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Unlock you about how to reduce dependence on oil

Depending on oil is a serious problem worldwide. Prices for oil continues to rise, the concern around the world portfolios in the economy. In addition, more and more people on their carbon footprint, and can have a lasting impact on the environment now and in the future. For this reason, the need for alternative energy sources is stronger than ever.

High demand equals high prices for fuel
When it comes to gasoline prices, many of them really feel the benefits of the pump. Part of the problem lies in too great demand - many of our cars are inefficient fuel that they consume millions of barrels of oil per day. The price of oil is not as high as it is, comparatively, but gets in his pocket ... and will be later. Fuel prices depend on:

• Low on oil, according to the current production.
• High demand, so that the price of oil to offer up to the time when the supply is in danger.
• Domestic demand exceeds capacity.

This means that the reduction in stocks and high demand, and the unstable political situation, the prices of all fuels.
There is no way to drill
Instead of using alternative sources of energy, many countries that are on the path to equilibrium between supply and demand on the oil issue has been drilled on public lands, including wilderness areas. Not only it is not the environmental solution, but it is not sustainable in the long run. Domestic production does not reduce dependence on foreign oil in large quantities, so that the cost of fuel, perhaps, not so much affected. Other solutions, such as reducing pollution, are even less environmentally friendly and is not sustainable.
Issue of oil
Nevertheless, hope is not lost. Can we use the dependence on oil from themselves, especially in finding alternative sources of energy and other green ideas. This will help not only fuel prices but also better for the environment in the long run.
There are lots of options, including:
• Convert your car to hydrogen hybrid conversion kits for lower fuel and low-carbon trace.
• Encourage people to live near where they work and trade, and public transportation.
• Check the tires more fuel efficient.
• Keep tires properly inflated tires to prolong life and promote fuel efficiency.
• Choose a fuel oil.
• Reduce heavy truck idling.
• Prepare your home with oil for heating, or to seek alternative sources of energy for heating.
• Reduce the use of industrial, oil, and in support of industrial enterprises will be more green through the use of recycled products.
• Improvement of air traffic to wait for takeoff and landing of aviation fuel.
Some of these things can now be done in their own homes. For example, you can use your car to a hybrid, keep your tires properly inflated, and to prepare themselves at home. Others require the concept for the entire industry, to really improve. If all work to reduce your carbon footprint and its dependence on oil, and then we will see a real release happen.

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