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Lamborghini Announces cheat of F1 Suspension

Auto Trend - Although the Geneva Motor Show 81still a month, Lamborghini has begun to repay the information about the latest products of Murcielago replacement. This latest Supersport car make curious because Lamborghini has not mentioned the name. While the technology is continues to be published.

Last is the suspension and brake technology, which has also been released to the media. Mentioned, the model will make its debut in Geneva is the latest flagship Lamborghini, using the powerful V12 engine and 55kw (700 PS). They claim this car will be the fastest supersport.

Despite Sant'Agata Bolgonese people's lips sealed, journalists in America could also get the latest Lambo name. If you previously had called the Jota, the last is Aventador with frill LP700-4. The journalist managed to track based on information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These names will be used for automobiles and components, t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, jackets, shoes to remote control car.

Stalk Push
Latest information from the Lambo, the car uses pushrod suspension. This suspension was combined with double wishbone plus carbon ceramic brakes. The concept of suspension basically cheated from Formula-1 car and set more for comfort when accelerated in the public streets.

Push rod suspension structure is the installation of dampers or spring elements are not directly on the wheel, but linked to the structure of the cell body. Push stem mounted transversely under the windshield in front and close to the machine that is behind. Other components of the suspension were roller lever and move the style relay function of the wheel holder to the damper or spring.

In this way, control or become more responsive handling. The car is more easily controlled at various speeds. The chassis remains solid, working more and more precision springs and dampers and spontaneous. Suspension is not too stiff. The car is more comfortable and more stable control.

Elevator System
At the front wheels, shock absorbers are equipped with a system of "elevator" that allows hydraulic front of the car is raised 40 mm at the push of a button. In this way, drivers no longer have to cross-complicated when a bump or bumps.

Another new technology is the material used for the chassis components such as aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce weight. The whole suspension system, including upper and lower control arm, wheel and lever relay holder, made from a mixture of aluminum castings.

To control the speed, use 400 mm diameter brake discs and six-cylinder calipers. Parking brake is also easy to operate, simply by pressing a button. Precisely using electricity.

Steering wheel is equipped with three servotronic for driving conditions the driver can choose, on the racetrack or the highway. Next Lambo will install 19-inch wheels wrapped in 255/35 tires in front, while the 20-inch rear wheels with 335/30 tires.

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