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2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9 Test of the tour

155-HP Super Bike Max operation and expansion 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9

Brei, California It is tempting to assume that the increase in productivity of motorcycle, as a rule, are more involved in the handling, comfort and convenience for the user. But the latest crop of 1000-CC sports bike begins to see that assumption is unfounded. And this is the case when it comes to the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9. It connects a Suzuki amazing performance, ergonomics and a smooth, even in the refinement. Let's go. -Barry Winfield

Most Gixxer new for the first time in 10 years. There is a review 999 CC four-cylinder in-line engine was increased by about 2.5 inches as a result of a new wave of stacked two crankcase castings. Counter shaft almost directly above the engine.

A call to a system of lubrication shaft was finally approved, as well as compaction was 12.5 to 12.8:1. The hole is being oversquare relationship further, and all the valve train has been modified with titanium valves throughout the race to get more freedom in the preparation of the competition.

Connection of mechanical systems with a cable, again from the racing team, and as oil and coolant radiators, new forms of racing. For the latter, more stringent noise regulations, the K9 GSX-R1000 dual titanium exhaust (400 grams lighter than 2008 rows) behind the camera, abdominal catalyst. As part of the back to the ground, and the wheelbase is half an inch shorter, in spite of the swing arm, which is now 1,3 cm higher.

At the rear suspension benefits from a new band in the shock, whereas prior to the Suzuki has a show-piston holder which improves control, reduces the immersion, and also provides a front-end for the cyclist is seated. Both ends with a set of functions, the train on the high and low speed damping adjustments. A steering damper is equipped with electronically controlled.

Weight was a wall on all sides you can imagine, including brake caliber, which currently draw monobloc units of 12.2-inch rotors on the craft alloy pins. Yes, the wheels are too light, as well as a decrease in mass, in agreement with the chief engineer Hiroshi Suzuki IIÕ, is 11 pounds.

In the 2008 model Suzuki three selectable power supply for the cards, but the selector switch on the left side of the module. As before, the "A" setting offers all the powers (and the default position in the trunk) with a "B" position in order to smooth acceleration up to 50 percent of gas holes, and "C" position, check the performance of the entire operating range.

In the train
Even if on board experience of liter bikes, the Suzuki comes to mind the drive as another reminder that the 155-HP on the rear wheel on the car, which weighs 470 pounds, should not play. In normal driving year GSX-R is not more than 5000 or 6000 rpm, so that movement of the mirror, as well as coins.

It takes real determination to save at full speed and RPM climb to 13500 rpm-Redline engine speed and the lights flashing in one upshift. In the brutality of the acceleration of the bike when the tachometer reads beggars the imagination of five digits. Few people can really appreciate the experience because it focuses exclusively on the residence on a bicycle, with current and future reduction of the tunnel visual overload of computational power. Yes, it is incredibly fast.

The irony is that the new GSX-R1000 is a true journey to the kitten in the city. Throttle calibration point, and the clutch takeup is smooth and predictable. Not enough power at low speed range of a few children in the suburbs. Although the changes in our bike was little notchy in its action and is certainly more switchlike miles from the break in their behavior in such a way to tame civilized.

In addition, the driving is easy compared to some of the sport bike with a relatively relaxed "ergonomic triangle" (the ratio between the legs, seat and hands) and adjustable foot pegs a bit of adjustment. Wind is good, and the place is wide, well padded and at an angle that helps contact patch.

Pero Más alla de Sus comodidad, El Nuevo-K9 Con Más ENCANTO atributo-es-su manejo. Wheel meets the bars and the subtle changes of weight quickly and easily with the movements. Nothing is lost between the input and response, but the machine is not in any way nervous or twitchy. Indeed, the top shows the frame buffer at all levels to quickly build their drivers to start their enormous potential.

Mountain biking is a pace that taxes on the old head of the clock frequency, but not close to the lines of responsibility or the ground. In a sense, even good for the street. Like all modern high-performance machine, you must do it fast, hard work, that ye may be outside the comfort zone, and the legal issues before the machine breaks a sweat.

This is only one drawback, if (a) reasonable and (b) to death. And this explains, Suzuki drive mode (S-DMS), with a rider on a bicycle counterwork. We have our own DMS in the right wrist. The throttle, as they say, goes in both directions. In addition, if you click on the button to the left of its size to open the menu S-DMS, vulnerable to accidental change how the movement of the hand. Better than the start-up by default, where a short push is not enough to change the settings.

Hard-core cyclists of trenches for pipes of titanium double bit stronger, but we like the combination of disconnected exhaust snarl (overlapping with the grunt strongly resonant inductor), as well as the normal operation of the offset line four engine.

Together with a nice soft ride suspension, a smooth and flexible engine, and the rest of the controls, there is a feeling that the quality of accompanying activities.

Most people can use the GSX-R1000 and the burglar or vandal, but towards the refugees in the lives of well-trained giant. Of course, this race you have to unlock the potential of the bike. But remember, do not bite unless provoked.

For $ 12,899 you can own a vehicle, the efficiency, the list of current F1: zero to 60 km / h in just two seconds, a quarter mile in nine seconds, a little more than 145 miles / hour and the results, which often is too easy achievements task.

In sixth gear on the road, turn at the wrist throw triple digits until the speedometer on the screen, quickly and without any trace of activity. A stay of less than 90 miles / h on all roads, requires constant attention, which, as you are relaxed. In GSXR-1000 is a lot of big machines only thirteen.

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