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Celebrations 50 years of Toyota: Toyota Truck History

October 31, 1957, Toyota Motor Sales, based in the United States in the 50 years since Toyota has grown from a small producer of Japanese import cars, which no one took seriously one of the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. The history of Toyota is a success. Part This story is the increase in trucks, Toyota and 50 years as a good time with the history of Toyota vehicles in the United States.

The first truck Toyota in the United States 1963 Toyota Land Cruiser was a truck. Available in limited quantities only in four years in the U.S. market (1963-67), are very popular collectibles. Apart from the fact that in the United States, these vehicles were Toyota at the international level for many years after 1967 and abroad.

Then we have the Toyota Stout. Available in 1964, it was the obvious precursor of 1969 Toyota Hilux. As proof, as Hilux, it was only in one configuration - a taxi and four-cylinder engine. Stout is in the past year was 1968, after the Toyota Hilux pickup was officially born.

In the Toyota Hilux was the first truck in order to assess the sales and marketing success. In the "Hilux" names, such as, Groovy, as was the case with the Toyota truck in 1975. Since then, a small pickup truck, Toyota has been known as a "pickup" Toyota. "The Hilux / Toyota Pickup developed rather quickly. In 1975, the SR5 package was first introduced. In 1979, Toyota began using a wheel drive models. In 1983," Toyota has proposed "Xtra Cab" Pickup Toyota, which was very popular. Toyota trucks began arriving on his own in the 80's, appears as a cultural show various pop-culture references (who could forget the Toyota Trucks Back to the Future? ).

In 1993, Toyota first full-size truck, the T100. Although many critics, T100, not in terms of efficiency (a V8 engine was available), there are many loyal fans of Toyota, claiming that it is one of the best truck Toyota has never built. In the T100 is a commercial failure, selling in very small quantities.

In 1995 Toyota Pickup "finally has a name of its own, of Tacoma. Known as the" pie "for off-road enthusiasts around the world, Toyota Tacoma is the biggest commercial success in the U.S. market for commercial vehicles. In Tacoma offers the perfect combination performance, power and road capabilities, but it is a very economical car in its work to the configuration of the truck.

Toyota, with its attempt to the next full size truck 2000 tundra in 1999. The new full-size provides a powerful 4.7L V8, as well as a broader framework, the interior and improved traction and towing ability of the Organization T100 devices. When the Tundra was a success. He was named Motor Trend "Car of the Year" in its first year of production, distribution, and sometimes 126K units in 2004.

In 2004 he published the completely redesigned Toyota Tacoma. The new Tacoma to compete in the largest full-size Tundra in terms of size and strength, and honor the roots of a compact pickup truck Toyota in terms of economic and Off-Road. The new Tacoma, while expensive, is nothing less than success on the popular compact truck market.

In 2007, Toyota has the 2 generation Tundra. The new Toyota Tundra full-criticism for all trucks is only 7/8th the size. The new Tundra offers the most powerful engine in its class, and the 5.7L V8 with 381hp. The new Tundra is a very popular full size truck sales of Toyota. Most of the new Tundra success is due to the nature of leadership in the 10800 lb tow rating, which is possible thanks to a powerful engine and advanced 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Toyota What is the next step? In the future it will be two hybrid and diesel engines for trucks, as well as the possibility that the concept of a small, simple, cheap and trucks in the Scion line. Who knows what might happen in 50 years ...

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