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Top 3 Luxury Cars in India

Luxury cars do not only refer to comfort, but also entice the eyes of the beholder. The Indian market has witnessed a huge demand for luxury cars. Here is a list of top 3 luxury cars in India:
Volkswagen Jetta
The Jetta is the latest luxury car from Volkswagen. The car was launched in India in mid-2008. The Volkswagen Jetta carries a sleek body frame and trend-setting design with European essence. The car flaunts an aggressive, sporty look with a bold radiator grille, multi-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels, colour-keyed bumpers, door handles, dual-tip chrome, and LED rear lights. The interior is well-crafted with es leather seats of top quality materials, driver-oriented layout, and well-placed controls that are easily accessible. Two reading lights and interior lights with integrated switch-off function enhance comfort. The trunk is spacious and can accommodate large number of luggage.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz has been pampering the elite car customers for years in India. It has introduced its luxury flagship model, the S-Class in India in 1996. The ‘S-Class’ is an abbreviation for the German word ‘Sonderklasse’ which means ‘special class’. The S-Class remains true to its name. The S-Class is a body of art. It comes with a sleek shape, dynamic flowing lines, alloy wheels, and all-new headlamps on the exterior. The elegance of the exterior continues inside the cabin. The electronically adjustable seats provide comfort during long journeys. A bevy of interior features include a new wind deflector system, flexible glass sunroof with a sliding roof, dashboard, and LEDs for ambient light. A four-zone climate control is optional and allows separate temperature environment for each quadrant of the cabin.
Audi TT
The Audi TT is a two-door luxury sports car that exhibits a sculpted sleek exterior and a dynamic personality. Increased use of aluminum in the body frame has made the second-generation TT lighter. The Audi TT's distinctive exterior features include rounded edges, short front, a low roofline that slants towards the rear deck, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, flared wheel arches and a wide track that enhance its stylish and sporty look. Xenon plus halogen headlights and light styling pack that includes chrome headlight surrounds and darkened rear light clusters are standard exterior features.
The interior comes with modern and contemporary design. Leather features is prominent in the TT's cockpit - Leather-trimmed front sports seats, leather-covered steering wheel, and leather handbrake grip. Heated and height-adjustable front seats, split-folding rear seats and ergonomically-shaped, low-positioned sports seats, tinted glasses, electronic climate control, electrically-operated and heated door mirrors, door handles and a centre console armrest pad are comfort features offered on the Audi TT.

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Famous Five Audi Cars

Audi is a luxury car manufacture for over nearly a century. It has created a legacy of excellence in performance and sheer engineering for a long time. Audi cars have been loved across all continents. Audi car sales trail behind Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These cars are well known for luxurious interiors and stunning exteriors. Audi follows the same mantra in creating its products. Audi has built such a reputation that the four rings emblem immediately evokes respect from all people. The Audi portfolio includes car types like SUV, coupe, compact, sedan, convertible and station wagon.

Here is a list of popular Audi cars of recent times -

Audi Q5
Audi Q5 is a luxury crossover vehicles launched last month in India. It was released for the international market in 2009. Audi Q5 is highly civilised to be driven by persons with pinstripe suits. It is also a soft of-roader capable of being taken on long drives. The Q5 shares it appearance with the larger Audi Q7. Audi Q5 is a sophisticated compact SUV loaded with modern gadgets like multi-media interface, Xenon plus headlamps, Bang &Olufsen surround sound system, rear seat entertainment system with colour display screens, three-zone automatic air conditioning, acoustic parking system, a rearview camera and leather seats. The Audi driver information system helps driver control a variety of interior and exterior functions. Audi Q5 comes with a starting price of Rs 38.29 lakh on the petrol variant and Rs 44.19 lakh on the diesel version.

Audi A4
Audi A4 has been one of the most successful car models by the brand, Earlier to being named as A4 it was well known as Audi 80. This model was the first model in Audi range to get a fully galvanised body and a ten year warranty against rust of the metal. It single handedly revived Audi as a luxury car manufacturer. The first generation Audi A4 introduced in 1996 was a huge success. Audi A4's captivative Teutonic looks, impressive performance and stylish, well finished interior set the theme for the new Audi models since the 90's. Though it is available as a sedan, convertible and wagon car styles in the western markets, it is available only as a sedan in India. A4 in India is powered by turbocharged engine teamed with a 7-speed multitronic gearbox. The A4 has all the typical Audi luxuries including the a well lit instrument panel and steering wheel with choice of interface mode and multi-media interface and top of line Audio system. A4 comes with three drive model selection. The shooting brake concept offers an impressive amount space and ample knee room. The A4 has a top speed that ranges from 227 km/h to 250km/h depending on the engine capacity. Audi A4 comes with prices starting from Rs 29 lakh.

Audi Q7
It is the largest vehicle in the Audi model range. The Audi Q7 is a large luxury vehicle with all the quality and opulence that buyers have come to expect from the manufacturer. The plush interiors and high quality craftsmanship present a sophisticated vehicle. An array of luxury features like the seven person seating capacity with ample legroom, eight airbags, voice activated navigation system, adaptive xenon headlamps, adaptive cruise control, and a panoramic sunroof. Despite its big size, the Q7 offers excellent handling in corners, great traction on all terrain and an all wheel drive system enhances driving pleasure. Audi Q7 was the first in the Q series of vehicles from the marquee. Q7 was introduced at the January 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. The prices of Audi Q7 start from Rs 53.40 Lakh.

Audi TT
It is the sportiest of the car from Audi range. It was one of the most dramatic car to come out in the late 90s. Though Audi TT is called a sports car, but it is not quite sport coupe
or a roadster, but in essence it is a front wheel drive two seat GT. Audi TT is named after Tourist Trophy motorsports held in UK. The symmetrical styled aerodynamics design enhance high-speed performance. The 3.2litre V6 engine generates a massive 250 bhp of power and 320Nm of torque. It could be among the few all wheel drive performance cars. The 3.2 Quattro delivers more punch to the drive on a straight road as it comes with an aggressive engine and exhaust sound. The dual circuit brake system with diagonal split, hydraulic brake assist and ventilated disc brakes on all wheels provide hardbraking at top speeds. Audi TT is one of the few luxury sports cars of the world, where the owner gets to savour opulence while enjoying a sporty drive. Audi TT comes at Rs Rs 55 lakh onwards.

Audi R8
Audi R8 is a legend in motorsports. It is among the few motorsports car which have been adapted as production models. It is one of the high performance Audis ever made. Audi R8 is an attempt to take on the exotic cars of the world. It is also the first mid-engine car offered by the brand. The R8 is the culmination of Audi racing history. The R8 is followed by R10 which was unveiled during the 100 years celebrations. The Audi R8 has won several motors sports events including the 24hours Le Man races. Much is its space frame is similar to Lamborghini Gallardo. It won the world car of the year for 2008. It is one of the rare breed of exotic cars that can be driven on race circuits as well as business. The engine belts out 420 bhp of power and the slick "R Tronic" sequential-shifting manual transmission with an automatic mode offers drivers an exhilarating drive. Owing to its excellent motorsports history, Audi R8 comes with a price of Rs 1.13 Crores.

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2009 Honda S2000 Road Test: a True Sports Car for the Driving Purist

The best definition of a real sports car came from the late John Timanus, a successful racer in the '50s and '60s and long-time technical director of the Sports Car Club of America: "A sports car is a four-wheeled motorcycle." That's the Honda S2000.

As with a motorcycle, a real sports car makes the driver feel as if he is the car: Superman, cape flapping in the breeze. Like a motorcycle, a real sports car needs a skilled pilot for top performance. A real sports car is light: The S2000's curb weight is almost 900 pounds less than that of a Sprint Cup racer. A real sports car has a manual transmission. A convertible top, while not crucial, earns extra points. A real sports car doesn't necessarily have the most horsepower: A well-driven real sports car can be quicker up a mountain road than a pretender driven by one who believes bigger and more makes up for ineptness. The S2000 exceeds all the expectations of a real sports car. And one more: A real sports car allows you to imagine you're driving a real racecar.

Long ago, I tested Comptech Racing's Reynard 95I-Honda Indy car. Driving the 2009 S2000 put me back in that carbon-fiber tub. The S2000's digital dash is a near copy of that racer's. The driver's compartment of an S2000 is tight. You needn't be as short or trim as an Indy car driver, though the big of butt will find the S2000 cramped. Like an Indy car, an S2000 requires skilled foot coordination to get it in motion from rest. Stalls are inevitable.

Like an Indy car, the S2000's 237-horsepower 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine doesn't make a lot of torque at low engine speeds and doesn't reach its peak of 162 pound-feet until 6,800 rpm. Once either the Indy car or the S2000 smells the sweet spot of the torque band, their engines begin revving like crazy. At maximum acceleration, there's little point in putting your right hand back on the steering wheel between shifts of the S2000's six-speed transmission.

On dry public roads, it's difficult to get the S2000's sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE050s anywhere close to their limit. But a light rain prompted me to relive my Indy car experience. Like a knucklehead, I switched off the S2000's stability control and launched from a stop at an assertive 4,000 rpm. There was only a hint of wheelspin as the digital lines of the tachometer raced across the top of the dash. As the tach line turned red I pulled back on the precise, short-throw shifter without lifting fully off the gas. The rear tires lit up exactly like those on the Reynard-Honda when I was rough on the throttle. Fortunately, the S2000's Torsen limited-slip differential helped prevent the rear from stepping out.

I repeated this on the two-three upshift and was rewarded with a bit more wheelspin. The S2000 then told me the same thing as the CART car: "Be more gentle or you're going to make a fool of yourself." Having matured slightly over 14 years, I figured I didn't need to run the S2000 to the redline in third. In the rain. On a public road. Instead, I entered the upcoming off-camber left-hander a hair faster than was prudent. Okay, fast enough to earn chrome wrist jewelry from the police, and was rewarded by a slight and easily catchable tail slide. When the rear settled down, it required every bit of my scarce willpower to keep from going back to wide-open throttle. Old habits die hard.

The first edition of the S2000 appeared in 1999 as a 2000 model. Its 2.0-liter engine suffered from an overly high torque peak. To get maximum drag-race-style acceleration required a drag-car style launch. The driver held the gas and clutch pedals to the floor and, with the engine bouncing against its 9,000-rpm rev limiter, sidestepped the clutch. That early S2000 would then spin its tires about a rotation and a half until the engine bogged below the torque peak. Then it came to life. It wasn't easy on the equipment, but to quote the philosopher Tina Turner, we never ever do nothing nice and easy...we always do it nice and rough. With the new 2.2-liter engine, a best-time launch is accomplished at a more reasonable 4,500 rpm or so.

The S2000 is a spectacular—and real—sports car that would have been a cult legend had it appeared in 1969 or 1979 or even 1989. Unfortunately for it, the S2000 debuted when we were infatuated with three-ton station wagon (also known as SUVs). Still, this is a real sports car.

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Convertible Cars – The Top Models

Convertible cars are types of vehicles in which their roof can be retracted. They are called convertibles as they can convert from enclosed to open-air vehicles. These cars are associated with high speed and luxury. They are popular among film, music and sport stars as well as with young, wealthy businessmen who enjoy fast driving. Nowadays there are many makes and models of convertible cars for sale.

BMW 3 Series Convertible
One of the top models of convertible cars is BMW 3 Series Convertible. They are classified as sport cars and have been produced since 1986. This model has powerful but at the same time small engine, improved suspension and aggressive aerodynamics. The model has already won many prestigious awards. It is a high-performance and reliable car with good fuel economy. The other merits are: comfort, excellent handling, high quality of ride and luxurious interior. Nevertheless, these convertible cars are expensive due to their luxury – most of the models cost about $60,000. The other drawback are: complicated controls, tight and a little uncomfortable backseat and a small trunk. Therefore, this car is not practical for long journeys that require loads of baggage.

Volvo C70
Another model that has good reviews is Volvo C 70. It has been manufactured by Italian Pininfarina S.p.A since 1997. In fact, there are two generations of this convertible car: the first generation was produced between 1997 and 2005; the second one has been manufactured since 2006. The new model has more advanced features and better safety equipment. Volvo C70 is more a family car than a sports car. Among its advantages we must mention nice styling, comfort, nice interior, good safety equipment and good crash test results. However, this model has worse performance and handling than the previously described BMW model. What is more, the car has „numb” electric steering; many people also complain about its small and tight backseats. Similarly to the BMW 3 convertible, the Volvo model has a small trunk. The good thing is that they are slightly cheaper than the BMW – the estimated price is about $40,000.

Volkswagen Eos
Volkswagen Eos is one of the newest models of convertibles manufactured since 2006. It was designed by a Slovenian - Robert Lesnik. The model seems to be more a cruiser than a sports or family car. The name Eos comes from the name of Greek goddess of wind and dawn. The interesting thing is that the model is equipped with all-new body panels and glass sunroof. The car is supposed to be well-balanced, responsive and has good handling as well as solid construction. The turbo and four-cylinder engine is economical. Moreover, similarly to the previous models, it has a nice interior. These convertible cars for sale are available from $29,000 to $38,000 what makes them the cheapest of the described vehicles.

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MG Sport Car

MG is a British company that was founded in 1924, according to the company itself, although references to MG appeared in an Oxford Newspaper in late 1923. MG originally stood for Morris Garages, which was a dealer of Morris cars in Oxford. Morris Garages began producing customized vehicles based on the designs of its sales manager, Cecil Kimber. Best known for its sporty two seater; MG also produced coupes and saloons.

The first cars built by MG were reworked Morris models built on premises in Oxford. Demand soon dictated a move to a larger facility in Bainton Road in 1925, and a further expansion in 1927 to a separate factory on Edmund Road, Cowley, Oxford. This move enabled Morris to begin a production line.

Originally owned by William Morris, the company was sold to Morris Motors in 1935. MG was later absorbed by the British Motor Corporation in 1952 and later by British Leyland in 1968. During hard times in the 70's, the factory shut down and all production continued at the Longbridge plant after MG became part of the MG Rover Group in Longbridge, Birmingham.

The earliest models for MG consisted of a new body over a Morris Oxford chassis. The first car that could be considered a new MG and not a modified Morris was the 18/80. This was in 1928 and is the first MG to feature the trademark vertical grille. The first Midget was produced in 1929.

MG established a name for itself in the early days of international auto racing. The T-Series Midgets produced just before and after World War II were highly successful and exported worldwide. These included the MG TC, MG TD and the MG TF; all based upon the earlier MG TB designs.

The MGB was released in 1962 to satisfy demand for a more modern and comfortable sports car. The MGB was produced, with many modifications, mostly to comply with stringent American emissions standards, up until 1980. MG also began producing the MG Midget in 1961. The Midget was a slightly restyled second generation Austin-Healey Sprite. As with the MGB, the Midget design was frequently modified until the Abingdon factory closed in 1980 and the last of the range was made.

The maker of MG sport cars, Rover Group recently went into receivership. All MG car production has been suspended since 7 April 2005. In early 2006, MG brand was been purchased by a Chinese company and production is due to restart in late 2006 or early 2007, so once again, MG owners will be able to get parts for their vehicles. The company, Nanjing Automotive Company, beat out Daimler Chrysler and an acquisition group known as Project Kimber, run by David James, after the company's original sales manager. Nanjing is expected to restart production of the MG TF and ZT ranges at the beginning of 2007, but the ZR and ZS models are not likely to be produced again because of copyright issues.

Long a mainstay of the British automotive industry
, MG sport cars have been known for their reliability over the years and this should no doubt continue. 2nd hand MG sport cars are now available at bargain prices. Typically the insurance for the MGF sports car is around �350 per year for 35-year-old male, making the vehicles affordable as well. With summer on the way, this is a great time to buy a sports car. Imagine cruising around the countryside, with the top down in your very own piece of automotive history. Now is the best time to get yourself a fine piece of automotive history as well as a fun and reliable sports car.

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Jaguar XK : The English Lineage Sport Car

Previous Jaguar XK, which was produced in 1996 and terminated in June of 2005, is considered a good selling sport car in the previous time. It is quite a challenge of new XK that the design and automotive engineering must be better than the old one. New XK improves the progress in automotive engineering very much and is more than Jaguar’s expectation in the production of sport cars. It is because its development in aluminum body, transmission system, modern and luxury inner design. Debut a new Jaguar XK, which is fully improved in design, engineering, and thrust, is considered an extreme excitement.

New Jaguar XK was debuted in the beginning of 2006, and it showed the leadership of light-weighted automobile technology and still stayed beauty. A quality production of new XK will show the performance, luxury, and Jaguar design.

New XK is categorized in large-sized luxury sport car. Its market has high rate of growth and competition. During 1996-2006, sport cars market around the world has been growing over 200 percent, from 48,000 to 99,000 cars, as well as the quantity of competitors, from 4 to 7. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, there will be at least 8 competitors.

Generally, there are 2 main groups in large-sized luxury sport cars, which are Grand Tourers, high class luxury and comfortable one, and Overtly Sporty Cars, great performance and control. For XK, the significant property that draws both kinds of customers is the luxury sport cars and has great performance and control. In the past, when customers were going to buy one, they would have to consider which kind of sport cars they would really want, between luxury and comfortable or a great control.

New XK can interest customers who want a luxury car. That means they are looking for Grand Tourers that indicates wealth and extra but still sport, or in other words, luxury in sport style.

New XK has an incredible appearance which shows Jaguar-ness and high performance. Furthermore, customers will see the inner design which is very well-blended. Everything will focus on the driver. For instance, high quality materials, color tone, and many technologies play a part in comforting the drivers which makes the cars their highest performance.

The modern technology will help produce customers’ driving experience
and get their hearts. For example, an automatic reverse variation speed controlling and touch screen display in center console. We can say that new XK is the best sport car that can very well satisfy the customers in both sport style and luxury.

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