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10 Best Car's Interior 2011

Auto Trend - Research institutions and providers of automotive industry data from the United States, WardsAuto, have announced the results of research on the car's interior. This Institution has examined the 51 car brands on the market today.

The result, as reported by there were 10 cars with the best interior.

Some aspects are considered in this study is, quality of materials, design, functionality, safety, convenience, and the benefits of the technology used. Not to forget, the jury also assesses aspects of environmentally friendly than some parts of interior.

Just a note, Ward Auto Group is a division of Penton Media, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, United States. Media group founded 80 years ago that in addition to providing information, data, and analysis of automotive also routinely conduct research on various aspects of the car.

Studied aspects from concept design, safety features, comfort features, engine, resale price, until the interior. In the research on this 2011 car interior, the agency set 10 cars with the best interior.

Tenth car (based on the alphabet) is:

1. Audi A8

2. BMW X3 xDrive35i

3. Chevy Cruze 2LT RS

4. Dodge Charger Rallye Plus

5. Ford Focus Titanium

6. Honda Odyssey Elite

7. Hyundai Elantra Limited Edition

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit

9. Kia Optima EX

10. Volvo S60

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