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Bajaj Platina 125cc Dtsi

STREET rider: After the success of its 100cc Bajaj Platina, Bajaj Auto Ltd also race motorcycles in the 125cc, 125cc, with his bicycle deck. Cycling offers a great driving experience, as well as user-friendly design and technology.

DESIGN: I design is quite simple in comparison to other bikes like Honda engaging in the same segment. He has broad support and the legs for greater comfort during long drives. Lightweight wheels to improve stability and performance on the road.

USP: A bicycle was equipped with a powerful 125cc Bajaj Platina DTS When the engine with an engine capacity of 125cc. If the engine is DTS, then at a maximum speed of 90 km / h and run 50 60Kmpl. In addition, the engine provides a good start, even in cold weather. Die Bereitstellung von Multi-Disc-Nass-Kupplung ist sehr leicht, leistungsstark, mit Gangwechsel. The brakes work very instant built for security. Battery maintenance free, which is an added advantage. On the bike gives a great performance, even at low revolutions per minute through ExhausTEC (torque expansion chamber) technology. Only one path, which offers more mileage per liter.

Conclusion: car-motorcycle-boot is the most efficient fuel cycle, but this segment compared to other competitors such as Hero Honda splendor.

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