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One of my favorite bikes is Kawasaki ZRX series

Auto Trend - One of my favorite bikes that has been through the SR shop was the 124-horsepower Project Z-ReX (October '99), built from a Kawasaki ZRX1100. Needless to say, I was looking forward to the ZRX1200 and expected it to be everything our project bike was.
KAWASAKI ZRX1100-1200: Motorcycle Fenda Extenda Imagine my dismay, however, to find that the ZRX has lost its appeal to me. It could be that the swingarm pivot was loose and I was still wary after tightening it. Or maybe it's that the engine overpowers the stock chassis a bit too easily now.Another one of my favorite bikes was Motorcyclist's Bandit 1200, a test bike I hogged a lot last summer. But our bike just doesn't seem the same for some reason. It feels slower than I remember, and the suspension doesn't work as nicely. Maybe it's because we just finished testing 600s and open-class bikes, and these bikes simply don't do it for me anymore.But I think the real reason that the ZRX and Bandit have lost some of their shine is sitting down in the shop right now, and the key is in my pocket--the FZ1. You just can't argue with the R1-based engine and how light the Yamaha is--although the Kawasaki and Suzuki do an admirable job trying. Now that Yamaha has upped the ante with a recent-generation motor though, I can't stop thinking that someone has to step in with a stiff chassis and inverted fork soon. Hmm, project FZR1, maybe?

I used to look at these "standard" bikes as just that--somewhat boring, sterile, stripped-down, pseudo-sportbikes. Not only stripped of bodywork, but also performance. With the possible exception of the Bandit, none of the bikes in the past really had the power that their overall appearance would have you expect, and I was often left a bit disappointed.However, the new FZ1 and ZRX12 change all that. Finally, some balls to back up the brawny looks, especially with the ZRX; the old 1100 just didn't have the jam when you wicked it up (unless you stuck in some ZX-11 cams, etc., like we did).That said, it really was tough for me to choose between the three. The Bandit's decent enough for backroad scratching as is, and the numb brakes could be fixed with aftermarket pads. Lowering the front end would cure its heavy steering, and its carburetion off of closed throttle is the least abrupt of the three bikes.But when it really comes down to swooping through some twisty pavement, I gotta go with Yamaha's FZ1. Its steering feel and lithe handling inspire more confidence than the ZRX, and although the Kawasaki isn't as softly sprung as the FZ1, the Yamaha's balanced chassis lets you drag hard parts without worry. Cool. When I get old (ha!), jus' gimme an FZ1, some soft luggage and I'm set.

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