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New Toyota Scion Xp

Toyota Scion line was a success and continued growth of Toyota plans to produce a new car called Scion XP - the letter "P" for the collection, of course! And, as with all Scion products, the vehicle will appeal to generation Y has an unknown number in the search for the hip, urban vehicle.

In Scion truck is not a function of the level of costs and the collection is the idea of automated backup. XP sports numerous trendy and urban styles as their Scion, as well as some new features, and the front edge. Some of these features include jazz, which is a back door on the 2-position, the rear speakers developed, and drink cooler in the rear center console. Examples of sketches for cars, "Urban-esque" style van with aggressive characteristics, body low-and high-profile, and even a hood scoop. The engine is a conservative specification for trucks - to 161-liter, 2.4-cylinder under the hood, good fuel for entry-level collection.

After MSRP starting price of XP, is estimated at about $ 12000, which is quite cheap for features, options and style sports coupe. Most researchers are XP should be fairly well in the primary level in the catchment area, as the only real competitor is the Ford Ranger - a small truck, which has not yet been improving for several years. Another advantage is that Toyota after hook young buyers with XP, you can go to his "mature" Toyota Tundra. This could allow a long, satisfied customers.

In Scion XP aside, in 2010. It can not be a shock to me when a car outsold Ford Ranger, Toyota, as well as to further increase the market-wide "Big 3" rivals. The ravages of time will tell, and soon the customer response has been developed after the brand in 2010.

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