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Starting with the big dogs

2010 Jaguar XFR creeps up to you. You must work with one eye on the speedometer, and the examination of the perception of speed, with the reality of black, white and red. XFR is raw edges Racing sedan is a 510-horsepower supercharged BMW M5 expression bait with great finesse.

Jaguar XFR is quick, beautiful and very British challenge the hegemony of the German sport sedans that mustache quiver in Ingolstadt, Munich and Stuttgart. If the Jaguar XF sedan last year, their self-induced dream, in 2010 XFR high caffeine consumption.

In 2010 Jaguar XFR, Jaguar boys, finally, the car, Ford began promising, since the pumping money into the company in 1990. The irony is that the new owner Tata Motors get a loan.

As always, begins with the engine
It was a long time, but the new 5.0 liter V8 Jaguar finally with us. An example of supercharging the engine will follow shortly, but the supercharged version, which we have here. It can serve as the AJ-V8 III generation, but it's a new machine with only two parties with the old 4.2 liter V8. The main technologies in the R-type is the application of direct injection, variable valve timing for intake and exhaust systems, the intermediate and the last two Roots-type, double-swirl compressor.

Turbochargers have been in the news a lot lately, especially in the BMW solution for technology in their road cars, and a new generation of compressor technology has recently arrived. Jaguar is working for the throttle response, performance and packaging. Well, he AMG compressor, the use of "excessive" Jaguar "is also a key difference in comparison with their competitors in Germany. The new engine is familiar with Six-speed ZF 6HP28 automatic, although it has been uprated to cope with the additional boost.

Comments and recommendations will certainly impressive, as the Jaguar engineers to 500 hp in the belief that it is now a prerequisite for entry into the super-sedan club. To this end, the 2010 Jaguar XFR supercharged V8 5,0 L offers up to 510 hp from 6000 to 6500 rpm with 461 lb-ft of torque from 2500 to 5500 on. / Min. This compares with a very impressive Audi RS6 rating 580 hp and 479 pound-feet of torque, BMW M5 500 hp and 383 pound-feet of torque, and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 507 hp and 464 pound-feet of torque.

On the way
These figures are impressive, even in that car weighs 4169 kg. Jaguar XFR claim at 60 km / h in 4.6 seconds with a point on the way to a quarter-mile in 13.1 seconds. Speed of 50 miles / h to 70 km / h in just 1.9 seconds, top speed is electronically limited to 155 MPH. It was a terrible car, and do not have to work so as to naturally aspirated or BeeEm MERC. You do not need power, but also a huge dollops of torque of the compressor.

This is particularly the production of energy, with a beautiful box smoothly is the key to the secret XFR limousines. In addition, the engine is so quiet that you never know who is working very hard. Jaguar has eliminated everything except the bootloader to complain that the soundtrack to the old wind-blown 4.2-liter V8 and 5.0 liter V8 emits a deep, low woofle no more than moderate. And as the 2010 Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS 2009, a system for the introduction of sound in the cabin of the engine a little personality.

Nevertheless, this engine is very quiet. After all, if they were so far in the sport sedan, it deserves a little drama. 2010 Jaguar XFR is a modern machine, it sounds better than the road from the driver's seat. Jaguar may, the new version optional active exhaust system to the latest Jaguar XKR sports cars.

This sport Motorsport
There are two important new chassis type R in the designation sedan XF: Differential control of property (ADC) and adaptive dynamics. ADC simply the difference in dealing with the electronics to control the torque at each wheel, only where necessary. The difference is working in conjunction with stability, with the PS in all road conditions. This is a very effective, so that a car with smooth and clean, with substantial input control, even on a wet surface.

Meanwhile, the dynamics of change in the gas and gear, depending on how you are, but also to change the parameters continuously variable damping suspension. In other words, he recognizes that he now wants to play and quickly to more aggressive attitude cushioning. As a result, you can take advantage of the suspension of comfort, without the provision of entertainment.

Of course, this technology also for the 2010 Jaguar XFR long as raw as the BMW M5. BeeEm requires your full attention all the time. Jaguar is not the case. The trip, which is much stronger than the XF, it is pleasantly flexible. Even with 20-inch wheels and tires, fast acting Relationship Management, E-type is more difficult compared with M-car. However, this should not be confused with a lack of talent and ambition. XFR sedan is mysterious, but still able and entertaining.

You try harder, the better the response. You brake hard and deep in the corner (the first step drives currently 14.9 inches) to compensate for the initial understeer and gas, and travel time. High-speed curves, XFR start to feel lighter and smaller than it really is, through the clarity, accuracy and well-weighted steering, which is much better than the opposition. ZF six-speed automatic gearbox is also an ideal place for the V8-aluminum wheels Swifty exchange transition paddles on the steering wheel switch, and in manual mode, no changes without human intervention.

System stability control also has two modes: standard and track. In theory, this allows a little bit now, but still quite early and vigorous action. Of course, you can also completely shut down, and then Jaguar easy temptation of power slides glamorous and heroic, warm clothes to develop Jaguar driver Mike Cruz in time to perfect. Jaguar XFR is much more sensitive to taxes than the M5 and RS6. It is not a standard configuration, Jaguar, but if you want a bully, is happy to provide.

The advent of speed
XF from the very beginning as a sports sedan, but the R-type has another dose of machismo. Chrome mesh front air wings, and the new R-type normal mesh grille are the most obvious visual changes that contribute to the aggressive appearance of a new car. It will also enhance the slats at the front of the bonnet, extended rocker threshold skirts, subtle spoiler on the top deck, four exhaust tips and, of course, the big 20-inch wheels with supercharging. "This is a complete package, which is located on the right side of tasteful.

These changes are modest in the interior. You will receive a discrete "R" badge on the steering wheel and trim, a new turn in the court of aluminum, as well as sports seats, which are located in different directions 14 The only other sign is a tool that is currently being "super" and the emblem of the red needle. Jaguar XFR fund remains a pleasant place to be, but there are not too many places on the back, as you will find on the Audi RS6.

The cost of Speed
2010 Jaguar XFR in price from $ 80000, which is far from $ 52,000 for entry-level sedan XF, but also a fair way below the $ 96,000 supercharged XKR coupe. Most importantly, XFR Limousine price is $ 5500 less than the BMW M5.

As in the case of the XF sedan, the new R-type, probably not in the powers of instant recognition cars AMG, Quattro GmbH division or M, but he deserves to be the new "Jaguar" with the best. Beautiful, very quickly and massively to this situation, this car is a potential XF.

Jaguar in the final round in the game.

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Tata Nano: The cheapest car in the world

New Delhi - with a lot of show in Tata Motors, Auto Expo in New Delhi, for three hours before the performance, the boss of India's automobile industry, Ratan Tata, which is much anticipated 1-kyats ($ 2500) car Nano name.

Ratan Tata in world's cheapest car and the car people, the gateway for nano-selling in India later this year. Exports during the three years.

Nano is a rear engine rear-drive gas, 34 horsepower 623cc two aluminum cylinders. Tata Nano, said that in a standard or deluxe has achieved fuel consumption is about 50 MPG. However, only the Euro III emission standards, for up to four years for the current European regulations.

Tata said Nano, India has a full frontal crash tests and is designed to meet international offset and side impact crash tests. It has no airbags, Ratan Tata, said, however, the emphasis on markets outside India.

Cornell University trained architect himself promoted Nano, Ratan Tata has long been a car affordable Indians could trade in his bicycle from one.

"A promise is a promise, and this is what we want with you," said Ratan Tata, after the press conference.

What this means for you: you will not see the 1-kyats car in the U.S. for some time - if ever. But if you live in India, may trade in the motorcycle Nano.

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Should I worry about cheap cars?

Q: I do not want too much money on car insurance. Cheap cars than enough to cover the event in which I was involved in an accident?

: Cheap car insurance is sufficient for most minor of accidents. The biggest problem of injuries. If there are significant health damage, or if something of great importance could be damaged, it is a complicated situation.

Rather than concentrate on the cheaper product, you are looking for a policy we recommend that you have enough coverage to adequately protect their assets in the event of an accident.

The amount of coverage you need depends largely on your personal financial situation. If you have a lot of assets, will definitely want to be more cars than the minimum for your state.

In the event of an accident, often as a liability rather quickly. In this case, is liable for damages in excess of the limit. Many people think that because they have a lot of money is not important, but their wages can be attached if they are held accountable.

That said, even a car can be quite cheap for some people. The best way is to sit down and determine exactly what type of coverage you need, you will find in politics whether it is really good - no matter how cheap it is.

Finally, it is essential that the shop and several vehicles offers you receive. Many people make the mistake to the first appointment, they will be presented, and at the end of overpaying for car insurance as a result.

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How can I save money by comparing cheap cars

Question: Is there a way to compare the cheapest car, not the entire day on the phone? Thank you for your help.

: There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that offer cheap car quotes. The problem is that they are not always reliable. This is your lucky day, because even if we have a unique way to compare the car cheap.

1. Call several companies for car insurance. Get as much as possible, even if the wind on the phone all day.
2. Make sure that the actual, not estimated. Also require reporting from the price.
3. Line and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different policy areas.
4. Select the least expensive, with the greatest range.
5. Call and ask for a discount.

Also check around and see if your employer offers a discount to the company. Will spare no effort in finding discounts on the policy. In addition, to counter offer to negotiate your insurance premiums.

This is really the best way to compare car cheap. We know you want to get a quick and easy way to do this, but this is really the best way to ensure that the policy should be.

As you work on the insurance of new cars and try to save money, remember that not all suppliers of car insurance or. It is important to sit down and figure out what the coverage and price best for you, the quotes from various insurance companies for comparison.

One of the easiest ways to gain access to your car insurance, only a slight comparison. Do not be afraid to do so!

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6 simple steps to ensure the cheapest car quote

Q: I need to provide the cheapest car may not be for a small financial crisis. What advice would you give?

A: We're sorry to hear about your financial difficulties and we are doing the best we can go through all the entrances and exits to find the cheapest car for you.

Car Insurance can sometimes be difficult to treat. Here is a step-by-step instructions you through them.

1. Call your state insurance department and ask that the lighting in your state.

2. Select a few quotes. We recommend you contact at least five different companies.

3. Make sure you make the appointment, rather than evaluation.

4. Check with your employer or association, which in May.

5. You can also apply a discount if you are willing to join car insurance.

6. You can play against each other. If you say that Company B offers a discount to adapt or beaten.

Following these steps is the way to the cheapest car insurance available. We will ensure that the company has good customer service before you buy policy, but also costs a few dollars more to make sure that someone is there when you need it.

If you really want the best car for some time comparing prices of different vendors. One of the easiest ways to gain access to your car insurance only after the receipt of several proposals in the network, and then compare premiums and coverage of all sides.

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Car Loan Basics: Step-by-step guide to auto financing

Do you plan to buy a new car, but just do not have enough cash for the transaction? The budget is an acronym for the acquisition of sophisticated and modern vehicle model? Or money to buy, but it is not convenient to empty the treasury of the law, after the purchase? If you are on the positive side above questions, then, of course, is a credit to you.

Over the years many people have been in various forms and systems of credit transactions. With the introduction of Auto-loan industry serves only as an alternative to car buyers who desperately needs to buy a car, but simply not enough money to finance these measures. Due to high demand for such loans automobile loan automobile industry is the total length of the industry and develops its own.

Now, many credit card companies, the volume of automobile loans.

If you are a beginner in making auto loans, here is a simple step-by-step process, since it could also find and take a loan for you. Keep in mind that the procedure can be complicated if you decide to do it as such. At the end of this tutorial you will see that in reality, lending the production and not for too long and difficult.

1. Determine what type and model of car you want or need to buy. How do you Scout car market is recognizing the need to choose a company and a choice of car. With many complex and attractive models, you can simply too much choice.

2. After deciding which car is the eyes, it would be desirable to request the price. It would be nice if they were near the car dealers and companies to find out which of them could offer you the best deal.

3. They all did. Now is the time to drive a car loan. Again, you should do a little market research. There are many loans, car dealers in the market. Select the one most advantageous offer. Good auto loan dealer offers lower interest rates and credit terms more flexible.

4. Prepare all necessary and required documents. Your state income tax, and documents should be considered as evidence of ability to pay. Also be prepared, when the auto-loan companies, and auto check credit for you. To this end, a car loan providers have to find your credit rating. If your hard disk is a good chance that your car loan approval and interest. Otherwise, prepare to be rejected, or if they will, we hope that the interest is primary.

On the day of the transaction documents the agreement should be signed. Do not forget a copy of the insurance and car loans. Now everything is ready for your new car. Although I do not remember not to pay the monthly fee in order to avoid punishment and fines.

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Best View for Presidential limousine Cadillac

General Motors released images of the new Cadillac-based limo last week, but were of course not permitted to reveal the car's specifications. We're still in the dark on most everything about the new Presidential Limo, but new images from yesterday's inauguration reveal its true scale and capabilities. Here is best view for those President Obama Car.

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The Presidential limousine Cadillac

President Obama came to the inauguration earlier this week on a new presidential limousine Cadillac, which also noted the many signature design.

The first completely from the presidential limousine Cadillac DTS 2004, President George W. Bush, the new car is roughly the same footprint as the previous model of global and similar proportions. Dual textured gratings and vertical head and taillamps like in STS and Cadillac DTS cars, while the technologically advanced features executive saloon with a soft place to cut and sewn by hand. Embroidered presidential seal in the middle of the rear seat back, and on each rear door.

The purpose built vehicle, designed specifically for the presidential specification approved by U. S. Secret Service. The development and testing specialists, car body shielded, 8-inch thick doors, shot glass, as well as the supply of oxygen in a sealed container to protect against chemical attack. He was the subject of the audit system to ensure performance in extreme locations.

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Design of car Year Awards 2007

Car Design News Winners of the Year Car Design Awards 2007. BMW CS Concept is the first place in the concept category, while the price for the best car in the direction of production for the Fiat 500

For the third consecutive year, Design News Automotive launches online vote for the best design for the vehicle, which debuted in 2007. With more than a thousand responses, and an international readership, NSC award for designers by designers competition.

Awards went to develop a project team to win at the Geneva Motor Show on Wednesday, 5 March.

Nick Hull Director of the NSC, the award, Adrian van Hooydonk, Director Design, BMW Cars NSC director Nick Hull, an award Adrian van Hooydonk,
Director of Design BMW Automobiles
Automotive Design Year 2007 - Concept

* 1 Venue: Concept BMW CS, 4794 points
* 2 Venue: Mazda Taiki. 4495 points
* 3 Venue: Citro├źn C-Cactus. 4115 points

Prize for the best concept car shown in 2007, it was announced Concept BMW CS, with more than 51% of readers on the BMW ranking three.

The Award was presented to Adrian van Hooydonk, director of the development, BMW, BMW CS Concept concept that debuted last year in Shanghai room.

"This award means a lot for us and for the team," van Hooydonk said: "There were a lot then went into this project so very pleased with the positive reactions to the car, especially in the construction of car news.
Automotive Design Year 2007 - Production

* 1 Venue: Fiat 500, 4643 points
* 2 Venue: Maserati Gran Turismo. 4140 points
* 3 Venue: Audi A5. 3965 points

Nick Hull, Roberto Giolito, Lorenzo Ramaciotti LivingstoneFrom Sam, and from left to right: Nick Hull, EUR, Roberto Giolito, the head of development at Fiat,
Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Design Director of Fiat Group Automobiles
Sam Livingston, director of marketing EUR

What are the results of Fiat Group! For the second year in a row he won the category of car manufacturing, and this year won the first two places.

Fiat 500 was the clear winner here, with 50% of the readers, what the rating of three. As a result, Fiat is remarkable given the fact that the remaining five candidates, all Deluxe models cost much more than the baby Fiat.

Roberto Giolito, the head of development at Fiat accepted the award along with Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Design Director of Fiat Group Automobiles.

"We are very pleased to receive this award," said Ramaciotti ", the second consecutive year that the Fiat Group in the past year, the Alpha-8C at the upper end, and now Fiat 500 in the lower part of our series, and Maserati, the second this year" .
About Car Design News

Car Design News Automotive Design media with more than 100,000 readers a month, including the automotive design studio staff - more than fifty OEM design studios paying subscribers, such as Ford, Volkswagen, GM, BMW, Toyota, Porsche, PSA and Renault.

Founded in 1999, news of the car design has a unique design concept, which not only the prospects of development of road tests on the design of vehicles used in the automotive experienced designers, a unique view of the designer.

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