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Beijing Auto Show Second Asian Automotive Industrial Strength

Besides Japan, the power of the world automotive industry increased by one again in Asia, namely China. Most populous country in the world was able to turn the view into their world car manufacturer. This is evidenced by the Beijing Auto Show (BAS), which opened 23 April and then for a journalist. While for general beginning April 27 to May 2, 2010.

Event BAS almost followed the principals of the world's cars in the capital Affairs tumplek the Bamboo Curtain. Today, (25 quarters), the exhibition dedicated to the merchants.

Some local manufacturers of China, with the help of foreign partners continue to enhance the ability to produce cars. Call it a few brands that have merged in China, among others, Volkswagen (VOWG), General Motors (GM.UL), and Hyundai Motor became the best-selling domestic car market.

By strengthening the quality and more competitive prices, local manufacturers will one day be in direct competition not only in their countries, but in the global market. "I do not doubt it. It may take time. But if you look at the exhibition, much progress has happened," said Nissan Motor CEO Carlos Ghosn, as reported by reuters (24/04/2010).

Some local brands of China, slowly began to establish credibility. They will be able to have new technologies such as Geely Automobile made in acquiring Volvo Cars from Ford Motor Company.

Mitsubishi Motors President Osamu Masuko agree with the remarks Ghosn. Osamu admitted recently carried out tests on one of the products BYD F6 sedan, and was impressed from the product.

"For new companies entered the auto industry a few years, this amazing product. And they continue with the development of the model. One day later, China's brands would become fierce competitors," said Osamu.

Likewise, Head of Research and Development, Toyota Motor Corp. also said Takeshi Uchiyamada, seen a lot of growth happening in both interior and exterior products that are on exhibit.

"It's just a model to show, so I still do not know what it's like driving in real life. But, the view is much improved from before," said Takeshi.

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