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Bentley Continental GT Speed and Budweiser Mustang

In the Bentley Continental GT Speed can be seen as the worst part of the greatest minds novoizobretennoe Crewe, England. His first producing 600bhp and 200 miles / h Bentley overcome the fact that the maximum speed of 202 MPH. can sprint from 0 to 60 km / h in just 4.3 seconds.

Taking into account the data on the new Bentley Continental GT Speed actually lived up to its name. This course is based on the 2008 Continental GT, which also has some improvements in the model 2008.

In the Continental GT Speed is a subtle change in terms of physical characteristics. What's more aggressive front air intake and grille is vertical, the more air in the twin Turbo W12 engine. The engine component is less than the weight, despite GM catalytic converter is not mentioned, along with the group also improved on the vehicle, with 9 per cent increase in power over a standard 552-horsepower GT.

In GT velocity is small compared to the standard Continental GT. All other speed platforms on top of a little seen 20-inch wheels, which gives a complete overview of carbon-ceramic brakes as an option.

In the interior, as expected, and Bentley is a class. There is also a new steering wheel, which is obviously borrowed from Volkswagen.

A Mustang Budweiser
And if you talk about the great spirit, a student Jack Kirby, art and design has a built Mustang from cans Budweiser. Like any work of art, Kirby is a source of inspiration for Budbucks production in the summer of Budweiser. Grand Prix competition at this Budbucks 1965 Mustang, which has become the favorite cars in the world of Kirby.

Kirby has about 5000 cans of Bud to create your Mustang. These doses of 5000, but this should not be confirmed at the donations of friends drinking, trash, or, perhaps, in Kirby, not only for themselves in one night, and within a week or so. In any case, for those who Budbucks competition beginning on 2 August 2007 and ends on 31 December, 2007. United Kingdom, the entry will only be accepted. People aged over 18 are invited to participate. Minors can not take part in the competition.

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