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How to lose $ 20,000 selling your car online

Do you have your car listed for sale via the Internet and seems to be easy to sell. E-mail messages on the phone interested buyers. But wait, many of the interested buyers have a plan, much of your hard earned money.
Since we are in the details There are four rules you must follow, regardless of what happens. If you do not comply with these rules, you will lose your money:
1) will never accept, but not for the exact amount of the sale.
2) Do not think that any check or cash order is valid.
3) Do not think, if payment is not valid, simply because the bank gives you money for them.
4) Another problem with people not their problem to solve.
Before we go to these simple rules, the two original e-mail from people, I want my car. He announced a price above market value, as an experiment, and I do not think that someone answered my ad.
Both the e-mail, IP-addresses outside the United States. In the first address and phone number in the United States have received. You can not rely on the IP-address, phone number or address to determine that you are actually buying.
The first e-mail:
SCIENCE car back to me with the request of Rock Bottom photographs and prices, the car is still available.
Have A Nice Day
James Thomas
In response, I replied almost obscene, the name and told him that the car was like on the site, and gave him a higher price than at the site.
If you find that they do not ask questions about the car. You can very confident that the e-mail as e-mail to thousands of people and can not remember that the letter is on the car.
Mr. Thomas reaction:
Thank you for your prompt response, I hope that all is well with you. Given the price, I agreed to pay for the car. But the fact is that I have a friend who works with me, because I INTER TRUST FINANCIAL in Canada, but he is currently on holiday in Saudi Arabia. I shall use the proceeds for this transaction, the payment directly to you with cash, check whether the money, but on the car from the United States, we agreed on $ 15, 100 at a price that allows the duties of an agent, you can pick up THAT MAY shipping. Therefore, I urge you to confirm your information on the distribution of your name, address and phone number so that you can cash May COURIER courier. They are also responsible for the current state of the vehicle EASY PICK-UP.THANKS as I wait for your consent to this transaction as soon as possible.
Thank you and God bless
James Thomas
Here the problem is. My car for sale, Mr. Thomas, "I will violate the rule that the four mentioned above. The conclusion that Mr. Thomas gave me a field greater than the sum of the sale, the bank gives me money effectively on the day after the deposit cashier's check, that I reimburse it for the extra (I will not "solve" their "problem"). My surprise that in a month or so, my bank of my arrival was a forgery, and the complete withdrawal of the account on my back, but I have played Thomas added, "so my bank balance is likely to stop well below zero!
If I am lucky, I 5, $ 000, and you want to enter before you are actually the name of my car, Mr. Thomas!
Here is another message, which is basically the same. Again, they are not interested in the details of cars, despite the fact that some fraudulent e-mail message to ask you some questions. You obviously are not endorsed by Treasury check, but the reference to "check in the United States." In the e-mail that is sent to the client machine. I will not be at your horrible spelling.
Clinet is interested in my car .. If you avalebbile contact me. You will receive checks in U.S. - I hope to read from you soon.
You should have another rule that if you are not an expert in the import, export, and not to think about shipping a car overseas. Not for one second. Even if the "buyer" will be arranged for viewing. Even if they are legitimate (and not) that it would be a headache you want.
We need 4 simple rules again:
1) will never accept, but not for the exact amount of the sale.
Typically, the buyer of any payment in the required quantity. If someone is testing for "evil" does not solve their problems. You want to sell a car, you are not in the banking business! He really should sell your car to someone in person with cash or check at the bank, you can in your bank.
2) Do not think that any check or cash order is valid.
FDIC reports of stolen and counterfeit money transfers and cashier's checks. It is not a rare event. You can not pay is valid, if you personally with the bank that the payment, for example, go to the bank and debts.
3) Do not think, if payment is not valid, simply because the bank gives you money for them.
United States, in accordance with banking legislation, the bank is obliged to "Clear" at the cashier's checks, one business day. That is, if you have a cashier's check today, it must be money in the bank for you tomorrow. This does not mean that payment for goods. A counterfeit check may be weeks to see your bank. If the total amount plus the service will be in your account! You see the trick?
4) Another problem with people not their problem to solve.
Many of these events involved scamsters stories about all kinds of problems they have, in this case means, regardless of whether too much money. We offer a bonus or simply sell to solve this problem. In fact, the only problem is that you lose a lot of money to "help" may.
His only problem is the car for sale on a genuine buyer for the car and the payments that actually checks (cash) in the bank. This figure does not include those who are sending car somewhere. You never know anyone who has control over the money.
Nobody ever pays you an additional $ 500, much less the additional $ 1000 or $ 5000 per car to help them.
Balance does not always mean "problem" of another person in your company. Accept no "box", as valid - regardless of the fact that the narrator says in his bank.
The real problem is that buying a car that is not enough? But if you want to sell your car for those who are not on site, make sure to use the escrow service.

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