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How do I manage the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Part 2

At the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is equipped with more than its share of sweets. A Bluetooth hands-free photographs taken in the standard Flying Spur. As an option on the back of the phone can also be included. In those days, like most luxury cars, then go to a DVD. Rear seats are tables, as if they were passengers.

Like the Continental GT, Flying Spur is armed with two turbo 6.0-liter engine W12. W12 is always good. We love, especially when it is pumped to 552 hp on wheels. On power, the command of the six-speed automatic, which can be controlled by changing the command box of floppy disks or paddles behind the steering wheel. For some people, Flying Spur is a great athlete, as a living. This is a large 4-door sedan, but is flexible at the same time. It is equipped with four-wheel drives, as well as innovative braking systems, combined with the electronically controlled suspension.

After cowhide killed every time a Bentley Flying Spur was completed. Along with leather, wood and aluminum in the composition of domestic Flying spur. If desired, the rear seats in the Flying Spur is equipped with a rear console. In the console is designed in such a way that anyone can access the rear air conditioning and seat adjustment, including lumbar massage function. Both the court seats with heating and cooling functions. Richtfest anything developed Breitling Analog Clock in the center console of the Flying Spur.

In the Bentley Flying Spur is a bold statement. This elegant, bold and majestic at the same time. He has a strong engine, and a large, elegant silhouette. This is what a luxury car should be.

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