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BlueMotion next-generation technologies

German carmaker Volkswagen has pioneered some of the cars as the way to the Beetle and Jetta survived several generations of machines. Volkswagen has the power to green technology environment in which a company in the future of mobility. Virtually all manufacturers, at least one car in his wallet, green. Volkswagen has its commitment to the establishment of mobility of green technology seriously, and some incredible cars, offer comfort, productivity and ecological environment.

Volkswagen has the BlueMotion technology, more favorable conditions for emissions, since there are a number of devices, without any coordination problems. The system is also green - start / stop system is regenerative braking, electric and hybrid systems.
Already some of the eco-technologies in the five models. Let's see what happens in these products for consumers

Touareg Hybrid

2010 is the technology TSI Volkswagen Touareg V6 hybrid. Volkswagen claims that the first hybrid SUV is a 3.5-ton trailer load. Under the hood of your account with 332-horsepower engine V6, with a supercharged TSI mass transit stops. It is surrounded by 50 hp electric motor. The vehicle is only the power of the engine when driving up to 50 km / h. The system is expected to reduce pollution in urban centers, such as speed limits are often limited to 50 km / h. The V6 engine is better to be used only if the feed rate 50 km. H limits. The hybrid engine and the V6 engine is parallel to the engine bay.


European option can be on the Passat BlueMotion 2 to 2.0 liter 108 horsepower turbocharged engine CRDi, from the start / stop system. The system disables the engine when the car stop and then come to life when needed. Volkswagen has for fuel economy at 25 km / l, and carbon only 128 g / km. In the Passat BlueMotion 2 is equipped with a tank of a continuous block of 1400 km. Volkswagen BlueMotion started 2 technology for the next generation of Euro V. the advantages of the BlueMotion also decrease the rate of resistance, and low transmission, diesel particulate filter for increasing fuel economy.

Passat TDI

A Blue TDI is already used in the Passat, Euro VI regulations come into force only in 2014. Volkswagen has the emissions with a strong zeal. The results obtained for all. In Blue Passat TDI is equipped with a 142bhp diesel engine with a catalyst for SCR AdBlue helps reduce the production of nitrogen oxides 80mg/km. Real estate bodystyles are available in Europe. This improves fuel economy and minimize costs.

Passat TSI EcoFuel

This Passat for natural gas is the reason why it is called TSI EcoFuel. Natural gas to gasoline engine with turbo and compressor. Levels 120g/kgm carbon and can only be for more than 900 km on full tank on the route. Although natural gas, which can reach a maximum speed of 201 km / h and 0-100 km / h in 9.7 seconds. Natural Gas in respect of fuel, as only 4.4 kg per 100 km, which is much less than the gasoline version. This model can be found in various parts of Europe.

Polo BlueMotion

The new field BlueMotion already on sale in the UK, and, most likely in India, the original Polo models. Volkswagen claims that this reduction in the cost of cars in fuel costs and help save the environment. The new version of Polo's clean diesel engine is 1.4 liters of Polo is a CD worth 0.3 and delivered to 112.65 km / h energy. If the field BlueMotion 1 to 99 g / km of carbon emissions. The new version comes with Bluemotion2 offered 104 g / km. BlueMotion Operation is simple and easy to use for all drivers.

In the automotive world is preparing for a greener future of the car should accelerate research and development of more efficient cars. Volkswagen has already identified a new generation of missions every time a new model is created.

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