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The Presidential limousine Cadillac

President Obama came to the inauguration earlier this week on a new presidential limousine Cadillac, which also noted the many signature design.

The first completely from the presidential limousine Cadillac DTS 2004, President George W. Bush, the new car is roughly the same footprint as the previous model of global and similar proportions. Dual textured gratings and vertical head and taillamps like in STS and Cadillac DTS cars, while the technologically advanced features executive saloon with a soft place to cut and sewn by hand. Embroidered presidential seal in the middle of the rear seat back, and on each rear door.

The purpose built vehicle, designed specifically for the presidential specification approved by U. S. Secret Service. The development and testing specialists, car body shielded, 8-inch thick doors, shot glass, as well as the supply of oxygen in a sealed container to protect against chemical attack. He was the subject of the audit system to ensure performance in extreme locations.

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