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Honda CR-V

Honda introduced the details of the new CR-V, which is located inside Paris at the end of this month. It is aimed at drivers and the D-sector saloon, improved technology and the latest Honda technology security. In the last two generations of CR-V is based on the latest platforms and Civic model is a new concept, which should, on the basis of a new civil architecture in the past year. The lower center of gravity (up to 35 mm) above (an increase of 30 mm), as well as some changes in direction, and suspension geometry is CR-V in the treatment.
Honda CR-V (2001-06)

Two engines will be from the start, 2.0-liter petrol engine or a 2.2 diesel. 2.0L petrol engine in the new 1.8-liter SOHC VTEC-I civil and VTEC, and the latest technology to reduce friction as well as delays in the completion of tenure of valves in conjunction with an open throttle at low load driving conditions. Maximum power: 150 hp at about 6200. / Min (less in the turnover from the current 2.0), and torque 190Nm (140lb.ft) at about 4200. / Min.

Gasoline models are equipped with new items: All the 6-speed manual gearbox, while the 5-speed automatic gearbox is also available. The efficiency of the engine, with improved aerodynamics and new gearboxes, can fuel figures. Yield above, and from 0 to 62 miles / h time of 10.8 to 10.2 seconds (manual) and 13.1 to 12.2 seconds (automatic). Honda celebrated 140PS 2.2-I-liter diesel CTDi continues, but how to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of 12 percent fuel economy improvement.

Although the capacity of the road CR-V is much improved, its off-road ability is well adapted to the revised version of the real-time, 4WD system recognizes that before the wheels and immediately transmits torque to the rear. The new double-pump system can be 20 percent more torque per unit there. 4WD This facility not only in the light off-road driving, but also contributes to the stability on the road - in snow or other slippery conditions, for example.

Two active safety systems in the new CR-V, which states that only the SUV segment. First, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a radar-controlled cruise control function, the distance from the car, while the brake system, mitigating the effects of collisions (CMBS) predicts collisions and warns the driver to the heavy braking and retracting the front seatbelts, if the situation becomes critical. Active front lighting (AFS) - turning headlights, taking into account that the road in the direction of the vehicle - is also reflected in the CR-V, for the first time as helping the sustainability of the trailer (TSA), which together with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) that provides the trailer is continuously monitored to ensure the safety and correction. Tractive force at the CR-V diesel is now very competitive 1500 to 2000kg.

Design of the new CR-V is a complex type of car profile that is much more style than in the previous CR-V, especially in comparison with the previous, slab-sided model in 2001, in particular, soft (but actually very good sold). Bodyside extraction has deep lines from the bottom of the body and gently sculpted sides prominent wheel arches. As the car more dynamic - underlines the wide track car, as well as 17 - or 18-inch wheels - remember, the common theme of little outgoing BMW X5.

Front surprising part of the design, with a distinctive double grille as the center, parallel to the projector-type headlights and large bumper. Back more than usual, with a vertical taillamps, but now with a slope in the rear window, and especially emphasize the sporting aspect of the new CR-V. Spare wheel was attached to the back of the floor (as in the new Freelander 2) and the rear of the fuselage is to use this room, now хетчбек instead of the usual side-opening doors.

Although the coupe-DLO, as the decline is the largest remaining old CR-V, which is not one card, having seen before in a few years, Honda Stream and the Renault Scenic. Others have taken advantage of the off-road coupe-like profile of the car, Infiniti FX, Lexus RX300 and the Audi Q7, but all have one or two classes at the CR-V, and it is interesting to see the current slide in the compact SUV model for the first time.

Inside the cabin, accommodation remains generous and the sizes are similar to the previous CR-V. Design of the agreement signals and civilian models also blue lighting instruments, 3-spoke steering wheel, metal inserts in the doors, dash, and the contrast with soft textured black trim. Front seats have longer and more convenient, and the steering column can be regulated by REACH and the rake. Switching gears, based on the center console, brings it closer to the steering wheel and creates more space. More flexibility in support of the new "double-deck cargo hold, the platform, which is at a height of 330mm above the cargo area. It means luggage can be, at that low level, easily accessible.

Outgoing model sold in all markets, set new standards in the compact SUV was seen as a representative of the vehicle for its impressive road manners and versatility. The latest CR-V aims to be even better on the road, the interior is even more complex and more practical, especially for towing. CR-V has always been one of the "self-defense as the SUV market, with claims of high capacity and Offroad market increasingly crowded, Honda has adjusted to the new car chief, a high - technology leadership, a strong personality and is moving to a compact SUV step further.

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