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Mazda RX-8

RX-8 is rare Peru Practical CAR Deportivo. Click here for more Great additions
Our RX-8 version is R3, which included 19-PULGADAS wheels and a body kit slightly sticky.
RX-8 is roomier is especially IN THE PART OF AN ago Audi A5
Recaro seats are the single-R3, that grip well, but go up and down, and many are too narrow to reach a deal with seat belts difficult
Last lifting of the United Nations is providing fresh and more aggressive appearance

The Mazda RX-8 is a unique design that we have to experiment Dear Mano NOW A first United Nations presence. Launched In 2001 Tokyo Motor Show that preceded Studies in the heart designs in preview, in 1999 and 2001, and has just received this year the United Nations lifted.
The first RX-7, 1978, was inspired by the Porsche 924 and was the first proper sports car will be powered by a rotary engine
With the innovative MK2 least rotary Mazda Motor DESIGN, Peru remains a handsome car
RX-7 (1992) - seats in the shower-of-Place 2 +2 for the VERY FAST (And last) generation RX-7

The two-links on its unusual, obviously, makeup IN YOUR son rotary engine and rear-hinged rear doors integral WITH THE B-pillar. What became clear during our week with the RX-8 is both these two aspects of his base DESIGN are many other unique qualities ...

Sports coupe and GT Coupe
Rotary-engine of the RX-8 POWER HAS A VERY differently than he DELIVERY authorization from one side of the symbol of the car, Peru is also a very small piece of metal compared with a conventional SAME WAY powerful engine pistons alternative This is what gives links in the common cause of long CAR THAT AREA dedicated cabin. This result is, it is roomier VERY IN PART IN AN ago Audi A5 (and much easier entry Y-de-Exit), while that at its height and rear wheel 1340mm, a unit share of credit more Deportiva the Audi TT.

Dedicated power and Baja Hood
S-Sit at the RX-8 and A Place first thing might think that your seat too high (frustrating, we CAR-de-la Silla Recaro lack of height adjustment). However, this is mainly due IMPRESSIONS position Hood. Other compartments sports that operate in Sector East Market inherited with its lactea-de-la-CAR Ignacio de main, which - When WITH THE carried lower part of hip-UN-de-Punto Coupe - this is becoming an Hood relatively high and therefore a review of-the-head on Alta Vista. RX-8-to-the Covenant rotary motor and formal-La Plata, which is far less than a point, others ANY With Coupe engine cowl front-of-execution, to participate in a "pan" as Vista AT THE 911 OR Elyse.

Long lineage, but no established design-for-I "
1967 Mazda Cosmo El Al ground survey of the Sports Coupe rotary engine, the pencil-RX-8 Real Psicología lineages began 1978 with the RX-7 2 2 of the Sports Coupe and his successors launched in 1986 and in 1992 . In typical Japanese fashion-of-all-Clean They Khan BEEN DRAWING sheet model and have not built a design "RX" DESIGN-de-I; The real CAR COMES Valley could provide a good starting point.

From La-Familia
Most-de-la-la-purity dilute the original person DESIGN AND Facelift RX-8 is no different. The biggest difference is on the front, in addition WHERE The Lights, a smile wide grille opening Jütting MORE THAN A LOT IN Mayor Menton a general admission-ER-Del area (of regret, no change has occurred in the engine) They relate more closely Kon Home on the design of Mazda. If WELL-some of the models 2001, the purity English DESIGN SE Ga Lost, Cabeza de-la-CAR THESE alterations that seemed to who fresher and more aggressive. Show only the replacement of the fender-Alto de Deux ventilation ER-behind-the-wheel conventional front with a small indicator on the face can be seen in the case of UN COMMITMENT course.

Architecture and purist Anonymous heroes
The architecture of the RX-8 SE VE Na facilitated Its compact rotary engine defined and innovative in their doors. But, more importantly, the result in a singular Unica AND DESIGN rational Development Program of the United Nations aimed to achieve a pure sports car of time with the real world Practical. Bearing in mind that The Applause ESE-win approach for a more established brand Sports, in our view this makes the RX-8 IN-ONE of the heroes of modern-DESIGN of the cars.

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First look of Mini Chooper

First the "new" mini was only five years instead of the original Mini, only in the details, since his debut in 1959. Designed by Frank Stephenson, now head of design of Fiat, the current design was a success, and the key is very powerful, showing how small cars are not required explicitly functionalist, smaller versions of the basic type of car or feel cheap.

New 'New' Mini, under the leadership of Gert Hildebrand in the Mini, it was announced today for the Marcus syringe design, interior design, Mark Girard, as well as color and design of cutting Annette Baumeister.

The mine was started in 2001 with an unusually technically Chrysler engine design, despite its membership in the BMW. The new car brand new BMW engine with variable valve timing performance: 1.6 liter 120bhp Cooper, turbo 175bhp Cooper S, and 1.4 liter versions of the following one, and diesel fuel at a later stage. There is a 6-speed transmission for the Cooper and Cooper S, and both versions are optional 6-speed automatic with paddle shifts.

ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution), CBC (System CBC) ASC + T (automatic stability control + traction control), EBA (emergency braking assistance), DSC (dynamic stability control), as well as to help Hill - preventing the car to the rear move a mountain - a standard safety. Run flat tires, and steering is also new, but at the same time save weight and space to spare tires and the use of hydraulic power steering, which is a threat to the sensitivity of comfort and service.

Cut four basic colors, and bags, black, gray, beige and red with more detailed information on options in the "Color Line" series of five colors and four cutting materials (including oak!) At the top of the standard terms and Cooper Cooper S. A few additional extras, is also in the middle of leather and chrome rims 16 circular cockpit elements (air, cups, etc.).

The new design looks very similar to those of his immediate predecessor, but while they are in any of his predecessors in the structure, parts can be found in the car is new - than EUR Hildebrand said today: "Nothing is more, the car completely new. "

In the face of the hexagonal grid table includes the opening of the grille, headlights and indicators of clean solutions. The appearance is virtually identical to its predecessor, with a little more than the wheels of treatment, slightly more than shoulder diving into the body and hands, big mirrors and other parts of the resolution around the small front wing. In the back of the only significant change the floor, was cleared of more than one function (especially in the version of Cooper S).

Among the more changes - the main difference from the high speed (this time with ice and optional display navigation data), and a thin line of intellectual property.

There have been few, if any, new vehicles, based on the difficulties of his predecessor in the design of the new Mini - Porsche 996 at 997 (or equivalent Boxster) is perhaps the only example of this in these extremes. Nevertheless, this approach, it is clear that there is a need for this brand and product, and it is likely that the new "new" Mini will continue its successful predecessor, the nature of the building, while the expected options, including real estate version extends the complaint more innovation.

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Honda CR-V

Honda introduced the details of the new CR-V, which is located inside Paris at the end of this month. It is aimed at drivers and the D-sector saloon, improved technology and the latest Honda technology security. In the last two generations of CR-V is based on the latest platforms and Civic model is a new concept, which should, on the basis of a new civil architecture in the past year. The lower center of gravity (up to 35 mm) above (an increase of 30 mm), as well as some changes in direction, and suspension geometry is CR-V in the treatment.
Honda CR-V (2001-06)

Two engines will be from the start, 2.0-liter petrol engine or a 2.2 diesel. 2.0L petrol engine in the new 1.8-liter SOHC VTEC-I civil and VTEC, and the latest technology to reduce friction as well as delays in the completion of tenure of valves in conjunction with an open throttle at low load driving conditions. Maximum power: 150 hp at about 6200. / Min (less in the turnover from the current 2.0), and torque 190Nm (140lb.ft) at about 4200. / Min.

Gasoline models are equipped with new items: All the 6-speed manual gearbox, while the 5-speed automatic gearbox is also available. The efficiency of the engine, with improved aerodynamics and new gearboxes, can fuel figures. Yield above, and from 0 to 62 miles / h time of 10.8 to 10.2 seconds (manual) and 13.1 to 12.2 seconds (automatic). Honda celebrated 140PS 2.2-I-liter diesel CTDi continues, but how to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of 12 percent fuel economy improvement.

Although the capacity of the road CR-V is much improved, its off-road ability is well adapted to the revised version of the real-time, 4WD system recognizes that before the wheels and immediately transmits torque to the rear. The new double-pump system can be 20 percent more torque per unit there. 4WD This facility not only in the light off-road driving, but also contributes to the stability on the road - in snow or other slippery conditions, for example.

Two active safety systems in the new CR-V, which states that only the SUV segment. First, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a radar-controlled cruise control function, the distance from the car, while the brake system, mitigating the effects of collisions (CMBS) predicts collisions and warns the driver to the heavy braking and retracting the front seatbelts, if the situation becomes critical. Active front lighting (AFS) - turning headlights, taking into account that the road in the direction of the vehicle - is also reflected in the CR-V, for the first time as helping the sustainability of the trailer (TSA), which together with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) that provides the trailer is continuously monitored to ensure the safety and correction. Tractive force at the CR-V diesel is now very competitive 1500 to 2000kg.

Design of the new CR-V is a complex type of car profile that is much more style than in the previous CR-V, especially in comparison with the previous, slab-sided model in 2001, in particular, soft (but actually very good sold). Bodyside extraction has deep lines from the bottom of the body and gently sculpted sides prominent wheel arches. As the car more dynamic - underlines the wide track car, as well as 17 - or 18-inch wheels - remember, the common theme of little outgoing BMW X5.

Front surprising part of the design, with a distinctive double grille as the center, parallel to the projector-type headlights and large bumper. Back more than usual, with a vertical taillamps, but now with a slope in the rear window, and especially emphasize the sporting aspect of the new CR-V. Spare wheel was attached to the back of the floor (as in the new Freelander 2) and the rear of the fuselage is to use this room, now хетчбек instead of the usual side-opening doors.

Although the coupe-DLO, as the decline is the largest remaining old CR-V, which is not one card, having seen before in a few years, Honda Stream and the Renault Scenic. Others have taken advantage of the off-road coupe-like profile of the car, Infiniti FX, Lexus RX300 and the Audi Q7, but all have one or two classes at the CR-V, and it is interesting to see the current slide in the compact SUV model for the first time.

Inside the cabin, accommodation remains generous and the sizes are similar to the previous CR-V. Design of the agreement signals and civilian models also blue lighting instruments, 3-spoke steering wheel, metal inserts in the doors, dash, and the contrast with soft textured black trim. Front seats have longer and more convenient, and the steering column can be regulated by REACH and the rake. Switching gears, based on the center console, brings it closer to the steering wheel and creates more space. More flexibility in support of the new "double-deck cargo hold, the platform, which is at a height of 330mm above the cargo area. It means luggage can be, at that low level, easily accessible.

Outgoing model sold in all markets, set new standards in the compact SUV was seen as a representative of the vehicle for its impressive road manners and versatility. The latest CR-V aims to be even better on the road, the interior is even more complex and more practical, especially for towing. CR-V has always been one of the "self-defense as the SUV market, with claims of high capacity and Offroad market increasingly crowded, Honda has adjusted to the new car chief, a high - technology leadership, a strong personality and is moving to a compact SUV step further.

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Lead: Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF slim serious Mk2 of their ancestors. Click on the picture to enlarge
DLO long rocker and works to ensure the visual height
Two of the ruling classes in Germany: A6 and CLS
XF is not the same dimension GS
XF and his famous ancestors, Mk2: Ultimate luxury compact sedan in 1960
For new passenger cars wowed by the way, "wakes up"
Jaguar X-Type and XJ sedans
XJ6 original design of 1968, as well as no surprise, "Jaguar" in over four decades to avoid its reach

Perhaps more difficult, Jaguar, than any other premium car brand. The nature of the large design language for more than 40 years, with the shadow of 1961 E-Type and 1968 XJ6 - and even the 1955 Mk1/1959 Mk2 - threaten freedom. For decades, Design Group, these signs of old and new designs to appease traditionalists Jaguar customers, but that they have the old image of Jaguar and drove many customers,

With XF, which replaces the S-Type last year, Jaguar intends to make the perception of the brand stogie, and the company is adopting a new strategy, which rejects the traditional Jaguar and creates a new meaning to the term "Jaguarness.

Competitors, but not a classic Jaguar

We show that we are black XF in its 20-inch wheels, for many people, and the universal first impression that the XF is a serious Slim "Executive" car: a new competitor for the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Lexus GS and even the Mercedes CLS . Curiously, no one disputes the car is not as different or the Jaguar S-Type it replaces.

Fine, but a few model
The answer to the main XF even slightly, but significantly, resulting in a rather quiet statement. This is mainly due to its generous proportions (Some designers Lexus GS, with a similar profile) and to a lesser extent, on the surface of calm and lack of jewelry.

He assured the deletion of the words
On the high side, far proposals rockers and skill to reduce its visual depth in height - and in our massive car wheels literally knobbled of your trip - the efforts of Jaguar is elegant and safe, if in the front. Their headlights are too high (although this may be because we can not forget about the concept of precursors, C-XF) and low-cost closer. In fact, there are "eyebrow Roger Moore Graphics, nasmeshlivym expression of surprise, or at odds with the rest of the car.

Without a whiff of retro-design
The first average Jaguar MK1 was 1955, which ceded the shares luxury sedan. In 1998, the S-Type XF replaces many MK1 maiden name Mk2-S-1963, based on a kind of aesthetic. However, Jaguar XF is not directly on the design of age. Instead, it includes the spirit of his 50 years in advance Jaguar forebears mainly aesthetic.

Event of the quality, not quality
Enter, press the power button and gently pulsating stocky cylinders, until the switch is in the center console stand proud. At the same time, the role of open deductions, compared with open eyes. For new passenger cars wowed by the way, they wake up.

At night, blue light on the beautiful graphics for control, in the center console, and a dip in the niche of the blue door. This, however, shows how the doors are switches that are incompatible with the console.

The construction of the main instruments in this area is also incompatible with the central console, as well as easy - especially when compared to the A6. Something is happening puckering the skin on the steering wheel, some cheap plastic feel ill-fitting lid to store the center console, and "growler brand logo on the steering wheel to the corners of the perception of the quality of XF.

Step forward, step
Undoubtedly XF is a great step forward for Jaguar. Compared with his brother sedans - X-Type and XJ6 / 8 - R-XF is a fiction. But outside of Coventry, the audience sees it as an alternative to the German subsidiary is not avant-garde design and trends of the regulator. Although this "step forward" for "Jaguar", perhaps it is also a springboard for the future of Jaguar, as a step to promote designs that progress XF new meaning "Jaguarness.

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Mazda3 Hatchback

The new five-door version of the Mazda3 made its global debut on the eve of the Italy's Bologna Motor Show last night. Known as the Mazda Axela in Japan, the second-generation hatchback follows on the heels of the new four-door version recently unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Adopting the same design elements as the sedan - smiling front fascia, pronounced front and rear fenders and dynamic profile - the new five-door also incorporates design cues which bring it in line with the Mazda2 and 6, such as the rising shoulder line.

Design boss Laurens van den Acker explained that the aim was to evolve the design to be more emotional and expressive: "It's essential to have a strong frontal identity so we have a more sports car-like front and the front wheelarches have been inspired by the RX-8."

The Mazda3 will be powered by the existing 1.6- and 2.0-liter petrol engines and the 1.6-liter turbo-diesel, which will be joined by a new 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine launched in the Mazda6.

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Volkswagen Golf Plus

Volkswagen unveiled the second-generation Golf Plus at the Bologna Motor Show today. The new Golf Plus, which has been improved over its predecessor, will be launched in the European market in March 2009.

Visually, the new Plus forges a link to the classic body style of the recently introduced sixth-generation Golf, also taking design cues from the new Scirocco. This is especially apparent at the front end. The rear bumper and roof rails were also redesigned, while new steel and alloy wheels round out the exterior updates.

Inside, the Plus features new upholstery materials, new generation instruments, a revised steering wheel and an improved user interface for the HVAC unit; details also implemented in the Golf.

Power for the new Golf Plus will be supplied via five gasoline engines or four new common rail turbo-diesel engines, ranging in output from 79hp to 158hp (petrol) and 89hp to 138hp (diesel). Conventional automatic transmissions have also been replaced by 6- and 7-speed dual clutch (DSG) gearboxes.

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Honda Insight

This is the first image of the US version of Honda's production Insight hybrid, scheduled to make its world debut in January 2009 at the NAIAS in Detroit.

The overall design of the five-passenger, five-door Insight hasn't significantly changed from the concept revealed in Paris earlier this year. The only obvious difference is that it has been toned down, with smaller wheels, more conventional door mirrors and the omission of LED headlamps.

Honda aims to sell 200,000 Insights globally, 100,000 of which in North America alone. The hatchback will be the first of a new family of Honda hybrids, followed by a production version of the CR-Z concept sportscar and a Jazz hybrid. The new Insight will be available in Europe in spring 2009.

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Nissan NV2500 concept

Nissan North America today unveiled the NV2500 concept at its Technical Center headquarters in Michigan. The van concept provides a preview of Nissan's entry into the North American commercial market in 2010.

"The Nissan NV2500 is a rolling idea lab - bringing a new perspective to the commercial vehicle segment," said Bruce Campbell, vice president of design for Nissan Design America, which developed the concept.

Measuring in at 5946mm long, 2012mm wide and 2438mm tall, the exterior design is highlighted by a wide grille, pronounced wheelarches, stepped roofline and an integrated solar panel on the roof. The concept also features 'multi-use' doors with integrated lower window cutouts and storage compartments: king-cab style on the driver's side, a 90-degree opening vertical door directly behind the front passenger door, and vertical 60/40 split cargo 'barn' doors at the rear.

Inside, the NV2500 concept features a '3-Zone' interior with a 'wall-less' mobile office/workspace design that includes a computer workstation, fold-down conference table, numerous storage compartments and an awning-style side panel that opens to create a standing outside workshop table. The interior elements have been designed to be multi-functional and highly durable.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class preview

It's hard to tell whether the 'exclusive' pre-launch photos that increasingly spread like wildfire across the Internet are really the result of espionage/carelessness or have been leaked deliberately by the automaker to take advantage of an otherwise slow news week. Either way, here are the first images of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Judging by these low-resolution press shots it seems the new car has remained faithful to its Concept Fascination precursor, especially in terms of front-end treatment. More sculpted flanks give the E-Class dynamic flair and also bring it in line with the S-Class flagship. The executive sedan will be larger than the current model for improved interior space, but we're less convinced by the huge taillamps, which seem to over-encompass the rear end in a similar fashion to the larger Lexus models.

We'll just have to wait and see what the design looks like in the metal when it is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The new E-Class coupe (replacing the CLK) is expected to be unveiled at the show, while the wagon and convertible variants will make their debuts at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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NEW Lexus RX 450h issue is the latest development of Hybrid technology. SUV AWD (All Wheel Drive) is present in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2008 is being held in the United States.

RX 450h will replace the RX400h and the RX 350 gasoline. In addition marketed in the United States is also marketed in the European next summer.

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The most desirable new car features

Technology that is so innovative it literally grabs the steering wheel and takes over is already available on some vehicles, but it’s not necessarily what consumers want.

Half of drivers in a recent survey said they would consider paying extra for features that detect and warn them of vehicles in their blind spots.

But the survey also found that drivers are squeamish about giving control of their vehicles to a computer. Most prefer the blind-spot detection system to provide a noise warning, a steering-wheel vibration, or some other alert system, to let the driver take the necessary evasive action, according to the survey by Harris Interactive, a consumer research firm in Rochester, N.Y.
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Harris researchers found similar preferences for lane-departure warning technology. It might be fine to electronically alert drivers that they’ve drifted into another lane, but drivers prefer to return to the proper lane themselves.

“Anything that’s intrusive or takes away from the driver’s experience is something that consumers are going to be nervous about,” says Thilo Koslowski, an automotive practice leader for Gartner, a tech research firm in Stamford, Conn.

Go to the “slide show” link below to see a ranking of the 10 high-tech features consumers want most.

Through its AutoTechcast study that ranks more than 60 advanced automotive features based on consumer preference, Harris experts found that drivers often consider safety technology a must-have, even if it means paying more.

But the research also suggests that consumers are most attracted to features that enhance their own safety rather than that of others.

Pedestrian-sensing systems aren’t well received, says Stephen Lovett, director of automotive and transportation research in Harris’ Ann Arbor, Mich., office. “The safety features that perform well are those that protect the driver and the occupants in the vehicle. But when it comes to protecting people outside the vehicle, the interest wanes.”

Pedestrian-sensing ranked near the bottom of Harris’ list of desirable tech features, along with cup-holders that heat and cool beverages, panoramic sunroofs, rear-seat entertainment, and satellite video.

Many of these features don’t directly impact driving, so they aren’t a priority for most people, Lovett says.

“In general, things like cooled cup-holders are nice to have, but someone wouldn’t choose or not choose a vehicle because of it,” he says.

Gartner’s Koslowski says any new feature — safety or otherwise — should make driving easier, more enjoyable, or safer. That means next-generation features like onboard Internet access and email, or futuristic concept cars that drive themselves, might be tough sells, at least in the short term.

“Replicating the personal computer experience inside the car is ill-advised in my opinion,” Koslowski says.

But new features that save people time and money do tend to be well received.

The feature drivers most want on their vehicles is rollover detection with advanced side-curtain airbags, according to the Harris survey. These airbags deploy preemptively and stay inflated longer than other airbags to help protect occupants in the event of a rollover. Because SUVs are more prone to rollovers, many of them already offer such systems as standard or optional equipment.

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