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Convertible Cars – The Top Models

Convertible cars are types of vehicles in which their roof can be retracted. They are called convertibles as they can convert from enclosed to open-air vehicles. These cars are associated with high speed and luxury. They are popular among film, music and sport stars as well as with young, wealthy businessmen who enjoy fast driving. Nowadays there are many makes and models of convertible cars for sale.

BMW 3 Series Convertible
One of the top models of convertible cars is BMW 3 Series Convertible. They are classified as sport cars and have been produced since 1986. This model has powerful but at the same time small engine, improved suspension and aggressive aerodynamics. The model has already won many prestigious awards. It is a high-performance and reliable car with good fuel economy. The other merits are: comfort, excellent handling, high quality of ride and luxurious interior. Nevertheless, these convertible cars are expensive due to their luxury – most of the models cost about $60,000. The other drawback are: complicated controls, tight and a little uncomfortable backseat and a small trunk. Therefore, this car is not practical for long journeys that require loads of baggage.

Volvo C70
Another model that has good reviews is Volvo C 70. It has been manufactured by Italian Pininfarina S.p.A since 1997. In fact, there are two generations of this convertible car: the first generation was produced between 1997 and 2005; the second one has been manufactured since 2006. The new model has more advanced features and better safety equipment. Volvo C70 is more a family car than a sports car. Among its advantages we must mention nice styling, comfort, nice interior, good safety equipment and good crash test results. However, this model has worse performance and handling than the previously described BMW model. What is more, the car has „numb” electric steering; many people also complain about its small and tight backseats. Similarly to the BMW 3 convertible, the Volvo model has a small trunk. The good thing is that they are slightly cheaper than the BMW – the estimated price is about $40,000.

Volkswagen Eos
Volkswagen Eos is one of the newest models of convertibles manufactured since 2006. It was designed by a Slovenian - Robert Lesnik. The model seems to be more a cruiser than a sports or family car. The name Eos comes from the name of Greek goddess of wind and dawn. The interesting thing is that the model is equipped with all-new body panels and glass sunroof. The car is supposed to be well-balanced, responsive and has good handling as well as solid construction. The turbo and four-cylinder engine is economical. Moreover, similarly to the previous models, it has a nice interior. These convertible cars for sale are available from $29,000 to $38,000 what makes them the cheapest of the described vehicles.

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