdrawn.

For up to 40 miles or 64 km first, the car was fully use electricity stored in a 16-kWh lithium-ion batteries. Not using fuel and produces no emissions. When the lithium-ion batteries has been reduced, or the combustion engine generator will operate for charging and extend the distance traveled up to 300 miles

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Nissan Introduce Murano Diesel Model

After two weeks ago announced the approximate price of diesel versions of the Nissan Murano facelift on the European continent, this week's Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) in Japan to introduce sport utility vehicle the Nissan Murano Diesel 2011.

As reported by, Friday (16 / 7), NMC has called Murano engine redesign. In the combustion chamber fuel oil for example, air ducts were enlarged in order to accelerate the cooling process.

As a result, when compared with the previous Murano - also diesel-engined SUV front display is changed to follow function. Kesanya any fresher.

Gril now widen, because the surface water intake semain too big. To adjust to the changes in the size of the larger air intake, too, the front bumper was also redesigned and incorporate fog lamps Anyar model.

Kitchen pacemaker generation Murano was carrying the most brand new 2500 cc four-cylinder engine. That machine is capable of spraying workers claimed 190 horsepower and torque of 450 Newton meters.

Not only that fierce engine performance course offered by NMC. But, also fuel economy and low emissions. "The fuel consumption of 8 liters for 100 kilometers distance," I NMC.

As for CO2 emissions is only 21 grams per kilometer. Workers who sprayed machine was transferred to the wheels through the powertrain All Mode 4x4 system. Security system supported devices Brake Limited Slip Active Braking Diffrential.

Nissan also offers a 2500 cc engine type DCI. Type is a type of Murano was the highest in the clan.

Nissan calls the current reservation has been opened and the delivery of cars to the buyers started coming September. Manufacturers are called, in the regions of Europe, diesel SUV is expected to hold 90 percent of the market in its class. On the continent this facelift diesel Murano dibanderol £ 37 795 or about USD 523.08 million.

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Toyota pulled back 92 Thousand Lexus and Crown in Japan

Toyota pulled back 91 903 luxury vehicles, Crown and Lexus in Japan on Monday (5 / 7). This time the problem is damage to the valve springs and the most important components of the machine caused the declining quality of new cars. "We are sorry to inconvenience our customers. We hope to fix the problem as quickly as possible," said spokesman Paul Nolasco, Toyota Motor Company.

Toyota vehicles are drawn Lexus cars produced between July 2005 until August 2008, like the Lexus GS350, GS450h, GS460, IS350, LS460, LS600h, LS600hL, and Crown models. Analysts said the withdrawal was worsen consumer confidence, after Toyota President Akio Toyoda, vowed to shareholders to improve the quality checks on vehicles. "So it's hard for consumers to believe in Toyota, seen through the eyes of consumers as promised," Shotaro Noguchi, automotive analysts from Nomura Securities Co..

Quality problem facing the world's largest car manufacturer, affect the image of Toyota which is trying to get out of a massive global recall. Since last October, Toyota has attracted more than 8.5 million vehicles due to various problems, including problems on the accelerator, brake, and a damaged car rug.

Therefore, car manufacturers based in Japan was fined 16.4 million dollars in the United States, because it is slow to face the problem of withdrawal the cars. In addition, Toyota also faces more than 200 lawsuits in the U.S., is associated with the accident because of a damaged car, Toyota's vehicle sales price fell, and the decline in share value.

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Reduce Oil, If We exceeded the Maximum Charge Alerts

Changing the engine oil is nothing we can do it yourself at home. However, his knowledge of science and we need to remain well controlled. If incorrect, could cause a bad effect. Although including a simple job, several times found cases triggered by the mistakes surrounding the replacement of oil.

Encountered many cases that is when you fill the oil, the maximum limit not to be noticed that the oil exceeds a predetermined capacity. Supposedly, high engine oil should not exceed the mark "MAX" indicated on the dipstick. If you already passed the limit, you should subtract again with how to open oil pit that lies below. After briefly opened and then closed again by tightening bolts oil disposal. Then check back the quantity of oil through the dipstick.

The impact of excess engine oil did not directly reduce the driving comfort. But beware, because such conditions can reduce the ability of doing lubrication oil. Furthermore, we can guess, antarlogam friction in the engine went very rough, which in turn makes the components will be rapidly worn. In addition to lubrication that helps weaken the function of friction antarlogam place with smooth, too much oil also reduces the ability of cooling the engine.

As we know, in addition to lubrication, oil cooler also serves as metals rub against each other. Reduced power lubricating and cooling function that occurs because when the oil is too full, then the potential to immerse the crankshaft. If the component is submerged, the liquid oil will automatically terkocok-whipped. During this component of the engine's life will continue to move around.

Like an egg which if beaten too long will cause the foam, as well as liquid oil. Oli also be foamed, which indicates there are air bubbles in it. Well, the appearance of air bubbles and foam that's an indication of oil quality begins to decline. So, instead of the function and role of oil is interrupted, the better to prevent the emergence of bubbles is another way to reduce oil if it exceeds the mark "MAX" when filling.

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Tips: When Driving in Rain

The rainy season it sometimes becomes annoying for us as a rider. Not just the vehicle to be dirty, but the rain increases the risk of accidents.

Management must be increased vigilance when it rains. In addition to reduced visibility, the streets are also much more slippery than usual. Not to mention, the eye becomes tired quickly in conditions like this.

Here are some tips to minimize the risk of accidents when it rains.

1. Add a safe distance
If the normally dry time we must keep a distance two seconds into the next car, when the rain increase to 3 seconds. How to count them, muttering about 1001 ... 1001 ... 1003 as normal, when the cars reach the front of a sign on the road, such as electricity poles. If prior to reaching said '1003 'Your car has to sign it, then too close and must adjust the distance again. This safe distance is very important, because when wet braking distances become much longer even though the car had been equipped with ABS.

2. Avoid sudden maneuvers
Sudden maneuvers included acceleration, braking and turning, should be avoided. On slippery roads, maneuver easily makes the car uncontrollable. Control your car is more subtle than usual.

3. Light the lamp, not a hazard
Hazard switch on when the rain is a big mistake. Hazard made the driver behind our eyes get tired because flicker brightness. In addition, we can not make the Hazard light switch lanes when they want to Sein, also resulted in sensitivity of the rider on the back of the brake lights on our cars to be reduced. Risk was hit from behind even bigger. When very heavy rain, light fog lights or headlights normal. This alone is enough.

4. When the highway, avoid the right lane
Because of the toll road slightly convex contour, then drive on the right path to make you vulnerable hit a puddle. This can make a car lost control. In addition, when in the right lane, you are easily exposed to splashing water from the opposite lane, and this will greatly interfere with visibility.

5. Be careful tire lock
If we are forced to brake suddenly and the car was not equipped with ABS, be aware of symptoms of tire lock. Once the tire was locked, reduce slightly the brake pedal until the wheels spin again. when the tire lock, the car can not be controlled with the steering wheel and the longer distance pengeremannya.

6. Do not break floods
When we drove in the rain and met with standing water or flooding is better avoided and the search for a safe place.

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Alfa Romeo in 1937, the World's Most Beautiful Car

The car was created not only to demonstrate excellence or strength bodynya machine, but the car was also created as a beautiful art.

To create a list of the most beautiful car in the world, Forbes magazine asked a group of experts to judge and give his nomination. The jurors were asked to provide a list of cars in different eras and manufacturers that beauty is not indisputable.

In the list of the most beautiful cars in the world have Alfa Romeo output up to 1937 Porsche 911, which is still produced. All these cars have the appearance of an entire generation will be able to amaze.

From the results of the judging process, the car which was considered the most beautiful in the world and throughout history is the 1937 Alfa Romeo output. Even Rob Myers, founder of RM Auto, famous antique car auction houses in Canada, stating that the Alfa Romeo output in 1937 is one of the most beautiful thing in the world and throughout history.

Other vehicles from year 1937 are included in the list of most beautiful cars in the world are Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falascgi and Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster. While the output in 1938 was a year younger Talbot-Lago T-CSS.

Why are so many cars in the 1930s who get into this list? Motor vehicle production was reaching its highest point in terms of resources and enthusiasm in the period between World War I and World War II, which has brought production cars in that period to design and artistic levels are high.

Each model is updated at least every two years, and every year is produced with a different model from the previous year. Cars produced a serious work of art which has unique characteristics, unlike today, which is made from the model produced by another company.

Art Inspired by Ian Cameron, chief designer of the Rolls-Royce said that music is one of inspiration from the creation of a car. For the main designer of the Rolls-Royce 200EX this latest offering, creating a car can be likened to playing in a band. "You start with a session hours, and at some point be turned into a melody," he said.

Design plays an important role in the entry of a Porsche 911 on the list this time the world's most beautiful car. Although this model is not as attractive as other models in the list, but the fact that this model can survive during the last fifty years without any changes, which are indicators of the genius of its creator in the beginning years ago in 1960. This will be very difficult to expect from modern cars.

According to experts, the current car-makers did not bother to create designs that can have profound and high value to collectors. The lack of artistic beauty of the modern model is one result of financial difficulties experienced by the manufacturer of the world. According to experts, the cars produced today is nothing more than disposable diapers can be discarded. Pathetic is not it?

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Nissan Launches Crossover Juke 15 RX in Japan

Nissan launches new compact crossover, the All-New Juke 15 RX in Japan today. This vehicle will be marketed globally. Means the possibility of coming to Indonesia!

In Japan, Juke 15 RX, in accordance with a capacity of 1.5 liter engine used, dibandrol attractive enough price. Cheapest ¥ 1,690,500 and the most expensive 1.79025 million. Besides price, another interesting element of this car - other than appearance - is the fuel consumption. Nissan claims the fuel utilization of 19 km / liter! On the other hand, Juke buyers will also get tax rebates from the Government of Japan.

Dual injector
Economical fuel consumption, low emission and of course the Juke looks different than an SUV or crossover that has been there all along, will be very interesting. Economizes fuel consumption is obtained thanks to HR15DE engine uses the latest technology of Nissan, which is a double injector (twin-injection). Pengabutan result can be made closer to the cylinder and the results are much better. Machine capabilities are also highly qualified to produce energy, 84 kW (114PS) @ 6000 rpm.

As a multipurpose vehicle, Juke able to adapt so easily switch from the toll road to an increasingly jammed city streets. Section, set the engine torque is 150 Nm at 4000 rpm obtained. Another technology is Nissan's Variable Valve Timing or call CVTC.

Later (autumn) will also be marketed Juke version with 1.6 liter engines (MR16 DDT), which is equipped with a turbocharger. His ability with the conventional 2.5-liter engine.

For transmission, unites Nissan X-Tronic automatic transmission plus a very comfortable suspension. Nissan claims, acceleration ability Juke very steady, smooth, cool and fun stability encouraged speeding.

Equipped with "Intelligent Control Display" capable of serving various functions of information. Juke driver can easily operate the control panel to select the desired operation of three models: Normal, Sport and Evo-Drive.

Characteristic of this car is rear door handle of the "hidden" or installed on the rear door pillar. As a result, a versatile SUV has a round appearance from the outside similar to a sports kupe two doors.

Using headlamps are large and round. Rear combination lamps are also presenting a typical figure of Nissan sports car, Z, shaped like a boomerang shape. Penpilan interesting is the large fenders and rounded, making the compact SUV looks sturdy and macho.

Other additional Juke is accompanied P215/55R17 tires with ABS and EBD. Nissan's target to sell 1300 units / month. Now, if you really kesengsem, buy direct to Japan!

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4x4 SUV That Can Be Helicopter

This helicopter as Autobot in the Transformers movie because it can turn into ground vehicles SUV 4 x 4. Maybe someday, this versatile helicopter will be used by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to help them avoid the threat of roadside bombs.

Vehicle design is very futuristic. Is the most innovative design ideas from the development of aircraft-based AVX Texas.

This vehicle can carry four soldiers and a complete 250-mile journey overland and air travel with a single fuel tank.

The company said the developer, every soldier is guaranteed to drive a vehicle flying at the same time without having to have a pilot's license.

Jet motor which is used as the driving engine while flying directly to adjust when the vehicle was turned into an SUV 4 x 4. The amendment only takes a minute.

"This vehicle is very suitable for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, where troops often face the danger of roadside bombs," said a company spokesman.

Today the Pentagon is considering design problems. Design is important because the safety of soldiers is the first priority, both at the time in the air or when moving on land.

AVX this kind of vehicle can fly with a speed of 140 mph, is on the road with a speed of 86 mph and 30 mph on the battlefield.

This vehicle can carry about 520 kg of fuel. "However, the company has not thought to produce these vehicles for commercial purposes, although the current prototype of this vehicle in progress," he said.

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Black Box for American Cars

Number of recall action around the world to make the government of the United States. Now, to solve it, the world's giant computer manufacturer Intel prepares new safety technology, the Black Box.

Same function as in an airplane. Integrated with the computerized car systems, so that the various actions or events recorded up to mengedintifikasi traffic signs. For events outside the vehicle, the tool will rely on cameras and sensors that function in the car.

"Vehicle-new vehicle, it was possible existence of a camera inside or outside the car. The truth is not something new, but if you integrate a camera and GPS (global positioning system), the result is incredible," said Intel Chief Technology Office, Justin Rattner told The New York Times.

Technology created by Intel will be able to record the event in the form of videos 30 seconds. With this evidence, it can be known what caused the accident. Technical factors or negligence of the driver.

Remarkably again, this technology seems to have a competitive price. Because, all the components that are used practically in the latest release of the car.

"In the next few years, this means only half the price of a new GPS device or security system," said Rattner.

The ability of this tool has been tested on the Smart Fortwo last month, which includes equipment nirekabel system's WiMax-based 4G. This system allows the car has a fast internet connection data (high-speed Internet data).

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This is the Frontman of China's Automotive

China became a country with such a rapid industrial development, including in the automotive field. Additionally, "Interior Panda" is also a potential market. Not surprisingly, many of the principals turned the car world.

This is the fifth driver or could be called "frontman" China's automotive industry that need to be listened to.

Li Shu Fu
This led the man smiles Geely Automobile Holding Co. Ltd. which is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. Born from a family of poor farmers without good education, the business originally was in the field of tourism with a Polaroid photograph of services for tourists in China.

After have the capital, Li immediately moved to two-wheel automotive sector as pamasok components. Drawing on the experience and know the automotive world, he also played in the car industry.

Geely which he led to China's first company capable of acquiring a Volvo. "If the acquisition plan comes two years ago, we would be laughed at. But now, another condition and we've got a Volvo," Li said, as reported by Chinacartimes.

Currently Geely not only have a Volvo, but also the DSI (the largest manufacturer of transmission components in the world) and LTI (London Taxi manufacturer).

Shou Fu Jie
Key mover in the country's automotive industry. Born in July 1963, Fu led the second-largest automotive manufacturer in China, Guangzhou Auto. A number of principals of the world, such as Toyota and Honda, had embraced as a partner.

At the intersection, he moved to Changfeng Auto with a production focus to the type of sport utility vehicle (SUV) is the favorite in China. However, Guangzhou and eventually acquire Changfeng Fu returned to his old company with a lot of hands touch the cold.

Ding Lei
Have worked with America's largest car manufacturer makes the name fairly heard in the West. In China, Ding-led joint venture Shanghai GM.

He has the educational background of graduates of the University of Fu and Nuclear Engineering Department. Beginning his career began while working with Volkswagen and SAIC then transferred to a special project of Shanghai Pudong Auto Project (early name of Shanghai-GM merger).

His career continued to climb. He helped save the downfall of GM in its home country and making China the largest market outside the U.S.. In addition, Ding also helped GM paid more attention to markets outside the U.S., including China and India.

Bin Chen Po
In China's automotive environment, a leader of Dongfeng-Honda was the most influential. His career began with work at the Dongfeng since 1987. Dongfeng is the beginning of cooperation with the Citroen. Chen also served as public relations to be trusted in 1992.

Advantages are familiar with the characteristics of local markets to make up to general manager position. On his journey, Chen had successfully anchored to Nissan and to boost sales to 500,000 units per year. Now he's back to the Dongfeng-Honda and pursuing greater sales figures by selling products, the CR-V and Civic.

Wang Chuan Fu
Same as Ding Lei, Wang Chuan Fu is better known in the West. He was born in 1966 and studied at Central South University studying metallurgy to obtain a master's degree.

Wang Chuan Fu is a "battery man," because it has a deep knowledge about manufacture of battery technology. He is believed to lead the company Qingyuan government as the largest producer of batteries and then entered the automotive industry. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt due to lack of product sales.

Wang then worked hard and still struggling in the automotive industry. The result, the latest model BYD F3 becomes the best-selling products in China and other models followed, such as the F6 and F0, which became the beginning of BYD's electric cars.

Barely there, BYD's electric-powered sedan E3 was he produces. Problem production of environmentally friendly vehicles, BYD's most productive and competitive.

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Yamaha Launches FZ8 and Fazer8

After success with the FZ6, Yamaha re-launched products and new machinery FZ8 Fazer8 began in March 2010.

Currently ABS Fazer8, is one of the newest variant to the popular line of Yamaha FZ sportsbike, which also can be found in England, quoted from Autoevolution, Monday (12/07/2010).

As said, FZ8 new series comprises two models, namely FZ8 naked and semi-faired bike Fazer8 with the cover and the front screen. Fazer8 equipped with ABS come as a weather, bringing fresh breath into the category of middle-class motorcycle.

The FZ8-new series to 779cc fuel injection engine, and uses both throttle and the throttle valve electronically controlled sub-throttle to provide additional control over the volume of air flow into the intake hole.

Unit personnel develop the 106.2 PS (78.1kW) at 10,000 rpm, and abundant torque of 82.0 Nm at 8000 rpm. The exhaust system in accordance with the EU3 standards, using the short side of the muffler and exhaust system 4-2-1 with a honeycomb type catalytic converter that is placed at the point where the header pipes meet.

Cast aluminum alloy using five bars, front tire size 120/70 ZR17 use, and that use 180/55 ZR17 rear.

According to the British division of Yamaha, ABS Fazer8 sold for £ 8,799 (plus tax)

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Air-Bag Create for Motorbikers

Create a long-distance touring enthusiasts with moge or motors, Dainese, clothing manufacturers and also supplies racing motorcycle touring production of D-water system. If the car air bags to save the driver and passenger (front) when the accident occurred.

Now, even this trick Daenese same function. If at the MotoGP event pebalap he protects the body in the fall. So, something like an air bag is also designed Dainese (for racing hence the name D-water).

D-Air system for the first time used in the MotoGP race at Valencia by Marco Simoncelli berlaha while still in the 250 cc class. Perhaps, this work is a revolutionary air bag for two wheels.

Project who spent 10 years, ranging from study to test, conducted by the Dainese Technology Center (D-Tec), Department of Dainesen whose duties include research and development, including the D-air Racing system this. They have worked closely with the Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padova, with the energy consultant from FIAT kontrolkualitas division, TRW and KTM Racing Team.

The system works not associated with motor components. Thus, objects such as a float plane, worn around the neck. Protected part, besides the neck also collarbone.

"Once created for the benefit of racing, both on the track and road versions (Isle of Man), D-air is now also available for highway motorists," the statement from Dainese.

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Mahindra Prepare Micro-Hybrid Cars

Indian car maker, Mahindra & Mahindra to make a step forward in the world automotive industry in his country. They announced plans to micro-hybrid vehicles. Base of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) Xylo and this concept will be launched later in 2010.

In addition, Mahindra will also review Reva electric vehicles in 2011. Thus the programs cited in the Business Standard quoted Autoevolution, Saturday (10/07/2010).

"We plan to launch Xylo micro-hybrid before the end of this year," said Pawan Goenka, president of Mahindra & Mahindra. now, go Goenka, much remains to be done, including the launch Reva NXG NXR and by Q4 of 2011.

Micro-hybrid is very popular in Europe and North America with technology start / stop. Thus, the system inimemungkinkan vehicle could die in a state machine and get back in line by just pressing the gas pedal.

Well, Mahindra, according to Goenka, there were 50 000 vehicles are already fitted with the system. Xylo noted that micro-hybrid Scorpio and third after balero Maxitruck.

For information, Mahindra has bought 55.2 percent of shares Reva. That way, they become global pemaian in the world of electric vehicles.

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