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Tips to Face Fussy Child While Driving

Auto Trend - Bringing children traveling in the car can be fun. But, sometimes traffic jam and boredom can make them fussy and distracting while driving.

If you are not careful and not handle it well, it can interfere with concentration when driving and endangering you and also the child.

Then, how to overcome it? Concentration for driving is not disrupted and children are not fussy. Here are tips quoted from

1. Toys: Toys are wonderful things for the children. They trigger the imagination and bring the children forget for a moment. No need to bring all their toys at home. Simply take one or two that they like and let their imaginations drove along the journey.

2. Puzzles and games: There are many choices puzzle today. Buy one or two with interesting pictures and let the children forget the time when fiddling puzzle. If they start to get bored, parents can be creative to create a new atmosphere by making the fastest race puzzle. Another option is a game of Snakes and ladders or monopoly. For a more mature, Sudoku is also quite telling keep them busy.

3. Book reading: Suitable for children who can already read. Bring reading materials with interesting stories will make the kids glued to the story and atmosphere will be calm and quiet car.

4. Blankets and pillows: Depending on away trips. Bring pillows and blankets are usually used. When children are tired, pillows and blankets that will help them sleep soundly.

5. Extra clothes: Children are unpredictable. Parents never know what will happen. It’s wise enough to bring a change of clothes. Clothes spilled drinks or food or wet with sweat makes the child uncomfortable and need to be replaced. Or conversely, when the weather gets cold, spare clothes can make them warmer. Do not forget to bring spare diapers.

6. Tissue/towel: This device must be present with the children. Not just to clean up the children but also impurities due to the way they are stuck in car parts such as seats, door trim, carpet and even the ceiling.

7. Snack: it’s must exist. Especially for long trip. You can bring fruit, fresh drinks, including water. Pack in small containers that can be inserted in the pocket behind the back of the chair. Drinks can be packaged in small bottles that can be stored in containers in door trim bottle.

8. In Car Entertainment: When your car equipped with this device, take advantage of to entertain children with songs or their favorite movie.

Hopefully with the tips above, your concentration while driving is not impaired and can survive up to destination. Good luck.
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