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Come on, Come Contests from Audi Iron Man 2

After officially became an icon latest movie Iron Man 2, Audi continued to prepare the promo. This German brand launched the "The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge," a social networking site contest with the theme of "better living through technology".

Thus, participants had to express original ideas in any form, by reference to a duration of two minutes of video previously downloaded from the Audi. The idea is then to be passed to social networking sites like Facebook, Twiter, MySpace, and other members of his friend and then comment.

The more comments, the chance to win is greater. Audi did not explain the details related to the assessment that would serve as the reference. The main prize being offered at U.S. $ 15,000 (Rp137, 2 million) and a variety of attractive packages such as body treatments at the spa, as well as special clothing to resemble the main character Iron Man, John Stark.

"This collaboration is carried out in Iron Man 2, is focused on innovation. The contest is very good for anyone to remove the idea. Not only expressive but also a touch different in this industry," said Chief Marketing Officer of Audi-Americans, Scott Keogh, as reported (27/04/2010).

This contest began on April 28, 2010. Semenatra it, Iron Man movie itself will begin to enter theaters on May 7 in the United States. While in Indonesia, played May 1, 2010 and got an invitation from the TOP1.

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