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10 Best Car's Interior 2011

Auto Trend - Research institutions and providers of automotive industry data from the United States, WardsAuto, have announced the results of research on the car's interior. This Institution has examined the 51 car brands on the market today.

The result, as reported by there were 10 cars with the best interior.

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Tips to Face Fussy Child While Driving

Auto Trend - Bringing children traveling in the car can be fun. But, sometimes traffic jam and boredom can make them fussy and distracting while driving.

If you are not careful and not handle it well, it can interfere with concentration when driving and endangering you and also the child.

Then, how to overcome it? Concentration for driving is not disrupted and children are not fussy. Here are tips quoted from

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Ferrari Offers Free Service Pack 7 Year

Auto Trend - The prospects for Ferrari in Europe seems to be pampered by the facilities offered by this Italian car manufacturer. Because Ferrari plans to provide free care package for 7 years for their latest models such as 458 Italian, Califormia Spyder or the FF model.

This package will be effective if consumers

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Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf Having the Best Safety

Auto Trend - United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety / IIHS) recently completed the first test row of the plug-ins vehicle. Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf managed to obtain the best rating for the protection front, side, rear and when rolled during the accident.

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Most Dangerous Car Interior Throughout History

Auto Trend - Usually you just accept the various facilities provided by the manufacturer when you buy a new car without wanting to know its benefit. Once the new disaster happens you realize to what various vehicle devices were made.

For example the headrest designs have been patented since 1923. But the United States Road Transport Association requires all new passenger vehicles have headrests in 1969. Even then, after hundreds of accident-related to neck injury.

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New features on the BMW X3

Auto Trend - There are several features that are included on the All-New X3 is a very helpful and allows drivers to operate this SUV.

Also the more luxurious interior and a more cheerful color display. For example, the xDrive35i has red-brown leather interior while Diesel is beige.

BMW says this new change makes room

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Wi-Fi Cars, The Future Cars

Auto Trend - Technologycal Analyst claim, consumers are increasingly welcomed the idea of wi-fi car technology, which allows a car into the warehouse of information and entertainment like a smart phone or tablet computer.

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VW Beetle-3 Generation Jumping Faster

Car Trend - Volkswagen AG held a party in three continents. Inter-continental feast marks the rebirth of the model that had become an icon and make VW famous, the Beetle. "The world is home Beetle," VW's statement in a release. Means, Beetle will be marketed to the world!

In many countries, the VW Beetle had its own designation. In Indonesia, known as the Beetle: the fans very much and until now still exist. While in other countries, according to VW, it is called, among others, Käfer, Vocho, Coccinelle, Fusca and Maggiolino.

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