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Honda Launch CB400 Super Bol d'Or SE and Super Four SE

Auto Trend - Manufacturers of motor that would never stop innovating. Maybe that's worth saying to motorcycle manufacturer Honda.

Honda launched two new variant of CB400 Super Bol d'Or CB400 Super Four SE and SE.

Although CB400 Super Bol d'Or with SE and SE CB400 Super Four Honda's much-awaited lover, but Japanese manufacturers are only producing a limited of 500 units.

This time CB400 edition offers a more aggressive bike. See, with a touch of gold color on the front and rear wheels, and silver colors on the brake.

In addition to offering luxury CB400, CB400 wrapped with white color and were given red and blue lines to be more visible and add a sporty life. Do not miss CB400 fixed given element chrome for motorcycles distinctiveness.
Powertrain on CB400 remain unchanged, because in order to stay on the bike a sporty character.

Machines offered CB400 reach 53hp at 10,500 rpm and torque of 38 Nm at 9500 rpm using the engine to use water-cooled 399cc NC42 and equipped with electronic injection.

CB400 fuel consumption reached 3.23 l/100km (72.8 U.S. mpg) with a full tank capacity will reach about 18 liters (4.75 gallons), weighs 194 kg / 428 lbs (Super Four SE - dry weight) and 198kg / 437 lbs (Super Bol d'Or SE - dry weight).

CB400 Super Four SE in Japan is sold at 761,250 yen and CB400 Super Bol d'Or SE worth 834,750 yen.
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