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Lead: Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF slim serious Mk2 of their ancestors. Click on the picture to enlarge
DLO long rocker and works to ensure the visual height
Two of the ruling classes in Germany: A6 and CLS
XF is not the same dimension GS
XF and his famous ancestors, Mk2: Ultimate luxury compact sedan in 1960
For new passenger cars wowed by the way, "wakes up"
Jaguar X-Type and XJ sedans
XJ6 original design of 1968, as well as no surprise, "Jaguar" in over four decades to avoid its reach

Perhaps more difficult, Jaguar, than any other premium car brand. The nature of the large design language for more than 40 years, with the shadow of 1961 E-Type and 1968 XJ6 - and even the 1955 Mk1/1959 Mk2 - threaten freedom. For decades, Design Group, these signs of old and new designs to appease traditionalists Jaguar customers, but that they have the old image of Jaguar and drove many customers,

With XF, which replaces the S-Type last year, Jaguar intends to make the perception of the brand stogie, and the company is adopting a new strategy, which rejects the traditional Jaguar and creates a new meaning to the term "Jaguarness.

Competitors, but not a classic Jaguar

We show that we are black XF in its 20-inch wheels, for many people, and the universal first impression that the XF is a serious Slim "Executive" car: a new competitor for the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Lexus GS and even the Mercedes CLS . Curiously, no one disputes the car is not as different or the Jaguar S-Type it replaces.

Fine, but a few model
The answer to the main XF even slightly, but significantly, resulting in a rather quiet statement. This is mainly due to its generous proportions (Some designers Lexus GS, with a similar profile) and to a lesser extent, on the surface of calm and lack of jewelry.

He assured the deletion of the words
On the high side, far proposals rockers and skill to reduce its visual depth in height - and in our massive car wheels literally knobbled of your trip - the efforts of Jaguar is elegant and safe, if in the front. Their headlights are too high (although this may be because we can not forget about the concept of precursors, C-XF) and low-cost closer. In fact, there are "eyebrow Roger Moore Graphics, nasmeshlivym expression of surprise, or at odds with the rest of the car.

Without a whiff of retro-design
The first average Jaguar MK1 was 1955, which ceded the shares luxury sedan. In 1998, the S-Type XF replaces many MK1 maiden name Mk2-S-1963, based on a kind of aesthetic. However, Jaguar XF is not directly on the design of age. Instead, it includes the spirit of his 50 years in advance Jaguar forebears mainly aesthetic.

Event of the quality, not quality
Enter, press the power button and gently pulsating stocky cylinders, until the switch is in the center console stand proud. At the same time, the role of open deductions, compared with open eyes. For new passenger cars wowed by the way, they wake up.

At night, blue light on the beautiful graphics for control, in the center console, and a dip in the niche of the blue door. This, however, shows how the doors are switches that are incompatible with the console.

The construction of the main instruments in this area is also incompatible with the central console, as well as easy - especially when compared to the A6. Something is happening puckering the skin on the steering wheel, some cheap plastic feel ill-fitting lid to store the center console, and "growler brand logo on the steering wheel to the corners of the perception of the quality of XF.

Step forward, step
Undoubtedly XF is a great step forward for Jaguar. Compared with his brother sedans - X-Type and XJ6 / 8 - R-XF is a fiction. But outside of Coventry, the audience sees it as an alternative to the German subsidiary is not avant-garde design and trends of the regulator. Although this "step forward" for "Jaguar", perhaps it is also a springboard for the future of Jaguar, as a step to promote designs that progress XF new meaning "Jaguarness.

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