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Practical Water Storage while You Cycling

Auto Trend - Bikers has two options to bring drinking water. First use a bottle mounted on the bicycle frame, and Backpacks hydration (water tube which can shrink in a backpack).

Water storage system with a bottle is not always easy to access when you try to drink while cycling
even more so when in the middle of the race, unless you deliberately stop for a drink. While the beverage backpack model, although it is easily accessible but provides the inconvenience.

For the Shower Pass VelEau 42 offered with the aim to overcome both these problems, namely by placing the backpack-style hydration system that is placed on a bicycle, not the rider.

Plastic tube reservoir with a capacity of 1.24 liters in VelEau wrapped in nylon bags placed in the rear at the bottom of the saddle. The tube is equipped with plastic hose
polyurethane that is connected to the bottom of the tube.

The hose is leading to the front along the bicycle frame and attached by bracket to look neat and parallel to the frame so as not to disturb the movement of the rider. While there are hose end section with the rollers nylon binder.

When it feels thirsty, rider stay grabbed the hose and pulled it toward. After use, the rollers will pull the hose back into position.

Shower Pass stated that the product it makes the rider does not need to be burdened by a backpack where drinks (Backpacks hydration) when cycling so they can more comfortably. If you still carry a backpack, the driver can use a backpack to carry other equipment such as jackets, spare tire and equipment bike keys.

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