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New Cooling Technology for Oil and the Harley Davidson V - Twin Custom Motorcycles

But recent developments in engineering technology to improve engine life and performance for Harley Davidson and custom V-Twin motorcycle. The new cooling system oil UltraCoolFL in one step from other motorcycle oil cooler, a patented design provides forced air cooling the engine oil at high temperatures, such as idling or stop and go driving. It also helps to set the fuel by regulating the flow of oil so that they can move only at a temperature over 160 degrees.

A temperature of the oil is important, because if the circulating oil is too thick, not up to date and working properly grease. When the oil overheated, leading to excessive wear and engine destroyed the properties of the oil to make the necessary lubrication. Too much friction in the absence of adequate lubrication of the engine does not need clothes. Motorcycle UltraCoolFL oil cooling system can help ensure that your bike to the engine at an optimal level of performance in all temperatures.

This is a Harley oil cooler is easy to install and no special tools are not required. The kit can be installed on a bike in less than an hour. This system has a simple black cover, which is also suitable for decoration, but the most important function is to prevent contamination of the road and rocks can damage the oil cooler. It also prevents the cooling of the oil while the bike is moving fast. In the oil cooler UltraCoolFL bike kit contains everything you need, and all parties have a guarantee of 90 days.

A high performance, thermostatically controlled fan is the heart of the unit. This forces air through the oil cooler motorcycle any time of the temperature over 210 degrees. When the oil temperature below 190 degrees, the fan turns off automatically. This new technology is patented, because it is so unique. These oil cooling system is one of the most popular games of spare parts for motorcycle owners.

We believe that this product represents a new era of engine oil cooler, and Harley-Davidson and custom V-Twin motorcycle owners, engine runs cleaner and our Harley oil cooler.

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