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How do I manage the Bentley Continental Flying Spur

"We fly high, no lie. You know, DASS" - Jim Jones. When it comes to luxury sedans, few cars fly higher, Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Many have four-door Flying Spur as a practical version of the well-known Bentley GT. The Flying Spur has the same body parts, as indicated below coupe glass, but after that the car design in the 1957 Continental Flying Spur.

The Flying Spur is sold below the Arnage. While the Flying Spur is a full-size sedan, the modern and the lowest price should not be a younger audience, Arnage. Differences between the Arnage and Flying Spur, is obvious. There are more differences between the Flying Spur and Continental GT, at first glance. The Flying Spur is 20 cm longer than the Bentley GT. The longer the body of the Flying Spur offers improved aerodynamics. He said that with the Bentley Flying Spur better stability, GT at higher speeds.

One of the many features you can add to the Bentley Flying Spur is a specification package Mullin driving. Mullins-pack is a problem because it allows you to change the upholstery of the vehicle. This package includes 20 "alloy wheels sitting in the performance of the tire. The pedals are alloy. There is a change of skin and chrome and leather and suede roof.

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