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Customer Reviews : Scooter Helmet 20Silver

Very pleased with this product; the first helmut I purchased with my new Vespa cost nearly five times what I paid for this helmut. Sizes tend to be a bit smaller so be careful when measuring for fit. If measured properly, helmut fits well and is very comfortable (amply padded); it appears no compromises have been made in spite of the competitive cost. Note: Don't forget to peel off the thin transparent film applied at the factory before using (on my first outing there appeared to be distortions in the plastic face guard which were in fact the result of the film); once corrected the view through the guard is clear and undistorted.

I received this helmet promptly after ordering. The helmet is pictured exactly as it arrived, and arrived packed well and in good condition. The helmet fits well and doesn't get heavy or uncomfortable in extended use situations. It seems to breath well and doesn't muffle sound too much. I actually like wearing it, as the solid feel of the helmet makes me feel much safer. The contruction is very solid and the padding comfortable. Great customer service as well.

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