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2013 F1 Engine: 4 Cylinder, 1.5 Liter "Twin Turbo"

Trends in the small-capacity engine turbocharger plus an application not only hit the mass-produced vehicle, but was touched to a sports arena in the world's most prestigious automotive, Formula-1.

According to Spanish newspaper origin Barcelona, Deportivo El Mudo, the teams in F1 almost reached an agreement to approve a new machine which came into force in early 2013. The four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and equipped with twin-turbo and petrol direct injection system plus KERS.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ferrari Amedo Felisa when interviewed by Autocar, the UK, at the opening of the Beijing Motor Show last week saying, "If F1 must be developed again, then the best solution is to use the engine with turbocharger and GDI (gasoline direct injection)." Currently, F1 engines are used on the V8, 2.4 liter non-turbo.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz team boss, Norbert Haug, simply said, "We will support!" He said the smaller-capacity engine will save fuel consumption and lower emissions.

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