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Mercedes-Benz BlueZero

Five seats, Class-B size of the characters from the Mercedes-Benz plans to create a fully electric vehicle (EV) in the production of 2012-2013 biennium. The company is in a class before the car in 2010, but BlueZero a name for the new EV the whole area.

Design Gorden Wagener boss said that he wants "a new face for the Mercedes of electric vehicles" and "closed mouth" front grille in part because "Electric cars do not need a lot of air." The concept, therefore, clearly BlueZero PC most of the traditional three-star signs with the body color of the grid in accordance with section and the grooves on both sides of the plate with light-emitting diodes, pulse, to show that the electric car is a unique individual. Grilling, even a little earlier in the eye, so Wagener, a former Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.

Nature has been a great influence on the outside and smooth communication between lightweight design and aerodynamics. Two strong indicators that are at sea BlueZero rear-wheel drive, and refers to the clear Lexan polycarbonate rear hatch.

Inside the theme continues to see through the translucent material, has the door and instrument panels to show the air is filled with a light structure. Wagener hopes that the development of the acquisition of young consumers to the brand, and especially recommended. The whole package - inside and outside - a far cry from Mercedes current output, but most of the functions of production, in which it was enough to leave the traditional conservative brand.

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Audi Sportback

On the basis of a new generation platform A6, the 2009 Audi Sportback concept conceptual - but leery of production is possible - the answer to the Mercedes CLS, which measures long, 4.95, 1.93 and 1.4 of a million. Surprisingly, however, the coupe profile is used strictly five door hatch in the four-door sedan.

Developed under the direction of Audi design chief Wolfgang Egger, sport back in 2008, the concept of A1 Sportback six-point, shield-shaped grille and the huge horizontal recording on this page, with some details, most of which, of course, the elimination of vertical bar grille. Egger, confirmed that a "new face" Audi.

German designer spoke about the impact of architecture in the design and the role that he is, "Tornado" (the low point for the front arch up to the old ones) in the creation of tension in the car round. A strong character line is also in line with other models of Audi, but the sharp reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases on the back.

At the back Sportback very wide and flat, with a U-shaped glass, like the TT coupe. The idea of thin deck spoiler and concave inside of the slope at the back also goes back to the sports car-1960's, said Egger.

The interior is not less successful, with the four dimensions of the seats, cushions and cream beautiful wooden slats on all points of contact, the driver (including the steering wheel), and a broad, shallow center console, under the floorboards. Unfortunately, padded seats, and not so little from the tree further weaken a coherent and attractive design of a luxury coupe.

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Cadillac approach converges

Cadillac converges concept was a surprise addition to the new car unveilings GM. Developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Britain under the leadership of Simon Cox, the angle of aesthetics adorns a foreign vehicle smaller CTS Coupe concept is seen in Detroit last year, with a slope of proposals, accidents Beltline expressed his shoulder, and type 2 2 Attributes very dynamic.

Robin war for lead designer said EUR perfected the concept of how the structure of language and concepts Sixteen hundred by introducing softer aesthetic, no less elegant and luxurious. "This relationship is something new Cadillac. Cadillac always car back", Kreiger said: "The problem with this car is not something that looks like a car, because the economy is not something that is associated with luxury." Appearance Manager Brian Smith told us how the grid has been amended to include a final drag undiluted Cadillac personality.

Interior Philosophy, Ben Walsh and David Leary and supervision of the Director of Interior Design, Jeff Perkins, was the creation of a technologically advanced and richly appointed cabin. Center stack contains a transparent relationship enabled HMI and rivers for the period of investigation, and the battery is considered the center console stresses futuristic electricity. The essence of the brand exterior established during the implementation of "eco-aesthetic" aspect of this material.

"Some customers want eco invisible, some want to acknowledge it as a kind of mobile billboards, Perkins said," For a car of this class, you must be authentic materials: metal, leather, something like that. "Ultimately, the balance between the environment through the sustainable and renewable materials, as well as the quintessential luxury materials buyer in the premium segment. The investigation period is the highest synthetic leather and brightwork is aluminum, not metal. Upholstery is made from compressed recycled wood and wool carpet.

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Aprilia Mana X Concept

Who will buy all these bikes?
Here's the issue, the product planners and marketing personnel for each motorcycle factory in the world were asked to themselves, as unit sales, especially in large streetbikes, began to decline in 2007. While the proximate cause of the deceleration is evident, as the global economy lurches to a standstill, even in the best of times, sales of immersion. This motorcycle buyers are older, and fewer young riders take their seats. One solution is to ride bikes easier to aging consumers, therefore, burst trikes, scooters, and a large, powerful standards of another is to try to blow bold vision Wu young hipsters.

Aprilia tried both times in Milan this year with their Mana X concept. Based on the 850 Mana, it was at 90 °, 850cc V-Twin for a pair of super size CVT transmission. He keeps in Mana шпалери frame, but with a new internal braced swingarm. Wheels are laced seats in the rear get 180/70-16 Dunlop D427 is designed for Harley in FXDF Fat Bob! Braking is a wave-style rotors and Brembo type radial calipers at Mount Man, and Shiver Dorsoduro. The rear shock and muffler are slung below a la Buell. Styling is minimal, and chic, with more than a passing nod to American street trackers. This spare, aggressive styling and should expect from Aprilia design studio in Noale; he spearheaded Miguel Galluzzi, who developed the first Ducati Monster in 1992. "All that you need, how big, friendly Argentine cited by Ducati history website, is a saddle, tank, engine, two wheels and steering wheel."

Mana X is ready to bike, but do not have to wait in line at your Aprilia dealer just yet. This concept, designed to offer "a clear vision for the future" in the Mana family. The full line of CVT-equipped motorcycle? Perhaps not that MD readers are asked, but it may be one way of growing sales of large Aprilia bikes.

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Designer Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 to retire

2008 will mark an end to the career of one of the greatest designers motorycling when the resignation of the head of Massimo Tamburini MV Agusta in the engineering and design center, the Center Ricerche Cagiva (CPC) on December 31.

Tamburini career spans four decades. In 1973, he became one of the founders of Bimota and gained a reputation for creating motorcycles that were over-handling and faster than the Japanese cars, which were stored engines transplanted in its innovative, lightweight case. Cagiva Group hired him in 1985 at the head of the child, when he eventually created the legendary models as the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4. Many observers believe industrial 916 most beautiful production motorcycle ever.

Given the time your ads, there is speculation Tamburini that retires with a motorcycle because of the Harley-Davidson in recent acquisition of MV Agusta. Further fueling speculation is Tamburini plan "to develop interests outside the area of the motorcycle in accordance with the MV Agusta press release published below. Tamburini of incomparable design skills will certainly be missed in the MoU.

Here's a press release:

Varese, Italy, December 3, 2008 - MV Agusta today announced that design chief Massimo Tamburini will retire from the company, effective December 31, 2008. Tamburini was Cagiva since early 1985 and headed the activities of MV Agusta in the engineering and design center, the Center Ricerche Cagiva, in San Marino for more than 13 years, where he and the staff developed what is widely regarded as a world-class premium , high performance sports motorcycles, including the legendary F4.

"I have devoted much of his career in the motorcycle Cagiva and MV Agusta, and I am immensely proud of beautiful and exciting motorcycles, we have created," said Tamburini. "Although my decision to resign had been very difficult to do, I am confident, highly talented designers and engineers, in San Marino will continue the tradition of excellence that is a feature of MV Agusta. I have the honor to realize so many during my dreams years Cagiva and MV Agusta, and hope that more great things yet to come from the company, "said Tamburini. Tamburini plans to continue to develop interests outside the field of motorcycle and spend more time on other outside interests.

"Massimo Tamburini is one of the legends of the motorcycle industry and leaves a great legacy in MV Agusta", said Claudio Castiglioni, MV Agusta chairman and director of motorcycle research and development. "Perhaps he has built on the MV Agusta design center and its great legacy and vision will now be transferred to the team he assembled and trained for many years.

While we will miss his presence, we respect his decision to resign and I wish him all the best in the future, "said Castiglioni.

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Kymco show New American market Sportbike Scooter and the Long Beach Motorcycle Show

Kymco Motors, known for their comprehensive range of scooters, presented its second motorcycle in the U.S. market in Long Beach Motorcycle Show on December 5. 150 Quannon aggressive style sportbike with four-valve, 149cc Single producers claimed 14 horsepower. It weighs at least 299 pounds said.

I had the opportunity to brief ride a bike this spring of this year, and I was impressed, if not for the wind. This spacious and comfortable bike that is very easy to go from a low seat (it measures 31.5 inches, but feels less because it is very narrow) and a very light feel. I rode 125cc version of the popular sizes for licensing in other markets and in its view, slowly, about the same as 50cc two stroke sportbike as Aprilia RS50 or Derbi GPR50. But I could wind it down to about 60 miles / h (shown), which means that more than enough for riding around town. Brakes and suspension were on the task as well, and if you would expect from the steering responsive lightweight motorcycle with a 53.3-inch wheelbase, you will not be disappointed. With all the major hardware (disc brakes, 17-inch wheels, four-valve engine and a solid frame) standard, it could become a big deal in the mini roadracing. It is listed as a 2010 model, and there was still no word on when it will be available, but the MSRP is set at $ 3449. Too bad he has not received the liquid-cooled engine 250 (or even a liquid-cooled 175, see below) - it will sell most Kawasaki Ninja 250R-something to fear.

I was riding a scooter Kymco presented, 2010 Yager 200i. He mixes ultramodern styling with fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 175cc Single, double disc brakes and 3-gallon gas tank. I must go from Kymco U.S. headquarters in Spartanburg, SC to run the instructions about 15 kilometers, all on fast-moving interstate. Yager 800i is more than up to the task, he has risen to nearly 75 miles / h said, and will actually hit on the limiter on the downhill section (Kymco told me that they would adjust the transmission). Despite the smaller wheels (13-inch front and 12-inch rear), it was very stable at high speeds, but guided scooter as: fast. I was very impressed with him, and for $ 3499, I think that this transaction.

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Not all of us can ride bikes and get paid to do so (sorry), and Ways to pursue your passion professionally. One that looks intriguing, if not particularly profitable is Zingo, a designated driver service, which uses a folding motorcycle and large, are not emerging riders.

This service is currently franchised in 11 U.S. cities, is simple. If you're too drunk to drive home (or someone you want to drive your car for some other reason), you can call them, and in 30-40 minutes, the rider will be at your place at the ridiculously tiny scooter, which he would roll up (less than than 5 seconds), put in a bag and then stored in the trunk. After he drives you home (rates vary according to the city, but usually run about $ 30-40), it extracts from a scooter, developed and is on its way to the next pickup. You are then free to shatayutsya to bed with nothing more to worry about than the hangover is much preferable to waking up in a county jail cell is surrounded by new friends.

Excellent idea, but it is surprising that just started service in the U.S. in 2005. Di Blasi R7E foldable scooter is, after all, it was on the market since 1979. This is a very intelligent, which locks and unlocks only two snaps, which makes it very easy to stow or deploy. (You can watch a film about that here.) After the fold, only 31 "x 15" x 24 ", and can easily fit even a compact car trunk. In R7E designed to be stacked on the plane (he even has been used by helicopter in the Italian National Police), so that the automatic shutoff of fuel keeps the gas from dripping from a tank. The engine is simple 49.9cc two stroke was designed and built Di Blasi (former Italian Air Force pilot and engineer, who therorized Wankel rotary engine in 1942) that good for about two horsepower. This is enough to push the 65-pound scooter up to 30 miles / h. CVT receives power to the rear wheels.

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2008 Vespa GTV 250: COB Ride review

By Dirck Edge
Just a few months ago, before gas prices made a U-turn, the American press can not say enough about the scooters. Among other brands, Vespa has been identified as a Euro-Cool scooter to see, and will be considered further. 50, 60, 70 and even 80 miles per gallon of gasoline to give us a reason to go and buy something fun and new.

Since we occasionally test a large displacement scooters here at MD, we asked to try one of the Vespa models 244 CC, 250 GTV. At $ 6899, GTV 250 is so far the most expensive scooter Vespa, sold in the United States. In addition to the large displacement engine can be obtained Vespa in this country (the same engine in a less expensive GTS 250), GTV especially on luxury leather saddle, front and rear disc brakes, a cool retro styling (including a wing installed lamps and retro instrument gauge) Standard chrome luggage rack, fuel injection and liquid cooling. Vespa claims a maximum speed of 76 miles / h and fuel consumption of 65 to 70 miles per gallon. Our tests yielded 62 MPG.

At the said 322 pounds, 250 GTV is not easy. Nevertheless, it takes away alive, and has no problems with the handling of traffic nimbly city, and even aggressively, if you choose. First, GTV felt somewhat unstable at higher speeds, but a simple setting for the dual rear shock absorber allowed this convincingly editor size chassis balance is better

Riding Vespa, a scooter or other small, not riding, as one of the mega-scooters (such as Suzuki Bergman 650). Your upper body is much more susceptible to wind and the car in general, has a simple, toy-type relationship.

In the small 12-inch wheels on the Vespa, braking and cornering you need a little more than to be measured on a scooter with a 14 inch or 15 inch wheels. Nevertheless, the disc brakes on the 250 GTV proved adequate, if not confidence inspiring. In the processing department, it tends to "dart" more than "flow", and this just might be suited to its primary goal of urban traffic negotiations.

When I returned to the car to the press, on the other hand, Los Angeles, I drove it almost flat on the highway about 100 miles. Top speed, as already noted, ranged from 75 to 85 miles / hour, depending on wind direction and inclination. Stability is adequate, if not quite at the level of a full size motorcycle or scooter wheels. This is not a highway touring machine, but it provides adequate power and stability to use the freeway in a relatively short hop - to make it more flexible than many other small scooters.

Styling is always subjective, but we thought the bike looked very cool. You do not see leather saddle very often, especially in dark brown, and the rest of the bike is not yet certain retro appeal and modern simplicity.

If you're looking for something more of the ordinary here in the U.S., and enjoy authentic Italian styling, Vespa GTV 250 can be your scooter. A less expensive model of 244 CC, 250 GTS, retails for $ 5999 and offers the same performance (without laying some elements). Take a look at the Vespa website for further information and specifications.

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Kawasaki ZRX1200 DAEG: Thoroughly Modern UJM

By Dirck Edge
When Kawasaki ZRX1200R submitted to the U.S. market several years ago, she was very popular with the average age of riders looking for a bike with traditional styling and modern works. Apparently, Kawasaki, I do not think that the American market in need of a bicycle, as at this time, but since he has just introduced a modified ZRX, known as the ZRX1200 DAEG exclusively for the Japanese market.

Despite the fact that the styling is similar, the new ZRX has significant changes in the U.S. TRIM (Japan horsepower restrictions), will ensure growth in productivity, not only from the engine, but also from the brake system and chassis. The new bike finally gets fuel injection, as well as the port and the work of the valve in the engine department, a new exhaust system and a six-speed gearbox (an old bike, it was five-speed). New Tokico brakes consist of a four-piston calipers squeezing a pair of petal-shaped front rotors measuring 310mm and one piston/250mm rotor combo in the back. Steering geometry has changed, and revised suspension settings front and rear. The rear shocks are new, and established in different corners. They have two stages of the sources. Swingarm looks like one found on the old model, but also new.

The body has been slightly modified (obvious to discerning eyes), and new tools. Personally, Kawasaki, we would like to bring the bike in the USA. We were very pleased with the original ZRX1200, and love to sample this new machine.

Latest Auto Trend Below:

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2009 Harley Davidson XR1200: First Ride

By Dirck Edge
Imagine a new Chevrolet Corvette released only in Europe. How about that trip to Mexico to get a piece of apple pie?

When Harley-Davidson introduced the XR1200 in Europe eight months ago and made it known that the bike will not be sold in the United States, was much more than the disappointment expressed by Harley faithful. This bike is not only in its design inspired by American dirt racing track, for many older Harley enthusiasts, it represents the ultimate Sportster. Perhaps this is a bicycle, they have always dreamed of owning or building with his two hands (as Erik Buell, in his garage years ago). No, there were more than disappointing, the outrage. And believe me when I tell you that Harley-Davidson managers have heard it ... loud and clear!

HD responded quickly, and we now XR1200 available here in the U.S. The availability will be limited, as discussed in our article on 24 November. HD invited us in San Diego, California in the sample XR1200 all of droning in tight twisties Freeway in this area (Palomar Mountain Road).

This XR1200, as indicated above, based on the legendary XR750 dirt track racer. XR750 is a pilot of many American Champions, including nine times Grand National Champion Scott Parker, who joined us on our ride. Not surprisingly, the XR1200 was designed to be simple and straightforward as a bicycle race ... section is unnecessary for the performance and the appointment of a bike in the street.

It is a huge piece of metal brazenly sat in the familiar 1200cc V-Twin, massage and refined over the years (decades even), and no less than Erik Buell himself. At this time, the engine is able to adjust for XR1200 with 10:1 compression and 7000 on. / Min Redline! High Performance Cams and well-oil cooler (to the air-cooled), the team injected fuel, and "free" air filter element to submit "XR1200 worthy" of power.

Further options for a relatively old power plants are interesting, but this motorcycle is really about the chassis. In short, Harley XR1200 engineers wanted to handle as any street legal Harley Davidson is all. The importance of this goal hinted at his wide-ranging discussion of lean angle (39 ° 40 ° right and left) during the presentation of the text before our ride.

A frame is only slightly different from the standard Sportster frame, but povesheniyu is entirely new, hollow-cast aluminum swingarm, which is 40% as compared to rigid steel item at a regular Sportster, as well as 3.3 pounds lighter. In front is a solid pair of 43 mm Showa inverted fork and preload adjustable shocks sit out back.

In order to clear the classical style gas tank, Harley-Davidson had to use the "Split-rail fork offset", where the rake of the fork is about 1 ½ ° less than the rake of the steering head itself. The high quality of Nissin four-piston calipers grip dual front disc brakes, and that the braking power is transmitted through the light cast aluminum wheels (including 18-inch front) and XR1200 specific sports Dunlop Qualifier tires.

As advertised on the Harley, I discovered ergonomics XR1200 somewhat like a modern naked, with just below the seat, and pegs a bit higher (to preserve meat that corner). The place has proved a solid and comfortable for 150 miles or so, I drove a big XR.

After too long highway trips (where we were fighting side significant winds), we have made some twisty roads, where we could begin to model XR-processing prowess. Unfortunately, I soon realized that a preliminary adjustment of the shock, I was riding was set up for someone 50 pounds lighter, and I fought until the end of corners without running the world, and generally lacks confidence in front of the contact patch. Do not worry, I thought I'll just HD technicians Bump My tentative at the next stop.

Unfortunately, despite the presence of tens or so Harley-Davidson engineers and technicians, none of the key wrench! I found it after the chassis engineer told me at lunch that I needed at least "two clicks" on each of the preliminary shock balance bike for my weight. So, I soldiered through the first half of the day, which way to get even twistier, interestingly, that XR1200 were indeed provide office processing.

In the afternoon photo stop, I happened to mention my heavy for Scott Parker. I should have known that the guy who spent most of his life, racing, and sometimes painful to XRs may be quick fix for me. With portable pliers borrowed from another journalist, Parker began to spin every spring the shock of the hand in such a way as to remove all spring tension on the bottom of the shock, and then he asked me to "pre-What do you want?" Problem solved. I was finally an opportunity to sample the star turns habits that machine, and it came courtesy of some settings, the suspension applies veteran dirt track ... The most decorated veterans of these wars.

This is a 1200cc V-twin does its job well. Sending a little bit more reluctant, but horsepower does not begin to rip the hand from the shoulder sockets, but the spread of power is broad, and it will be the road you live to enjoy what XR is about ... all Sidecut.

Unregulated plug dove on the corner of the recording a little more than I would, but it works well. Diastolic pressure, adjusted for the rear shock bike is well balanced, but it seems to rebound a bit fast.

XR1200 likes to cut corners. Brakes strong and predictable, as you prepare to dive on top. After leaned over XR1200 like heat seeking missile ... He put on his line, and if you are not a problem of command, nothing prevents it. Entering the motorcycle on its side requires some effort (in the end, he weighs 580 pounds claimed wet), but, nevertheless, XR1200 very willing and able partners in the twisty roads.

Like Scott Parker, under the leadership of the group slowly gapped me on the twisty road, I was familiar with (and they were not), I began to understand what this new XR1200 is all about. This is not a bicycle, if you're looking for the latest and great engine technology and straight-line performance. This eventually Harley-Davidson Sportster, with performance and reliability is unknown guys who belong Sportster decades ago. The guys who dreamed of (as Erik Buell) that the Sportster may be or may become. It is a dream finally a reality, the plant reliability and guarantee the plant ... and parked in your driveway, it will look very bad, that ass in orange pearl paint job ... sort of like a Scotty Parker in the race bikes. Some of our readers (you know who you are) absolutely necessary to have this bike.

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E.V.A. Track Turbo Diesel Adventure Tourer

By Gabe ETS-Hokin
The diesel engine has come a long way since Rudolph Diesel patented it in 1894, but it is still used for many tasks, Dr. Diesel envisaged, ie applications that require maximum torque, reliability and fuel efficiency. It seems, adventure tours, motorcycle as BMW GS series, no? Until recently, diesel high weight and low horse production have limited consumer appeal.

Nevertheless, the Dutch company EVA, a builder of small diesel engines, as well as interesting, two-wheel-drive system for motorcycles, will attract such a bike on the market in Europe, and perhaps even in the U.S. this year. It's called the tracks, and it can only be a motorcycle with an apocalypse.

Track uses three 800cc-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with intercooled. This is good for the claimed 54 hp - Not much for a bike, who claimed weighs 501 pounds dry - and about 75 foot-pound. Torque on the barely-spinning 1800 on. / Min. Transmission CVT. Front suspension is a 48mm WP upside down fork (available with EVA optional hydraulic front-wheel-drive system) and monoshock bolted directly to the rear swingarm / driveshaft unit. The frame is chromoly steel tubing, with lazy 63.3-inch wheelbase.

The performance may not be suppressed, used for gas engines (EVA lists enough for maximum speed), but also for those whose definition of "adventure tour" goes beyond the satisfaction of other adventure tour on a bicycle owners Starbucks every other Saturday during the summer, the advantages of diesel should be clear. Diesel engines are reliable, easy to repair, and easy to find fuel (Track can even operate on a purely vegetable oil ... Rudolph first prototype ran on peanut oil). Fuel consumption is also impressive, since this machine weight: EVA claims about 100 miles per gallon to 55 miles / hour and sustained. With the 6-gallon tank is full, it is enough range to avoid pushing your bike, even in the remote desert. Optional two-wheel-drive system should help in the sand and dung.

According to EVA, Track will go on sale in Europe for 17,500 euros (about $ 24,000), equipped with aluminum luggage (ABS is optional). EVA site indicates units may be available in the U.S. since September, 2009.

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2009 BMW G650 GS: MD Ride Review

Barry Winfield
Dual-purpose bikes are great for most people in the real world Motosports needs. They are an easy, economical, easy to manage, and usually have enough energy to beat traffic. For beginners, adventure lovers, public transport, as well as women motorcyclists, the so-called dual-purpose motorcycle is undeniable appeal.

There is only one thing wrong with many of them, the place is too high.

Check the popular Kawasaki KLR650. The standard seat height of 35 inches. Honda XR650L in a way there is 37 inches. Hey, I'm six feet five, but my inseam only 34 inches long (yes, I Phelps body type). Long story short, in this place, far from the earth, some people have trouble getting his feet down.

This BMW has played a trump card with his first re-entry level thumper, G650 GS. It has a low level of 30.7-inch seat height can be dropped even with the special optional suspension, to 29.5 inches, for only $ 175.

This is probably enough reason to keep the model in production there, but there are other compelling reasons. BMW needs of entry-level model, F650 GS, which replace the bicycle (and took its old name) is a 800cc twin and retails for $ 8750, including freight. Its seat height is too high, at about 33.5-inches. It is obvious that with the new 800cc F650 GS range, 652cc single-cylinder model must be changed. Therefore, G650 GS moniker.

BMW told us that the F-prefix bikes are twins, and G-prefix bikes are singles. But Boxer twins have the prefix R-bikes, so we are still confused. Anyway, at $ 8165 ($ 495 including freight), re-introduced G650 BMW GS is the cheapest in the bike, but only $ 585, which makes one question why the company will go to all the difficulties the creation of Chinese-made earlier Rotax - single-cylinder engine deceive us all, the terminology changed.
There are two answers to this question. One is that the model is well sold in the last full year of production (2200 units in 2006) and the other is that now comes standard with ABS and a heated steering wheel grips. For some people, these items may cost more than the extra cylinder, another 150cc of displacement, and 32 more horsepower - especially when they arrive at the very capable little bike as G650 GS.

It can boast only a 53-horsepower, and only five-speed gearbox, a 425-pound machine perfectly calibrated fuel, powerful Brembo brakes and suspension components of a decent bit of Syowa (fork) and BOGE (drums). Therefore hoot to drive. He plods along happily at low revs, and does not require a manic engine for the brisk acceleration. He also did not produce much vibration.

The best of the bike is its chassis. It is light and maneuverable, thanks in particular to the center of gravity low held its underseat fuel tank and a relatively light engine. With a lot of leverage on the tubular bar, a small BMW can be flicked from one extreme to another, with little effort. Ground clearance is not bad, allowing a respectable amount of meat to the underside of the rider to start grinding gently against the road. Footpegs quite narrow, so the drivers' shoes are always first to touch the ground.
My biggest problem - as in height, and possibly unsuitable for the customer - is that the form scalloped place in reality does not allow much movement. Not just to keep me in a top position by focusing pressure on the small area, it was too close to the bars. I found myself really leaning back in some corners. On the long journey from the introduction of a bicycle in a Grand Del Mar resort, I have to resort to other way on horseback, which is located on the top of the passenger seat for the distribution of the burden.

It may have looked strange, but he did not feel too bad, although it did not put my head and torso up to the wind. When skudnom protection from the blast, BMW would not prefer long Freeway travel. But this mountain for a comfortable journey moderate and it is good for Canyon adventure. Even with the large number of invalid in the figure (for good drainage and gravel roads bite) GS has a very good adhesion, and sends enough of what is happening in contact patches for the rider with the confidence it is difficult to corner.

With only one front disc brake was strong enough to slow the bike, and the achievement of ABS threshold in normal operating conditions. Yes, of course, we tried it. In the end, BMW representatives have told us that the new, lightweight drive with analog operation was mounted on a friendly feel to the lever. That was true for the front brakes, which gradually switch to the ABS is activated, even though the rear brake pedal does not seem that, unlike some cars on the road, it throbbed under his feet.

It is good that the system can be switched off for off-road work, because there are cases in the mud when you want to lock the wheel. But to ride in the rain, especially here in Southern California, where rain seldom make some surprises slippery-ABS provides a welcome assurance.

Heated handle just fine. I miss him already. This is a long journey back from San Diego in my house in the South Bay has been done so much more convenient to the two positions hand warmers. One click gets captures the warm, two clicks hot enough brave the winter cold air is worse. At least here in SoCal it.

Four gallons under your seat and 60 MPG potential of black-painted Chinese Single (BMW said no significant differences in quality between this Loncin built engine and Rotax-supplied original), you can go far from the stops. So little world tour is not beyond the scope of the BMW 650. Especially after the bags for a bike fit so well and cleverly Telescope for large loads.

According to BMW, G650 GS bicycle is often bought relatively affluent new riders who are whether they want to go motorcycling. Many of them buy another BMW motorcycle for a period of 18 months. So, is that shows that the G650 GS bike is not enough, even for novice riders and entering? No, we think so little bike is working so well, and gives so much confidence in a short period of time that people who can afford it to decide to get more adventurous.

The bottom line is that the entry-level BMW is quite adequate tool for the needs of most people, until they are no more than six feet. The price may seem high in comparison with other makes, but BMW has a few high-quality components and enviable resale value. (The Kelley Blue Book offers a $ 6235, as the retail price 2006 F650 GS).

Only a few countries continue to import the one-lung 650 GS, BMW, and hopes that the market would justify this strategy. With gas prices, it is to guess whether the bike will sell significant numbers. Let's just hope he does. The world needs more bikes like this.

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Aston Martin Rapide

This is the first production version of the image coming Aston Martin Rapide, the diversion of months of his anticipated debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Rapide, set to join the ranks of an imminent and well-known sports sedans like Lamborghini Estoque and the Porsche Panamera, retains the design attributes of its precursors, and adds additional information that will trickle down to other models in the range.

The concept of proportion and dynamic indications in its characterization of Aston aesthetic: the two parts of the grille and headlamp units with built-stretched strips of LEDs. But the most unique attributes of the production design by adding bold bones line stretching from the front wing air vent to the rear doors, as well as extensive glass roof panel. At the rear, the production model is also immediately recognized his bold and focused squatting familiar taillamp design and integrated decklid spoiler.

Like the exterior, interior, is also expected to retain most of the concepts of design details, which are very close to production when we saw the car at Detroit Auto Show in January 2006. Speculations about the new car puts the power of further similarities with the concept car, which sources of food with 6.0-liter engine V12. He is expected to create 500bhp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

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Chevrolet Equinox

GM has released photos of a new generation of Chevrolet Equinox, which will make its debut at the NAIAS next week. Scheduled to hit showrooms in May, the new Equinox will use the updated platform Theta, which also underpins the GMC area.

The revised exterior design shows a firm stance and strong profile, with a reliable anchor wheelarches heavy surface volumes. On the front face of a determined definitively Chevrolet bar grille, headlights with graphic borders resemble Opel Antara.

Interior renderings show a simple and clean design, with details that, like sports and futuristic. An array of options will include the use of Bluetooth, USB port, and DVD navigation system.

Two engine choices are offered: 2.4-liter four-cylinder generating 180hp (which will power the standard model) and 3.0-liter 255hp V6.

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Zenvo ST1

The Danish company Zenvo Cars showed its first hand-built creation ST1 supercar. Powered By V8 engine - equipped with both supercharger and turbo - the production of 1104bhp and 1430Nm torque, ST1 measures 4665mm long, wide 2041mm, 1198mm high, and the wheelbase of 3055mm. It weighs at least 1376kg, thanks to the light steel frame structure clad with carbonfiber body panels.

Said that the first Danish designed supercar, ST1 in sharp aesthetic features jagged shoulder and pronounced feature of the line leading to the rear air intake. His aggressive WAN includes cellular insert into three parts headlamps, grille and fog lights diaphragm, as well as around the rear diffuser. This picture is also repeated around the taillamps.

Inside ST1 features of the seats trimmed in leather and Alcantara and documents from the Head-Up Display, and G-force meter. Interior headroom is 1002mm, front seat leg at 1104mm, and on the shoulders of 1398mm. Options include custom color and the interior fitted with a lot of baggage.

After four years, the latest development of the prototype, the company will build only 15 examples of the car, which will be sold at a specially approved customers starting this year.

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Electric Superbike Shown in Birmingham, UK Motorcycle Show

Eighty-six horsepower does not sound very impressive on the Superbike, but TTX GP founder Azhar Hussain hopes that it will change how people think about electric motorcycles. He showed it to leave TTX01 Electric Superbike in England this week, and explained that the bike is capable of 120 miles / h with the right to transfer, uses a dual 43-horsepower electric motors and Agni Lynch was built at inciting Buzz about the upcoming Maine TTXGP, first in world zero-emission motorcycle roadrace.

In addition to the wild graphics, bike (built with the old GSX-R chassis) is quite simple, but it is what is inside that is interesting. The two motors developed for aquatic vehicle applications are light, small, and work at 93% efficiency. And if 86 horsepower does not impress you, maybe 92 ft-lbs. Torque (mostly in a crack in the throttle) will. Less impressive is the battery, which weighs more than 160 pounds, but would only support TTX01 on the road speed of about 50 miles. But it's testbed for future models available in 2010, about 20,000 pounds, said Hussein, with regenerative braking, carbon fiber chassis and long-range battery that "hot-swappable" to quickly change the battery in the pit stops (or maybe your spouse may be around you with fresh batteries).

I believe that bike when I ride, but what is very likely to happen this zero-emission race TT on the island in June. This will be a circle around the famous 38-mile mountain course in each of the two classes. First class, entitled "Professional Class" will be open to electric motors, internal combustion engines using non-carbon based fuels, as well as zero-emission hybrids. In the second class, "Open", an electrician for only a bicycle and all this with the sale after the race to 20000 pounds. More than 60 groups have expressed their interest in the competition so far, according to Hussain.

This will be a new era in the two-wheeled racing? Or just advertising gimmick? It is hard to say until that happens, but a successful race could change the way we see electric vehicles in two or four wheels.

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