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Bentley Continental GT World Ice Speed faces Register

One of the major subsidiaries of Volkswagen, Bentley, is the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe, say, if anything, the world ice speed record last week with an average speed of 199.86 miles / h (321.65 km / h) in the frozen lake off the coast of Finland.

Almost four standard wheels Bentley Continental GT, which is owned by World of Star was able to overthrow the last ice velocity at the Bugatti EB110 Supersport record 184.14 miles / h (296.34 km / h), set at the same place.

Kankkunen is the team to minus 30 degrees Celsius temperature in the 10 km section of the frozen lake, 50 kilometers north of Oulu in western Finland. Kankkunen had to give the team more than 70 cm thick ice, they are about 5 kilometers to take the best rate before the start marked kilometers, where speed is measured. Despite the unmatched power of the grip and traction in the Continental GT continues to wheels for more than 120 miles.

But after a brief review of the team, Continental GT, then this measure kilometers a second time, in accordance with the requirements of the judges, the surprise 205 miles / h (330 km / h). The team has not yet stopped, and the next day to continue if they register for, and they have. They were able to realize the high speed of 206 miles / h (331 km / h). But as the team wanted to find a return to a more severe and the snow track.

After Kankkunen ", in Bentley, with faultless. I was surprised how stable and secure feel in these high speeds, in spite of the ice rink and a rough surface is scattered with snow. He even managed to speed the car up to 600 meters."

In the Bentley Continental GT has been used to change, but to change the reality Kankkunen Bentley was at a minimum for security reasons and rollcage with snow tires Nokian. Aerodynamics are also a number of adjustments, but authorities have not changed, despite the fact that the machine does not work with standard fuel calibrated to cope with extreme temperatures.

Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Member of the Board of Directors, said that the inclusion of the technical implementation for the Bentley Continental GT assumed that, above all because the owner of a record-breaking rally Juha stars. "This shows that the spirit of the famous Bentley Boys lives on and continues to be used by drivers of sufficient competence and courage to use the full potential of our cars in extreme conditions, though not, of course, our other owners try to work with such high speeds on a sheet of ice!"

The results of this Bentley Continental GT is a remarkable quality of vehicles, the Volkswagen-flows for each of the components installed in each work of art, as VW VW VW feathers or threads. Each piece will be added carefully selected and checked for quality and durability.

In addition, the world record for the Bentley is indeed a long tradition as far back as 1920, when some of WO Bentley Boys, the pace of the European circuits. In 1922, John Duff, the Bentley 3 liters, only twenty-four hours with an average speed of 87 miles per hour and at Brooklands, not to mention the report of the class. Other 3 liters in 1928, was developed by Dudley Froy and was the first car to achieve over 115 km / h at a distance of 100 miles in the same place.

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