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Design of car Year Awards 2007

Car Design News Winners of the Year Car Design Awards 2007. BMW CS Concept is the first place in the concept category, while the price for the best car in the direction of production for the Fiat 500

For the third consecutive year, Design News Automotive launches online vote for the best design for the vehicle, which debuted in 2007. With more than a thousand responses, and an international readership, NSC award for designers by designers competition.

Awards went to develop a project team to win at the Geneva Motor Show on Wednesday, 5 March.

Nick Hull Director of the NSC, the award, Adrian van Hooydonk, Director Design, BMW Cars NSC director Nick Hull, an award Adrian van Hooydonk,
Director of Design BMW Automobiles
Automotive Design Year 2007 - Concept

* 1 Venue: Concept BMW CS, 4794 points
* 2 Venue: Mazda Taiki. 4495 points
* 3 Venue: Citro├źn C-Cactus. 4115 points

Prize for the best concept car shown in 2007, it was announced Concept BMW CS, with more than 51% of readers on the BMW ranking three.

The Award was presented to Adrian van Hooydonk, director of the development, BMW, BMW CS Concept concept that debuted last year in Shanghai room.

"This award means a lot for us and for the team," van Hooydonk said: "There were a lot then went into this project so very pleased with the positive reactions to the car, especially in the construction of car news.
Automotive Design Year 2007 - Production

* 1 Venue: Fiat 500, 4643 points
* 2 Venue: Maserati Gran Turismo. 4140 points
* 3 Venue: Audi A5. 3965 points

Nick Hull, Roberto Giolito, Lorenzo Ramaciotti LivingstoneFrom Sam, and from left to right: Nick Hull, EUR, Roberto Giolito, the head of development at Fiat,
Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Design Director of Fiat Group Automobiles
Sam Livingston, director of marketing EUR

What are the results of Fiat Group! For the second year in a row he won the category of car manufacturing, and this year won the first two places.

Fiat 500 was the clear winner here, with 50% of the readers, what the rating of three. As a result, Fiat is remarkable given the fact that the remaining five candidates, all Deluxe models cost much more than the baby Fiat.

Roberto Giolito, the head of development at Fiat accepted the award along with Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Design Director of Fiat Group Automobiles.

"We are very pleased to receive this award," said Ramaciotti ", the second consecutive year that the Fiat Group in the past year, the Alpha-8C at the upper end, and now Fiat 500 in the lower part of our series, and Maserati, the second this year" .
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