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Ferrari Offers Free Service Pack 7 Year

Auto Trend - The prospects for Ferrari in Europe seems to be pampered by the facilities offered by this Italian car manufacturer. Because Ferrari plans to provide free care package for 7 years for their latest models such as 458 Italian, Califormia Spyder or the FF model.

This package will be effective if consumers
buy the vehicles at the dealership Ferrari-authorized dealers and this offer is attached to each vehicle so that it remains valid if the vehicle is moved of ownership before it reaches 7 years. Free treatment applies to the cost of workmanship and replacement of original parts, including replacement of oil and brake fluid.

According to Ferrari this will be the first time that such treatment program was offered throughout the world. Ferrari hope this program will be able to restore consumer confidence that began to fade due to a variety of reports related to the model 458 Italian on fire problem.
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