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Kawasaki says the new company in 1924, this time in the industry and aerospace. In 1949, he decided to write to the production of motorcycle engines could be adapted to motorcycles. FIRST motorcycle engines? Product Kawasaki Motorcycle.

For his leadership, his career was the two DC-60 engine and 150cc and 250cc four times with the technology to BMW, the company, she reports / ratios, since its launch in the aviation industry. It was not until 1954 that Kawasaki Motorcycles produces his first complete motorcycle under the name Meihatsu (a subsidiary of Kawasaki to the plane). Almost at the same time, also tried its own line of scooters on the market, but soon realized that they could not compete with these two giants of the automotive industry these days: the Fuji Rabbit and silver Dove Mitsubishi.

And before continuing maintenance of the history of motorcycle Kawasaki, I have a great retreat ...

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HISTORY OF KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC We can not talk about Kawasaki without mentioning another make that will no doubt Honda Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and one of the great protagonists of the Japanese Motorcycles scene:

-> Meguro Motorcycles: better knowledge of the realities of the time when "the old man and the king of the four works." Meguro wrote for the motorcycle industry in 1937. Do you have a good relationship with the government, people in Meguro orders from the army. Z97 was his first bike: a bicycle from the tube-valve 500cc Motosacoche from Switzerland. It should be noted that this model is a success for the factory and the Z97 in production until años'50. For many years, very good 250cc Meguro and cup valve 350cc single-cylinder models, and powerful binoculars.

All with a very strong influence on the English language. Then, thanks to his commercial success, as well as the glass tube 125-DC for your kitchen and two-cylinder 650cc low-end to extend the already existing 500cc. However, in 1958, when Meguro débarasser evidence of the influence of Britain, when he became ill ... Based on the prototype for the benefit of the Asama (one of the biggest races that time), Meguro Motorcycles three nice and elegant machines with an air shaft: 125cc E3 years 250cc and 350cc and F a. Unfortunately, these bikes were too heavy and did not receive the attention of buyers. Meguro will soon return to the standard valve cup.

The motorcycle left Meguro as one of the 10 largest producers until 1960, but due to bad decisions, as already mentioned, started the company back, and was soon bought by Kawasaki. In 1960, Meguro initial agreement with the Motorcycle Kawasaki, and in 1962 had completely disappeared. ....

And this brings us back to Motorcycles Kawasaki ... In 1960, the company has decided that the impetus for the motorcycle division of Kawasaki plane: They do Meihatsu market the brand to build its own plant of low bandwidth and low-power machines and buy Meguro. These brilliant moves and decisions contributed Motorcycle Kawasaki, for a large number of models on the market. The engine of the Kawasaki bikes have to offer at this time (in the sixties) to crush the black-and-scooters 50 cc motorcycle with a double click on the large end of a high and beautiful bottle 650 DC.

What is important to note that due to the nature of Kawasaki motorcycles has always under the Franco-aids in the industry and a sense of independence from its main competitor, is always available. Since most of the stories were written, most models were produced, and most of the race was Motorbikes Kawasaki, the truth is ...

Today, the engine of the Kawasaki motorcycle to one of the key players in the industry and in keeping with tradition, which today offers a wide range of products for every need and taste nice.

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