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Bentley Launches Turbo V8 engine for Two Versions

Auto Trend - Efforts to reduce emission levels, Bentley now trying to find ways to save fuel by using the new V8 turbo engine.

Bentley and Audi are now together will develop injection V8 engine with cylinder 4000cc to developments in the automotive world today and in the future.

Reporting from Worldcarfans, V8 engine with cylinder 4000cc
will soon be launched at the end of 2011.

Bentley turbo V8 engine that uses a cylinder 4000cc with direct-injection will further reduce CO2 emissions up to 40 percent in the Bentley Continental GT model. For a Bantley’s product, V8 will be launched with two versions.

According to Autocar, the first version will have a single turbocharger to produce 415 bhp (309 kW / 420 PS).

While the second version will use a twin-turbocharged to produce 555 bhp (413 kW / 563 PS). It is in adapted to lessen the fuel only 100 bhp / liter.

Meanwhile, according to Autocar, in 2011 Bentley Mulsanne car has to be ordered. Arnage successor luxury car is priced to 220,000 pounds, by using a twin-turbo V8, 6750 cc engine that produces 505 bhp (377 kW / 512 PS) and torque of 1020 Nm.
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