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First look of Mini Chooper

First the "new" mini was only five years instead of the original Mini, only in the details, since his debut in 1959. Designed by Frank Stephenson, now head of design of Fiat, the current design was a success, and the key is very powerful, showing how small cars are not required explicitly functionalist, smaller versions of the basic type of car or feel cheap.

New 'New' Mini, under the leadership of Gert Hildebrand in the Mini, it was announced today for the Marcus syringe design, interior design, Mark Girard, as well as color and design of cutting Annette Baumeister.

The mine was started in 2001 with an unusually technically Chrysler engine design, despite its membership in the BMW. The new car brand new BMW engine with variable valve timing performance: 1.6 liter 120bhp Cooper, turbo 175bhp Cooper S, and 1.4 liter versions of the following one, and diesel fuel at a later stage. There is a 6-speed transmission for the Cooper and Cooper S, and both versions are optional 6-speed automatic with paddle shifts.

ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution), CBC (System CBC) ASC + T (automatic stability control + traction control), EBA (emergency braking assistance), DSC (dynamic stability control), as well as to help Hill - preventing the car to the rear move a mountain - a standard safety. Run flat tires, and steering is also new, but at the same time save weight and space to spare tires and the use of hydraulic power steering, which is a threat to the sensitivity of comfort and service.

Cut four basic colors, and bags, black, gray, beige and red with more detailed information on options in the "Color Line" series of five colors and four cutting materials (including oak!) At the top of the standard terms and Cooper Cooper S. A few additional extras, is also in the middle of leather and chrome rims 16 circular cockpit elements (air, cups, etc.).

The new design looks very similar to those of his immediate predecessor, but while they are in any of his predecessors in the structure, parts can be found in the car is new - than EUR Hildebrand said today: "Nothing is more, the car completely new. "

In the face of the hexagonal grid table includes the opening of the grille, headlights and indicators of clean solutions. The appearance is virtually identical to its predecessor, with a little more than the wheels of treatment, slightly more than shoulder diving into the body and hands, big mirrors and other parts of the resolution around the small front wing. In the back of the only significant change the floor, was cleared of more than one function (especially in the version of Cooper S).

Among the more changes - the main difference from the high speed (this time with ice and optional display navigation data), and a thin line of intellectual property.

There have been few, if any, new vehicles, based on the difficulties of his predecessor in the design of the new Mini - Porsche 996 at 997 (or equivalent Boxster) is perhaps the only example of this in these extremes. Nevertheless, this approach, it is clear that there is a need for this brand and product, and it is likely that the new "new" Mini will continue its successful predecessor, the nature of the building, while the expected options, including real estate version extends the complaint more innovation.

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