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Most Dangerous Car Interior Throughout History

Auto Trend - Usually you just accept the various facilities provided by the manufacturer when you buy a new car without wanting to know its benefit. Once the new disaster happens you realize to what various vehicle devices were made.

For example the headrest designs have been patented since 1923. But the United States Road Transport Association requires all new passenger vehicles have headrests in 1969. Even then, after hundreds of accident-related to neck injury.

The next example is a safety belt. This device is used on the horse carts in the 1850s, but it became standard equipment in the early 1960s on automobiles.

Based on these matters Popular Mechanic magazine released the 13 cars with the interior of the most dangerous in the history of the following reasons:

1. Darracq 200HP1905
This vehicle got speed record in Europe but zero about safety. Small seat with an open body. What if cornering in high speed? Driver can still hold onto the steering wheel, but what about the passengers?

2. Ford T Model 1908

Paris scientists, who melt the liquid plastic into a glass, actually already create ‘Safety Glass’ in 1903. He concluded laminated glass would be broken but not scattered. Unfortunately, car manufacturers do not care at that time, including Ford.

3. Renault 40CV 1922

This vehicle is minim in rearview mirror so that the vehicle is very familiar with the 'blind spot'.

4. Duesenberg Model J 1930

The vehicle is equipped with small front pillars. The advantage is to make the view becomes more widespread, but very risky when the accident occurred. The reason is the thin pillars are not able to protect the passengers when the car overturned.

5. Mercury Monterey 1953

Many dashboard ornament that completely tapered in the era before the '80s. Even in the era of the '50s a number of cars have the steering wheel hub is tapered like the end of missiles that are ready to injure the driver. Perhaps such trend at the time, but this is very dangerous.

6. Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing 1955

This vehicle is beautiful. It is present before the age of the headrest. It has the form of additional equipment bag leather suitcase placed in the rear above the rear deck. The suitcase tied with leather buckle.

Unfortunately, if the driver forgot to tighten and the accident occurred, it will be thrown forward hitting the back of the driver and passengers.

7. Ford F-100 1955

At first glance this vehicle has been seen only drawbacks with the lack of headrests. While the position of the head itself is very close to the rear glass. Imagine if this vehicle was hit from behind. Head would jerk back and hit the glass. Indeed, new headrests are required starting in 1969.

8. Dodge Custom Royal 1956

Sending SMS while driving alone is dangerous, let alone reverse the LPs when cornering using the Dodge Custom Royal 1956. Except when there is co-driver.

Why Chrysler offers audio device they called a 'high-way hi-fi' as optional on the sedan output facility in 1955 to 1960?

These objects are also offered on the brands Chrysler, Dodge, Imperial and Plymouth. Though these devices are also highly vulnerable to the risk of needle jumped when the road is not smooth.

9. Porsche 356 1958

Steering wheel made of wood are very popular to enhance the luxury of the vehicle. Similarly to the Porsche 356. Yet it is also very popular vehicle used in track racing.

The experienced drivers are well aware of the event of an accident, the wood will split and potentially crash the body of the driver who caused his career foundered or even worse.

Therefore, the drivers swap timber with a metal steering wheel, for reasons at least not potentially penetrate the body's racers.

10. Saab Gran Turismo 750 1958

This vehicle entered of the most dangerous car interior category is related to the safety belt.

11. Volvo PV 544 1961

Volvo is known as the first users of safety belts. But unfortunately the belt is attached to the bench. Indeed, with so passengers will not be thrown out the front window, but there is most likely the driver hit the dashboard because at that time, the rear backrest can be folded forward from the passenger's body weight.

12. 1961 Lincoln Continental

Referred to, as 'suicide doors' is a model with a door opening system as a model two-door cabinet. Early in his presence, many do not have a locking system.

Pressing it down either to open or close does the locking system. Though the door also has a handhold. Imagine if accidentally pressed too hard armrest. This is the most potent inviting disaster recipe. Not to mention the absence of safety belts.

In addition, the back door with a hinge at the back is very dangerous. If a few open while it is running, the door will immediately slammed by the wind even can be separated. Hence he was nicknamed as suicide doors.

13. Yugo 1985

These vehicles have electrical and heating systems that are very vulnerable. Excessive vibration in the body has the potential to cause short-circuit and fire.
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