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Hydrogen fuel in the future

Like most of the companies that produce on a large scale for the first time as a concept, tools and small toys. Horizon hydrogen car is one of the most unique toys, a major potential market.

Many people are aware of the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by one of the major criminals who are, of course emissions from cars. In the H2 Racer is a small toy car, but it is hydrogen, and although only a small amount of hydrogen is still a very dangerous toy and should be used.

H-Racer is a 100% pure intellectual construction of hydrogen fuel stations, hydrogen production using solar energy in the whole environment. At the heart of the Corridor H is the hydrogen fuel cells can convert hydrogen into electricity in the vehicle.

Hydrogen is converted into electricity without combustion, so that the final cleaner fuels. There are currently a number of cars running on hydrogen vehicles, as a concept, in particular vehicles, and possible future production of this is that BMW has a hydrogen car V12 sedan.

Because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it would be nice if our decision to clean fuel stocks again the effects of global warming, and perhaps to give our children a future, stable and reliable.

As the oil runs out, and the continuing instability in the elements in Iran and Iraq have shown that our efforts should be as far as possible from this instability. In preparation for the hydrogen cell cars is a real opportunity, our gas stations are equipped to deal with hydrogen as a raw material in more than 200 vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations there again. This may seem small, but in the beginning, and it is a step in the right direction.

A hydrogen fuel cell works on the following principles. In the fuel cell is an ad hoc assembly of layers of modern materials with a layer called a proton exchange membrane. It is unwise for producers of electricity through the exchange of atoms with more negative O2 atoms.

On average, fuel cells of this type can be between 40% and 60% energy efficiency, which is significantly better than gasoline. As a step towards a more automakers are produced, and the prices of zero-emission car is a reality, it is also a little problem that most governments on the basis of the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel as income.

It will be interesting to see how long the Government to increase tax incentives for energy efficient cars, because the balance changes, the need for a turnover in the amount of green cars. At a time when the hydrogen car at the moment I have only H-Racer toy is a good example to see the future.

I think with these toys for children to contribute to improving the environment and improving conditions for our planet. It seems that the space race to the moon as our next generation of power problems can be solved by using the resources of the Moon. Helium 3 could respond to any power Sunday melts on the spot.

In the next 50 years will be big C
HANGES our ecosystem, and it is hoped that this toy, because they have no chance for a better world.

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