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Mitsubishi Will Stop Eclipse Production

Auto Trend - Japanese car manufacturer, Mitsubishi is rumored to be stopped three flagship products, namely Eclipse, Endeavor, and Gallant.
Mitsubishi president, Osamu Masuko, explaining termination is part of the medium-term business plan for Mitsubishi in 2013.

"We'll replace it with a more efficient car," said Osamu. Also, the reason for cessation of production of three products for reasons none other than the sale of all three are running quite slow in America.

As reported by Insideline, new Mitsubishi will effectively eliminate all three products are all over dealers in the United States in 2013.

Mitsubishi will replace it with a global vehicle that is currently being built a prototype and is planned to be built in Illinois plant.

According to Mr. Masuko, this change will not affect sales of Mitsubishi cars in the U.S.. In fact, he predicts that sales and production quantities will be increased.

But Masuko not want to reveal sales targets. "Our sales in North America will increase, " Masuko said. "We're still going to sell a car brought in from Japan, and we also will add a global small car. " he continued.

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