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Nissan NV2500 concept

Nissan North America today unveiled the NV2500 concept at its Technical Center headquarters in Michigan. The van concept provides a preview of Nissan's entry into the North American commercial market in 2010.

"The Nissan NV2500 is a rolling idea lab - bringing a new perspective to the commercial vehicle segment," said Bruce Campbell, vice president of design for Nissan Design America, which developed the concept.

Measuring in at 5946mm long, 2012mm wide and 2438mm tall, the exterior design is highlighted by a wide grille, pronounced wheelarches, stepped roofline and an integrated solar panel on the roof. The concept also features 'multi-use' doors with integrated lower window cutouts and storage compartments: king-cab style on the driver's side, a 90-degree opening vertical door directly behind the front passenger door, and vertical 60/40 split cargo 'barn' doors at the rear.

Inside, the NV2500 concept features a '3-Zone' interior with a 'wall-less' mobile office/workspace design that includes a computer workstation, fold-down conference table, numerous storage compartments and an awning-style side panel that opens to create a standing outside workshop table. The interior elements have been designed to be multi-functional and highly durable.

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