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Understanding disc brakes

The loss of the brakes is that every driver of a vehicle braking system about.A based on the brake discs to stop the car that really moves. Broken disk has the following main components, as in a piston floating caliper

Elements of the disc brake

* The brake pads
* The clip in which the plunger
* The rotor, in the wake of

The head of the understanding of these parts will depend largely on how you can learn more about how to break the record work.Disparate our bike with compression clamp that brake pads from the wheels, brake discs, brake pads squeeze the rotor instead of using the wheel hydropower, and using a cable. As a result of friction between pad and disc slows the disc down.

What an idiot from the point of view, when the car moves, it creates a form of energy called kinetic energy. The braking system of the car to change the energy of heat of friction. It is for this reason, most vehicles friction ventilated disc brakes.

A ventilated brake discs set of fins that pumps air through the plate to provide cooling. Between the two parts of the disc, the heat of friction between the pads and rotors.

An unusual feature of a single piston floating caliper disc brakes, that at the heart of self-government and self-adjustment. The clip slides from one side to another, but each time you apply the brake, moving to the center. Note that there is no source block from the plate, which always remain in contact with the light of the rotor. This ensures that the application of pressure on the brake pedal, not bound by the brake pads. As the pistons in the brakes a lot more in comparison with the diameter of the master cylinder, this is a very important aspect to consider. In the case of the rotor wobbles, when there is space between the rotors and pads, numerous statements on the brake pedal until the fluid is injected into the cylinder of the brake shoes to participate.

With self-adjusting disc brake
Do not show that a greater number of pistons, the best disc brakes. The four-piston fixed caliper or a dual-piston brake design a permanent structure on the older models of cars, were virtually eliminated one piston in the reliability and availability.

Emergency brake
In emergency braking, which differs from the conventional disc brakes at all four wheels via a mechanism of failure when the main obstacle in general. Use the cable to be one of the options for this type of brake. This brake can be used as a drum brake integrated into the center of the rear wheel.

Other versions of cars, which are widely used as a lever, a screw or CAM operate. This pushes the plunger of the brake disc.

Brake Service
Brake pads should be periodically checked to if they need to be replaced. Usually a piece of metal, as an indicator of wear helps motorists to know when the time comes for it. When there is already considerable wear pads, the little metal comes in contact with the discs in Chirping sound.

Control over the opening of the clip, you can also see how much friction on the pad.

What to search for inspection:
The main results in the brake rotors. This is the result of worn brake pads left too much time in the car.

Deformations. Brake rotors can be lost because of their flatness shudder or vibration during the stop.

Both problems can be solved by a simple coating, which is also some material from the engine surface. Although he is one of the options is too demanding, this should be achieved only if the rotors are warped, or very bad. Make it more frequently may shorten the service life of brake rotors, diluting it every time the material will be removed. You should know what is acceptable for each rotor thickness, as described in the manual of your business, if necessary, to select a replacement.

These parts, and I know how great the car owner a lot of money, and give you a piece that is not your trip deposit to him suddenly.

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