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Mercedes-Benz BlueZero

Five seats, Class-B size of the characters from the Mercedes-Benz plans to create a fully electric vehicle (EV) in the production of 2012-2013 biennium. The company is in a class before the car in 2010, but BlueZero a name for the new EV the whole area.

Design Gorden Wagener boss said that he wants "a new face for the Mercedes of electric vehicles" and "closed mouth" front grille in part because "Electric cars do not need a lot of air." The concept, therefore, clearly BlueZero PC most of the traditional three-star signs with the body color of the grid in accordance with section and the grooves on both sides of the plate with light-emitting diodes, pulse, to show that the electric car is a unique individual. Grilling, even a little earlier in the eye, so Wagener, a former Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.

Nature has been a great influence on the outside and smooth communication between lightweight design and aerodynamics. Two strong indicators that are at sea BlueZero rear-wheel drive, and refers to the clear Lexan polycarbonate rear hatch.

Inside the theme continues to see through the translucent material, has the door and instrument panels to show the air is filled with a light structure. Wagener hopes that the development of the acquisition of young consumers to the brand, and especially recommended. The whole package - inside and outside - a far cry from Mercedes current output, but most of the functions of production, in which it was enough to leave the traditional conservative brand.

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