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Chevrolet Astro Van: specially designed for cargo

Passenger mini-van, the 2005 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van, three doors. Nevertheless, only a maximum of two passengers. The remaining space is essentially a cargo and packages. It was developed in order to be able to transport and delivery to other locations. In addition, this car was also in two trim levels, part of the rear wheel and four wheels. 2005 in last year's production and the production of this car.

After inserting the car, rear-wheel drive is equipped with cutting was represented 4.3 liter engine V6. This may be about 190 units of energy. In doing so, you can record 16 MPG in city driving and 21 MPG on the highway travails. Everyone in the transfer of the cutting wheel, it came with a 4.3-liter engine V6. He has the ability and capacity to produce about 190 horsepower of the vehicle, which can take up to 15 MPG in city driving and 19 MPG on the highway. De-facto standard for finishing levels, Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van has a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

Despite the fact that the Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van Standard child seat tethers, can not side airbags and traction control, people are still willing to have a great advantage in dealing with the braking system, air - conditioner, one alarm, automatic gearbox, Child locks, power windows and locks, doors and side impact beams. In addition, in its own class, Chevrolet Astro Van has a very good mileage of roads, as well as the base price below the average for that vehicle a good purchase.

In Chevrolet Astro Van has 4.3 liter engine with six cylinders. This may be about 190 units of horsepower. He has a wheelbase that measures 111.2 cm, the total length of 189.8 cm, weight of 5600 pounds and carrying capacity in the 1647th Besides the fact that they have to tow up to 2404 pounds.

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Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda back plate at the Geneva Motor Show, just in time to celebrate the 100-year mark. The new drive is a global presence Aston, particularly in emerging markets such as South America, India and China.

Four functional seats Lagonda concept of a luxury car in the near future. The name "International Tour" and "vanguard" of luxury cars, so the inspiration for the brand in the past, as well as the visual language of high-speed design environment for high-class cabins and a modern sense of the modern furniture.

Design Director Marek Reichman from Aston Martin Lagonda language is a mixture of liquid mixed with the harsh lines of buildings - the organic, emotional approach allows for vertical surfaces, in general, under the body.

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Consumer and transportation industries will find the burden of fuel costs

Fuel costs for all aspects of life. Agricultural machinery, trucks, boats, trains, school buses, etc., all consume fuel to food, transportation and food for us. We are, ultimately, consumers pay for rising fuel costs, higher prices for food, clothing, housing, education, transport, etc., as well as our own fuel.

The impact on our transportation industry has far reaching implications. The American Automobile Association has already "... deeply concerned about the impact of rising prices of diesel engine in the aviation industry and our economy ...", offers tips on saving fuel, as well as to designate a truck stop, the cheapest fuel, etc.

Many schools are desperately trying to fuel costs and the negative impact on children's health from emissions of toxic gases that are forced to strip money from classrooms, a reduction in bus routes and eliminating travel. The collection of duties on buses or students who have greater distances to go to school seriously. Some districts in Arizona concerned about the health of vulnerable children, the lungs, there is a program to support the driver turned off the buses than inaction.

According to the National Marine Charter Industry a voice, the price of fuel "in court" and low margins in the nation, 40000 charter boat operators ...".

What is the budget for fuel consumers, including owners of boats, buses, trucks, trains and automobiles, myriads of fuel additives and / or fuel conditioners have been used, and with minimal or no noticeable difference in fuel consumption and less emission reductions. At worse, so many damaged engines and / or fuel systems.

One company to provide assistance if they decided to test a new fuel conditioner in their efforts to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Journal callsign of the official statement that the Dial-A-Cab would be testing fuel conditioner called UBIEE PowerPill FE-3 is responsible for publishing the results in October 2005.

Call Sign October 2005, the magazine published the results of all tests, the full "... the drivers say it works!" And they continue to act in February 2006. Another article was published in February 2006, the Taxi Globe newspaper in an interview with the real people who have tested UBIEE PowerPill SF-3.

Ring SMS UBIEE director and president, Dr. Michael W. Dolgoruky not surprised by saving fuel and reducing emissions, he said: "This will not only promote efficiency, fuel economy and emissions, but our experience shows that the parties in relation to fuel such as filters and nozzles, etc., are also much more durable, but also savings from the tablets. In fact, a recent report documented 45% savings in shipping. "

Based on NASA and now manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality program, exclusive marketing rights were given by Ring SMS UBIEE on three continents, and PowerPill, Alias, Fe-3 UBIEE Hall PowerPil its fuel savings, maintenance savings and reduce emissions in the world more than 69 countries.

When the high prices of gasoline, and welcome relief from the hands of the budgets of consumers and the industry of transportation hall to check and proven environmentally friendly product known as PI-3 UBIEE PowerPill. Along with the historically proven track record of fuel economy and reduced emissions, as well as maintenance savings and extended life of the engine, the future looks even brighter.

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Protoscar Lampo

The Swiss-based automotive design company Protoscar announced that all SA-Lampo electric car at the Geneva Motor Show last week. Lampo called (the Italian word "lightning"), two seat convertible, is said to be synonymous with a natural phenomenon, which is in power, particularly electric power that this vehicle.

Lampo design embodies a philosophy that these two seemingly contradictory characteristics: maximum performance and maximum energy efficiency. Car soft lines and minimalist, with a sports appearance, complemented by some of the efficiency-oriented, such as rear-wheel covers. The body of the car is finished in contrasting colors of organic water-based paint coating, developed by BASF for the controversial aspects of the car.

Steadfast in its objective, the development of alternative propulsion systems CleanCar vehicles through their initiative, with Daimler Protoscar to develop and implement the concept at NAIAS BlueZero 2009, and worked with Rinspeed and its partners in the creation of ecstasy Geneva Motor Show 2007. Check the new car and its development in the history of the two videos on the left.

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Cross against Minivan: Which car is suitable for you?

There are a large number of vehicles on the market and each type has its own positive attributes that a good purchase for certain individuals. There are two types of vehicles, as a rule, to address the same types of people, and they are SUVs and minivans. Many people who buy one of the two types of vehicles are on the lookout for high employment and the machine will try to the best car for your needs. The following sections highlight the attributes and may help people better decide which vehicle is suitable for them.

If people in the market of high host vehicle, they see the SUV and minivan as possible. And in terms of norms, rather than their normal car, the size factor attracts individuals, vehicles of this type. Thus, the size is a strength aspect of the SUV and minivan although the size and capacity ranges from the brand and model.

The concept of family-oriented, it was often associated with minivans in the past. Recently, this concept was also discussed in the cars, because there is more room for regular automobiles just as the minivan can. However, if you buy a car in a family that can operate in other categories, except for family-oriented, and then, perhaps, is exploring to buy SUV is a good idea. Although, if you want to buy a minivan, because it is family, and then a minibus can be better than this man. \

Fuel problems
Another factor that person if they are related to the purchase of a SUV or a minivan, taking into account the fuel mileage. Fuel issues are high on the list of these days because of high gas prices, which seem in recent times. For those who have fuel issues as a serious problem, purchasing a minivan may be the best choice. It can be said that competition between SUVs and minivans in the light of fuel mileage, the minivan to win. If people want better fuel mileage vehicles and minivan is the best choice of the two cars.

Security issues are very important in connection with the operation of a vehicle. Road safety is something that everyone should buy a car. The only problem was the security concerns of SUV rollover accidents. Because SUVs are generally higher than than in most other types of vehicles, which are generally more likely than other vehicles, with sharp curves, the road to move irregularly, etc. On the other hand, minivans tend to have fewer cases of accidents involving SUV rollover.

From a security point of view in relation to the size, can be set off in the most secure in this regard. Because they are generally larger than minivans, their structure will be more capable of coming in a van accident. However, it is important to note that the safety and statistics from the vehicle.

SUVs and minivans, which also purchased a lot of time due to storage. Both vehicles are equipped with large rear components where large objects, as well as many small objects that can be used for transportation. It is difficult to say which car is the best storage capacity as this attribute varies between different types of SUVs and minivans. So, if you look at the vehicle capacity, we can not go wrong with an SUV or minivan.

Environmental concerns
Environmental problems associated with those days. Some people see this kind of issues when it comes to buying a car. If you choose the best car in relation to their environment, a minivan may be the best option in some cases. With minivan uses less fuel than most SUVs, less harmful gases into the atmosphere. This can be stated that minivans may be more environmentally sound than many of their SUV competitors.

When searching for a larger vehicle with a high bandwidth, one can not really go wrong with an SUV or minivan. That decision is indeed a matter of personal preference and the specific properties of the car. Contemplation of the above factors, it can be in a better position, their options and decide whether they want to buy a jeep or a minibus.

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Dacia Duster concept

concepts well
Dacia Well this is the first crossover concept sports coupe design features with the MPV. Measuring 4.25 in length, 1.64m wide and 1.49m tall, compact multipurpose vehicle with many innovative design details.

In designing the main features of Dacia, the front is decorated with lights that Wrap the front fender, a reduction in the line of light which is back towards the door. In profile, the number of wheel arches and doors in connection with the short overhangs front and rear, a strong position bodyside. The wing shape, with a ceiling set performance feed air to the rear, which also has the logo engraved Dacia wild beauty.

Powered By 105hp 1.5dCi diesel engine, flag Cd value of only 0.30Cd, efficiency and environmental considerations. Read more about our car at the Geneva Motor Show Highlights, and click on the link below for an extensive photo gallery.

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Qazana for Nissan

Qazana Nissan unveiled the concept at the Geneva Motor Show last week. One of the stars of show, the car was at Nissan Design Center "Europa" (ECM) by the lead designer Matt Weaver, director Alfonso Albaisa, vice-president of Nissan Design Europe.

"Qazana this concept car is designed specifically for the Geneva Motor Show," said Albaisa. "But we must not be more than just a design studio. There are clear guidelines for the future, as a small car from Nissan can."

Inspired by the bikes and beach buggies, Qazana was designed for young, urban version of the successful Qashqai crossover. Measuring 4060mm long, 1570mm high, 1780mm wide and with a wheelbase 2530mm, the car show of the design details, combines elements of sports car and SUV. Dacia

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Kia Sorento

After a series of photographs entitled obscured, the Korean car manufacturer Kia officially released the first picture of the middle generation SUV Sorento, which will be his debut in the hall in Seoul in April.

Developed under the code name of XM, a new SUV, Sorento successful in the automotive portfolio. "This new direction in the future SUV-style using the new Kia design language," Kia Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer, "he said. According to Schreyer, Kia, "the simplicity of straight lines' philosophy about the role of new cars, which also embodies the" refined, but a strong and dynamic properties. Measuring 4685mm long, 1885mm wide and high 1710mm, the new car is 95mm longer and 15 mm shorter than its predecessor. He also works on short-, 2.7-meter platform.

Three engines are offered: 2.2 liter 200HP diesel engine, 2.4 liter and 2.7 liter gasoline engine FIAN connection with the new 6-speed manual gearbox. After the world premiere in Seoul, the new car will be assumed that in North America in the late 2009th

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I.DE.A Institute, the group responsible for creating any type of Fiat, Nissan Terrano II and the Daihatsu Move, the ISS revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, by the end of the absence of at least ten years in the case of Switzerland.

The first in a series of models that the Institute launched in the coming years, the ERA, two seat roadster built on a steel monocoque chassis, clothed in layers of coal. Designed with new forms of instinctive pen strokes on paper, design features long, sloping bonnet and a veil covering the body, creating a harmonious curves and underscores the level of the game in the seamless blend of romance and rationality.

Simplicity and exclusive materials, the interior of the tubular structure in brushed aluminum and analog instruments to the center of intellectual property. Seats padded around in high-tech fabrics for the designer.

For 4 - or 6-cylinder, front-or rear-wheel drive, the ERA may be given an endothermic engine with an electric generator / drive.

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Tata Prima

Pininfarina has a new car this year at the Geneva Motor Show, but it was a surprise in the new models are Tata Carrozzeria with the famous signature. Tata, as a premium (which means "first" in Italian), the concept of a luxury sedan is the first official project of the Tata-Pininfarina cooperation.

Based on the platform of Tata Indigo - the first sedan in India - First, it suggests that in the future, perhaps, the Tata car. Designed to sharpen the profile of "Tata", four-door has a simple but elegant, with lines like compartment. The design is similar to the flow, and the tension in shoulderline, which, together with the car, and exudes an elegant proportions with a contemporary yet classic and modern.

Although the model is only one external 2.7 m long wheelbase, is said to deserve the interior of a luxury sedan. Thin processing C-pillar and unmistakable Pininfarina coupe silhouette also, as I said, does not affect the interior.

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Number 3 Kia Concept

Number 3 Kia will debut the concept at the Geneva Motor Show, a small MPV design studio, which focuses on the provision of new niches in the small car market flexibility in the delivery of packages, which is also good for the device.

Designed by Kia European project team led by Peter Schreyer, the concept shows, № 3 Korean manufacturer of cars, new faces grille, headlights and logo in the constellation of the agreement. But the most important of 4045mm long, the development of the concept is the only extended the windshield and panoramic glass roof diagonal support bars.

We will continue a detailed analysis of the concept of number 3 in the next Geneva Motor Show shows coming to your screens next week. Watch this space.

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Rolls-Royce 200EX

Rolls-Royce is to set the 200EX concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The design is a preliminary study on a new car, code-named RR4, first as a system, in May last year. Less than Phantom, but more than 7-series, 200EX measures 5399mm long, wide 1948mm, 1550mm high and rides on a long wheelbase of 3295mm.

Appearance - that this "fascinating, attractive and accessible," according to Rolls-Royce chief designer Ian Cameron - is characterized by large areas and curved lines to add definition. In combination, the threshold of the top of the cells in the interior and a dynamic profile. The high shoulder line and move on to the tapered sides on the back, reducing the flow, as well as the protection of the rear taillamps.

Access to modern interior designer Alan Sheppard, through the rear doors hinged on the bus in the largest phantom. It was cream colored leather, carpets and cornsilk with a mixture of cashmere headliner. Wood veneer on IP, in the center console and doors. At the back of the seat hall for the C-pillar stresses the intimate atmosphere.

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Zagat Perano Z-One

Zagat is a concept called the Z-One Perano at the Geneva Motor Show next week, the 90-th Birthday of the company. With a long bonnet and short rear deck, the super sports car has a big part of the tour.

Despite the fact that she did not have many details about the concept of two squares, a large oval grille and larger air intakes above and below the threshold shoulderline shows the car on power from large conventional engines. Large headlights, vertical sidewall, with more to cover the mesh vents for heat dissipation. In profile, concave Fender morphs through the door at the rear pronounced hips. The form of the grille is also repeated on the back on a wider scale, such as the headlight design, with a smaller round placed in the housing taillamp. The concept of the double-bubble roof, from the windshield to the sharply raked backlight is also a factor in his final design Zagat.

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Toyota Verso

Toyota introduced its new poems on the eve of the first Geneva Motor Show press day. The new MPV combining space, comfort and practicality than its competitors, the segment of the driving functions of conventional cars.

Toyota, on the European design studio in Nice, France - the same studio that the new Prius - the third generation Verso has class leading drag coefficient of just 0.295Cd and greater distance between the axles and the front and back tracks. A very tough new body with a higher proportion of high-strength steel to improve security.

Interior 7-improved Toyota Easy Flat folding system for quick and convenient access to the five individual rear seats. Particular attention was paid to improving the comfort for rear passengers with a better second and third series of the premises.

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Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen has chosen the eve of the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its new fifth-generation Polo Super Mini. With more and more modern design, Polo offers design elements for the development of Volkswagen Group chief Walter de'Silva calls "the new face of Volkswagen.

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Infiniti Concept Essence

Celebrating 20 th Anniversary Nissan luxury brand Infiniti, a sharp, two doors, two seats with classic GT proportions The essence of the approach Infiniti design elements with links with the future direction in design.

The fruits of individual competition, the design was created by Giovanni ANC Aroba in San Diego California, after working in the design of Nissan in Tokyo, where the concept has been developed and refined.

In an interview with CDN, chief designer Mamoru Aoki tells us how the concept was the result of large waves and Japanese touches. "The idea comes from the forces of nature," said Aoki, the complex issue of designing pavement "comfortably complexity.

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Bentley Continental Super Sport

Bentley has the official photos and information on the Super Continental Sports, themost powerful and fastest Bentley with 621 hp and 329 km / h. It has a muscular exterior design, combined with a driver focused cockpit two. This goes on sale in autumn 2009.

Bentley Supersports Recently in advance for the display of images, Continental Super Sport is the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever with 630PS (621 bhp), 0-100 km / h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 329 km / h .

W12 engine capable of petrol (gasoline) and bio-fuels.
Continental Super Sport began as "below the radar" project to explore opportunities to reduce weight in the Continental GT, but with more power and torque.

Compared with the Continental GT Super Sport speed is 110 kg.

Bentley Continental Super sports performance supplement a number of improvements, including the return address of the chassis and suspension, the use of lighter elements, back-roll bars and dampers.

Flexibility 40:60 rear-biased all the time divided into transmission wheels, wider rear track, with 20-inch alloy wheels and standard electronic stability program.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard for installation in the direction of the response, grip and comfort while maintaining the weight.

Super Sport name was inspired by two-person 3-L Super sport model introduced in 1925, the development speed of 3 liters. Lightweight, 85 hp Super Sport was the first Bentley to 100 miles.

Continental Super Sport will be in the autumn of 2009, and Flex-compatible models sold in the U.S. from the summer holidays of 2010.
From the official press release:

Bentley Bentley Continental SupersportsThe team tries to return to the distortion of the supply of electricity and power in the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever. Design Group was informed that the new car "extremely."

The development of super-sport design was a clear case of form following function, with a signal-sculptural forms of technical changes under the skin.

In front, Super Sport simple "box" the central air intake on the sides of the two vertical holes, the car has a difference, the more (or less), while high levels of cooling capacity of air intercoolers.

Two new hood vents extract hot air from the engine bay.

Bentley Continental SupersportsAt rear wheel arches are subtly curved stretch of 25 mm (I cm) on each side, a new instrument panel, the largest on the track uprated chassis.

They are the true super sport with muscular position, coupled with new lightweight 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels. The open structure allows a clear view of the disc brake calipers and carbon-ceramic.

A new bumper with black trim on the lower aperture, the big house (+ 40 mm/1.6 inch) exhaust pipe with elliptical discrete vertical divider.

Super Sport has a unique dark smoky steel exterior finish for all ", brighter products, including the front grille, light bezels, window size and the wheel.

Complex process of physical vapor deposition for all components made of stainless steel, high gloss and durability. Automotive industry first, this process is usually as a decorative coating machines and hours.

Four new external colors are available exclusively for the Super Sport - pearlescence ice and quartzite and a first for Bentley, two colors, matte finish, satin gray and dark gray satin finish. Customers also have the possibility of 17 standard paint colors.

Continental card feature Super Sport models of the outer steel bands on smoking at the wheel at the bottom of the front wing.

Two seats in the cabin, which hide leather is combined with the traditional material of three new Bentley - carbonfibre AlcantaraTM and "Soft Touch" leather.

Dirk van Braeckel, director of design and engineering, explains: "Our task is to create a driver-centered cockpit adds to the extreme outside, with the use of unconventional materials Bentley maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship."

Lightweight carbon replaces wood veneer fascia and central console, while the new lightweight sports seats also are equipped with front panel of carbon fiber back. Rear cargo area is covered with a carbon beam with the luggage.

Fabrics of all the components of carbon and Bentley has a specific gravity of all parts is carried out in the forest store Crewe.

The interior color of black coal and Beluga Secondary Hide AlcantaraTM. However, customers can customize the interior to the Duo and Tono topics.

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Volvo C30 Wins Interior Design Award

Volvo C30 was Ward Interior Design Award for Best Brand Reflection. Last year, Ward called the Volvo S80 winner of the Best Interior Design Award in the year.

According to Eric Mayne, Ward, editor of News Operations, "is characterized by simplicity, elegance and functionality, C30 in the sample that heritage. In spite of, not only in industry, the Convention, which provides comfort masses that contribute to the establishment of rule for futuristic concept cars." Volvo interiors have always ergonomically designed so that we have all the materials in Scandinavian design: where form and function to combine the aesthetic and easy to understand. In the complicated world, Volvo brings a sense of harmony and peace in everyday driving.

"What's C30, our goal was a young spirit and refined Scandinavian style in the interior," Steve Mattin, SVP Design, Volvo Cars said. "We would like to see the best of our cultural heritage in the design of the car. Our development concept is to create interiors with a brand Volvo.

We volvo_c30_interior_2 shied away from chrome, constantly controls intuitive without buttons or switches, and to find ways to enhance our sense of harmony and softness. Our center stack console has become the signature element of all models of cars Volvo. Your system is a natural rhythm and functionality with clean lines and soft curves. "

Volvo legendary anatomically designed seats upholstered in a unique T-Tec fabric specially for Volvo Cars and inspired by modern sports equipment and travel. T-Tec is soft, flexible, elastic and comfortable. The contrast between T-Tec and textile industries - along with the various joints, but the coordination of color - a dynamic appeal of the car.

volvo_c30_interior_3_200 "We will exert pressure on the border with the materials, visual and tactile sensations, feelings," says Steve Mattin. "C30 is a reflection of our Scandinavian culture, feelings about our environment and our heritage."

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Concept Audi Shark

Audi is a futuristic concept car fly shark with a design inspired on the motorcycles and aircraft. Kazim was documentary and won the desire of Domus Academy.

Concept Shark Kazim new documentary from the Audi design language in a futuristic manner. First place in design competition started in 2008, and Italian Domus Academy.

Two sports car inspired by flight of the aircraft and its passengers motorclycles offers "thrills and a high degree of safety."

External design provides a visual reference to the machine name, and - in combination with the rear spoiler below - gives the car "submarine" appearance.

Both headlights and tail lights are covered by a transparent tube, with LED units. The interior offers sport seats in the cabin structure.

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BMW X1 found A new concept of a German manufacturer

Malleable, flame development in a small SUV

BMW offers a panoramic view of the world's first sports car in the premium compact market with its new concept. Due to its construction, a new concept model clearly expresses all the strengths and qualities of the car, BMW Concept X1 exuding a strong touch of speed and flexibility in its driving qualities and practical use. And while the concept is clear, stylish, chic, five doors, as well as advanced functions. The creation of this unique car, BMW, with the requirements of modern group in search of a car Reunion Update the challenges of everyday traffic and the personal needs of many purchasers for an active lifestyle and a versatile driving experience. BMW X1 Concept states that special just driving pleasure so typical in this unique form of BMW X model in combination with high levels of all types of functions. As long as the first time you get the car in the premium compact segment.

• World debut of BMW X model in the premium compact segment.
• BMW, the founder of Sports Activity Vehicle segment, has steadily expanded range of models of BMW X.
• Authentic transition of features and design language typical of BMW X model in the new class of vehicles. The concept study offering a clear expression of modern style, flexibility, versatility and quality of design alone.
• How innovative concept in the premium compact segment, Concept BMW X1 sets the standard for cool elegance, modern style and function variables.
• Concept BMW X1 offers ample room for spontaneous mobility in many respects, the modern way of life and active target group. Many details of this concept car, a clear reference to the actual production series model within one year.

• the characteristics typical of BMW X model combined with elegant, sleek proportions. This only gives the concept BMW X1 unique character in the range of BMW X models as a whole.
• sharp frontal view clearly expresses the robust and powerful car, emphasizing its great width. Floor protection element finished in different colors focus on broad gauge.

• Concept BMW X1 comes with two round headlights cover the top and the typical style of BMW brand, white with colored horizontal cover at the top. Position of headlights and foglamps brings three other models in the eyes of BMW X.
• Six contour lines define the three-dimensional shape and surface of the engine cover of a sense of momentum. The interior of tapered lines strongly forward BMW kidney grille, the outer line will continue in the shoulder contours at the side.
• The center of gravity visibly positioned in the middle, the small distance between the front axle and steering wheel, and the almost square contours of the process of cutting, the steering wheel, side view of BMW X1 clear parallel to other models of BMW X. Black body, surrounded by a special, durable plastic, a clear focus on the wheels. Sturdy, silver roof rails far in the background, the course with a roof spoiler at the rear.
• Features rear L-shaped tail with groups on the single light effect thanks to LED light bulbs. Descend to the lower corner of rear window gives the BMW X1 concept of a truly sporting links, horizontal lines, stressing the great width of the vehicle.
• As the design specifically for this model includes a three-dimensional environment, the headlights and rear light clusters and help to ensure that the graphics side windows.

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Koenigsegg Concept Number

At the Geneva Motor Show 2009 Koenigsegg is a full-scale model of their concept Quant, electric four-door coupe in the NLV PARTNERSHI from the sun, innovative photovoltaic thin FLM to feed the body. The aim is to produce a limited series.

Kvant concept was developed by a Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg NLV supercars in partnership with Solar AG, a pioneer in the field of photovoltaic technology and battery.

Full four-plane model of solar electric car was launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, two companies are currently working on the operation scale of the prototype for mass production.

Quantum battery electric vehicles, which are again at full power for only 20 minutes, thanks to the BCC (flow battery energy storage), with a range of 500 kilometers.

Among Technical carbon aluminum chassis / body components and innovative photovoltaic FLM invisible carbon thin lining, body and provides an additional source of energy.

This system also contributes to the development of electric transmission, drivetrain, which simplifies the design and packaging, but only one disk is required.

The total power of 512 hp and maximum torque of 715 Nm, which allows Kvant is 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 275 km / h.

Given the size of NLV us is abnormally low frontal area of about 2 m square. This, coupled with the drag of about 0.27 CD coeffcient and effectiveness of the BCC is a range of cars.

Design Group also Christian von Koenigsegg, Nunzio La VECCHIA (project manager and design), Joachim Nordwall (Designer), Efraim Tangen (modeling / surface / Designwork), Victor Rosenvinge, Ketil Humlekjaer, Remi Andersen (physical modeling).
The Quantum Design offers a unique combination of a super sports car looks and space of the traditional luxury sedan. The car will have four adults comfortably, and have a big trunk behind.

Gull-wing doors are unique to the production of four seats, as well as function with style, but also entry into the car more ergonomics thanks to the missing B-pillars, which allow access to the front and the rear passenger seat.

Only side-Lite division, all the passengers to open and close the front and rear side windows separately, despite
There is only one door on each side.

Koenigsegg Interior Concept RenderingThe Kvant Kvant NLV is rear-wheel drive, four-wheel regenerative braking, ABS and ESP. It was based on two electric motors AC induction motors with variable frequency and a step in the world-line drive, one for each rear wheel.

Dual engine design eliminates the need for a conical or differentiated to further simplify the mechanism and power, and continuous relation to the rear wheels, as well as on the disc and on the coast.

Draft weighing 1780 kg is understandable when you consider that battery, four seats, luxury cars in performance. In part this is due to the installation of two engines, only 140 kg - a remarkable achievement, given the power of 512 hp and maximum torque of 715 nm, the quantum deliver 0-100 km / h for 5, 2 seconds, and press the maximum speed of 275 km / h.

Koenigsegg Kvant ConceptAnother reason for the low weight of the vehicle is equipped with a carbon backbone chassis Monotube construction, in which the vehicle security system in the BCC line to the lowest position, the heart center of gravity and mass. BCC only weighs about 450 kg and does not contain harmful substances and heavy metals.

This project was born when NLV Solar AG for the environmentally conscious Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg Super sports cars, and to develop a "future car" NLV innovative solar technologies in the field of batteries and accumulators.

In 2008, the two companies signed a cooperation agreement to establish a vehicle to test a unique propulsion system that allows optimal use of solar energy developed NLV Solar AG together with innovative memory.

Koenigsegg Quant Concept - preliminary data

* Power: 512 hp
* Torque: 715 Nm
* 0-100 miles / h: 5.2 seconds
* Maximum speed: 275 km / h
* Curb weight: 1780 kg
* Wheelbase 3102 mm
* Track - front: 1730 mm Rear: 1729 mm
* Wheels / Tires - Front: 245/35 - 22 ", Rear: 265/35 - 22" - a low-friction tires Michelin
* Width: 2016 mm, including mirrors, Length: 4879 mm Height: 1335 mm
* Rear-wheel drive
* Four-wheel regenerative braking
* At least 6 airbags, smart, ABS and ESP
3 * of groups (one for the front and two rear)
* Adjustable rear
* 3-zone climate control
* Great foot in the rear
* LED lights front and rear
* Organ at NLV FLM thin film photovoltaic solar --
* NLV mobile redox flow battery energy storage system - BCC
* Place up to 4 adult passengers

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Chris bracelet: a hero of modern cars

For 10 years Chris was a car designer bracelet all love to hate. Here was a man who gives us the flame surface, completely renovated BMW, that the language and how this process of auto-design rules.

As design director of BMW, more than any other car designer Chris bracelet in the headlines. Not only in the automotive media, but in all media. He made his eloquent controversial design direction for what had been the dean of protected German sports sedan, at the same time, deflect or ignore the criticism more than any other car designer has received.

And now, as he began his last day in the German society (indeed, the last day of work in the automotive industry), the media remind us of their achievements Fiat Coupe, the flame from the X-Coupe surface, the third generation "bracelet-butt "Series 7 and the tissue surface of Gina, the choice of car, away from the sobriety of the 90 principles of design BMW. We are also reminded his colleagues about the criticism of its design - not less than J Mays' disparaging view of the 1-series - and his charisma and intelligence.

But there is confusion about the unusual public farewell Chris bracelet as often as the media generally focus their eyes on the car design. Like the rest of the media second guessing his status as hero or villain automotive design, car design news in the community wanted to celebrate some of the undeniable truth, a bracelet from BMW, the time is probably the best memory.

In the 1990's series BMW, which is usually regarded as close to impeccable design, the harmonious coexistence. Bracelet, when the chief designer in 1992, BMW was forced to continue conservative management "cookie-cutter approach. But BMW sedan with aesthetics than the mature, and 7-series for a large series, 5 seems to be expanding the series 3, bracelet managed in the management that it is time for innovation and development strategies, regardless of this reaction could be to customers, the management at BMW and other car designers.

This new approach to innovation and change in the monolithic design of the strategy, of course, is the cornerstone of the success of Chris bracelet from BMW. It is the foundation of the brand position today, generation of good design to achieve the identity of cars on the market, and mixed, and the connection lines of cars, the customer better than ever. Nevertheless, all these innovations, and diversification has been achieved while preserving the character design of BMW, the brand kidney grille and four round headlamps Hofmeister kink, front engine rear drive ratios in the total amount of premium sports personality.

But this innovative design, if not a new development strategy has been widely criticized. In addition, nearly half the directors of structures that are critical to approach Chris bracelet for BMW, and they are often strongly criticized. At the heart of this is the view that many of "his" BMW models ugly, ugly or unnecessary aspects of them - 1-Series, X3 and the previous generation E65 7 Series is the most frequently cited examples.

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Introduction polishes and waxes your car

Defining the right to use the product to adjust the brightness, it is not always easy. In most cases, is rubbing and polishing compounds, sealants and glazes, one step cleaner wax and protection waxes.
It is difficult to find two cars that people of a particular product. A person is a product that works better, and refuse to try something new. You just have to try different brands until you find that suits your needs.

To solve this dilemma, see the following table for quick reference. On the following pages, we will discuss the use of various types.

Heavy oxidation: first attempt sealants and enamel. If the results are not satisfactory, the use of compounds, polishing or professional Meguiar Net # 4 Follow-up with sealant and a letter from Eddie, and then wax to protect.

Moderate oxidation: Use of Liquid Polish for quick solutions, or one step cleaner wax. The best results with the sealant and enamel, and then wax.

Light oxidation: The use of one step cleaner wax or sealant and enamel, and then wax.

No oxidation: The use of one step cleaner wax or wax level.

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Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini

They are Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini? I really love it ... hihihi. Everyone loves all three of exotic Italian cars, but the problem arises when we have limited parts for automobiles. As few people have the exclusive cars, it seems that the spare parts are also limited. But do not stop, try to find a Ferrari through the Internet, and the road re-opened for our beloved automobiles.

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How Need insurance?

Climatic changes in the world in recent times, we worry about our lives. We need to be disaster on Earth. Ozone depletion, global warming, acid rain, and the challenges have been successful for people to panic.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, storms, often in the recent past. It is clear to understand, when it comes to disasters, to protect life, property and assets.

One solution is to buy insurance for our homes, offices, businesses, cars, insurance, etc. could easily be our financial burden, if they raise money for the renovation of our property.

AmericanCarQuotes provide an opportunity to protect our property, especially vehicles. I do not think it is easy to find, a security service. Sometimes we can not get what they deserve, such as paying a high insurance. AmericanCarQuotes help the insurance company for you. You only need to click the website address, then the insurance will come to you, you should not be anywhere.

At the cost of insurance, you have to pay, it is very dependent on several factors, and you can learn to consider them on a website. The site also offers a large insurance risks for people on the street one day as a truck driver. What you need insurance? Let AmericanCarQuotes find it for you.

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Buying a car, hold their value

Charlie Vogulheim, editor of Kelley Blue Book indicates that the resale value of your car before you buy it.If you are planning to sell your car or trade it is necessary that the cost of overtime.

Currently, Toyota and Honda are very popular, and this is likely to continue for at least the next few years, argues, Vogulheim. SUV, is also popular, while minivans, luxury cars, domestic and national media are now all cars have a relatively low resale value. Automatic transmission is better all the standards.

Against a background of black and white color constantly. Dark is usually not very strong in the south-western states and other hot. Dark Blues are wrong in this country now, while the earth tones, silver and gold are good. Typically, the classic colors keep their value more than fancy colors. The popularity of the red car up and down in irregular forms.

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