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2009 Honda S2000 Road Test: a true sports car for the driving purist

The best definition of a true sports car since the late John came Timanus, successful athletes in the 50 and 60 and for a long time technical director of the sports car club of America: "A sports car is a motorcycle with four wheels." This is a Honda S2000.

As a motorcycle, sports car drivers feel as if he was on the machine: Superman, coat flapping in the wind. As a motorcycle, sports car requires a qualified pilot, to optimize performance. A true sports car light: The S2000 curb weight of approximately 900 kg less than the broker Cup Sprint. A sports car for the manual transmission. The beginning of a convertible, although not necessarily to earn extra points. A sports car, no more horsepower, but a genuine sports car can be faster Bergstra├če freedom, the largest and most critical failure to compensate. In S2000 exceeded all expectations genuine sports car. And one more: a sports car that makes you a real race.

Long time ago I tried to Comptech Racing Reynard-95I Honda Indy car. Driving in the 2009 S2000, I returned to the carbon tub. In the S2000 digital dash is almost a copy of this corridor. The driver and the S2000 is tense. We should not cut as short as one or Indy cars, in spite of the best in the butt is overcrowding S2000. Indy, like a car, one foot coordination S2000 for the rest of the movement. Contributions will be inevitable.

As Indy car, S2000-237 hp 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine does not have much torque at low speeds and has not reached its peak 162 pound-feet to about 6800. / Min. Any car or Indy S2000 sweet smell of the place of steam Banda, run the engine revving ability, like a madman. For maximum acceleration, there are many emotions that the right of the steering wheel, between the layers of the S2000 six-speed manual gearbox.

Dry in a public place, making it difficult to compare the S2000 sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE050s somewhere near the border. But little rain had led me back to my Indy car. As a knucklehead, I turned on the stability and control over the S2000 in the attack started at about 4000. / Min assertive. It was only a hint of wheelspin as digital tachometer lines at the top of the dash. As a result, the tachometer red line I drew on the precise, short throw change completely withdraw gas. Rear tire burning as Reynard-Honda, if it is rough on the accelerator. Fortunately, S2000 Torsen limited slip helped prevent the spread back.

I repeated this in the next two or three upshift and a little more wheelspin. In S2000 and then told me, as a CART car: "Be more gentle, or you are a fool." In effect, after a little over 14 years, I thought it was not necessary to work with the S2000 with Redline in third countries. In the rain. In public. Instead, I went to a few off-the rise of left-handed hair faster than caution. Well, fast enough for the doll jewelry chromium by the police, and was defeated by a small and easily catchable tail slide. If the return set, you'll need every bit my desire not to open. Old habits die hard.

The first edition appeared in 1999, S2000 than 2000 models. At the 2.0-liter engine was suffering from a high maximum torque. In order to maximize drag-race style of acceleration necessary to pull the auto-start in style. The driver kept the accelerator and clutch to the ground, and jump to the 9000 engine rpm limiter, sidestepped the clutch. S2000, that sooner then rotate the tire and a half turn until the engine stalled at the maximum torque. Then he came to life. It was not easy on your computer, just to quote the philosopher Tina Turner, which is nothing nice and easy ... It is always nice and hard. With the new 2.2 liter engine, the best time to adapt to a more reasonable 4500 rpm or so.

In the S2000 is very true sports car that would be a cult legend that in 1969 or 1979 or even 1989th Unfortunately for him, when we love S2000 truck with three tons (also known as off-road). Nevertheless, this is a genuine sports car.

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