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VW Golf New "Eyes"

Auto Trend - Embedding LED lights proved to make the car more elegant. Volkswagen (VW) was thinking the same thing when they plan to install LED lights on the latest generation Golf.

The plan deserves positive diapreasi. Understandably, many fans disappointed because VW Golf car produced last year that just does not match expectations.

VW hopes the use of LED lights will answer these disappointments. Mentioned sixth generation VW Golf will be equipped with LED lights on the front and rear.

Only models with the latest features will not be easily owned. Volkswagen Golf with a LED is only an option only. Consumers can have long wanted to add a price of USD1,750. With the money for that prospective buyers will have the full Volkswagen Golf LED with Bi-Xenon lights.

While autoevolution said VW will also prepare a new form of the VW Golf VW Golf Cabrio. This car is a project planned next year in addition to VW Mark VI, Beetle Cabrio, Karmann Ghia and Scirocco.

"Golf Cabrio will be the latest amazing car. One cabrio form that has not existed before," said VW's top brass.

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