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Tata Nano: The cheapest car in the world

New Delhi - with a lot of show in Tata Motors, Auto Expo in New Delhi, for three hours before the performance, the boss of India's automobile industry, Ratan Tata, which is much anticipated 1-kyats ($ 2500) car Nano name.

Ratan Tata in world's cheapest car and the car people, the gateway for nano-selling in India later this year. Exports during the three years.

Nano is a rear engine rear-drive gas, 34 horsepower 623cc two aluminum cylinders. Tata Nano, said that in a standard or deluxe has achieved fuel consumption is about 50 MPG. However, only the Euro III emission standards, for up to four years for the current European regulations.

Tata said Nano, India has a full frontal crash tests and is designed to meet international offset and side impact crash tests. It has no airbags, Ratan Tata, said, however, the emphasis on markets outside India.

Cornell University trained architect himself promoted Nano, Ratan Tata has long been a car affordable Indians could trade in his bicycle from one.

"A promise is a promise, and this is what we want with you," said Ratan Tata, after the press conference.

What this means for you: you will not see the 1-kyats car in the U.S. for some time - if ever. But if you live in India, may trade in the motorcycle Nano.

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